Can Your Online Business Page Builder Do These Things?
Blog / 07/19/2015

Can Your Online Business Page Builder Do These Things?   We throw the words “blueprint” & “checklist” around a lot. “Get the Blueprint for blah, blah, blah…” OR “The step-by-step checklist to blahtown…” Now, most of those “blueprints” and “checklists” are somewhat helpful. But every once in a while, there comes along a TRUE “checklist” of sorts. Something that you can literally print off and mark with a pencil each and every step of the process. “Blueprints” like this are rare, but when they do show up they can have a profound impact on the way you do online business. But here’s the crazy part… Sometimes these “checklists” don’t appear as “checklists” per say. Sometimes they can appear as a blog post. Sometimes a Youtube video. And sometimes… A sales page. Now, this is going to sound crazy, but the people over at WPClick Bundle have just released their new sales page for their “drag & drop” sales funnel creator (the one that over 500+ marketers are using right now)… And I have to tell you… If you need a “checklist” for your sales funnel (to make sure you are getting the highest conversions possible) you NEED to read that…

Different and Various Kinds of Yacht Boat Designs
Blog / 07/14/2015

Different and Various Kinds of Yacht Boat Designs A yacht is a relatively small vessel which is typically used for commercial purpose such as cruising or racing. There are many different types of yachts, each with their own distinct characteristics. Usually the common yachts have the sloop, the ketch, the yawl, the schooner and the trawler yacht designs. People who are accustomed with boats would surely know but for some who are unfamiliar about boats, they will be shocked or rather surprised to know that there are different and various kinds of yachts. The different yacht designs are meant to serve different purposes when traveling in the open water. The trawler yacht design allows the trawler yacht to be effectively used as a live-aboard yacht and a cruise yacht. Couples love going on a yacht to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the clear blue water. Anyone would definitely opt to go on it if given a chance and this yacht is just not it, there are various designs you can choose from. The trawler yacht ranges from 32 to 70 feet. So there are big yachts and small ones too. As far as the speed is concerned the trawler…

Keyword Elite Software – Review
Blog / 03/14/2015

Keyword Elite Software – Review   Keyword Elite 2.0 is the new product from Brad Callen, a person who has created some powerful software before this as well. Here are some of its features. There is just a one time fee of $197 and no monthly fees to do your research. You can use it to search in all three major search engines Google, Yahoo & MSN. It shows you a huge list of profitable keywords. See different profitable Adwords campaigns and copy what they are doing and find JV partners online using the JV Diamond Miner You can create your initial keyword list by adding long tail and short tail keywords using this program. After you have created a list you can filter out the keywords in all the different ways that are used. It will be possible for you to use, Google Suggestion Tool, Meta Tags and Free Keywords to get ideas. With this program you can find out how competitive a specific keyword is in each of the paid “pay per click” search engines, such as, Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Bing (MSN). You don’t have to worry about creating your own marketing strategy, by…

3D Boat Design Insider Review
Blog / 01/19/2015

3D Boat Design Insider Review   I consider myself a big boating enthusiast. For the past 22 years of my life I haven’t let a single day pass by when I did not enjoy a boating trip in my backyard lake. Also, in these last 22 years I must have changed 12-15 different boats but being a hardcore boat lover, I was never bothered too much by the money that I spent. But whenever I got myself a new boat, I got a feeling that something wasn’t proper about it. I mean, the boat was all great and everything but something was just missing somewhere. Then one day I heard about this 3D Boat Design software with which you could build your own boat. I decided to try the software because I was fed up of purchasing a new boat every 18 months or so. I got my very first surprise (pleasant, of course) right when I found that unlike most other boat designing programs, 3D Boat Design just came at a very affordable price of less than $50! Another great feature of this software was that after I made the payment, I was not told to wait for ‘3…

The Secret To A High Converting Sales Funnel
Blog / 01/16/2015

The Secret To A High Converting Sales Funnel   Let’s talk sales funnels. If you want to make money online, it all starts with the sales funnel. From opt-in page to sales page to OTO to thank-you page. Seems simple enough right? Wrong. Sales funnels that convert have: • scarcity timers • mobile responsive design • double (and even triple) opt-ins • AR integration • expensive looking design • CVO elements built right into their structure • and much, much more.. The Secret To A High Converting Sales Funnel Good sales funnels are well constructed and rely on ALL of the conversion tricks of the trade. But how do you get something like that without having to shell out HUGE bucks for an overpriced copywriter, a snobby designer, and a flaky programmer? Easy. You use WPClick Bundle – A powerful WordPress Drag&Drop Bundle. The reality is that you are a marketer/entrepreneur. You just want results. The money. And that’s probably WHY the money has been so hard to come by lately… am I right? Here’s what I mean: In order to be successful online you need a sales funnel: • an opt-in form • a sales page • an OTO…

Paying Monthly Fee to Create High Converting Landing Pages? STOP!
Blog / 11/15/2014

Paying Monthly Fee to Create High Converting Landing Pages? STOP!   If you pay a monthly fee to create high converting landing pages… STOP! Cancel Your Subscription. This Is Much Better. People Are Leaving Leadpages… This Is Why… What’s cheaper? $19.95/month for 2 years… OR $29 once? (HINT: It’s the second one…) Now, what if you were getting FEWER features from the $19.95/month service than the one time $29 payment? Sounds awesome, right? Wrong. And yet, this is the EXACT scheme that most “point & click” page building companies are running. They want you to pay a monthly fee for “hosting” while constantly asking you to upgrade, upgrade, upgrade just to get ANY of the features and functions that you REALLY need to build robust and high converting sales pages. It’s crazy town. And that’s why I am sending you this email today. Because I just found out that you can get EVERYTHING that those monthly subscription services offer in a robust sales funnel page builder… • mobile responsive design • double (and even triple) opt-ins • AR integration • expensive looking design • CVO elements built right into their structure • and much, much more.. For just $29. Don’t…

CBPress WordPress Plugin Honest Review
Blog / 09/06/2014

CBPress WordPress Plugin Honest Review   Want your own ClickBank Marketplace? There are currently products that can be monetized with your affiliate link! In the past you had to hand-code products into your Word Press blog or use cheap mall scripts. Now you can import the entire ClickBank Marketplace into your WordPress blog in less than 60 seconds. This will create tons of content for your blog and start earning you more money! CBpress speed and ease of use saves you time so you can focus on running your business. It is an unlimited use license based on one ClickBank Id. Install it on one WordPress blog or a thousand. You can literally create hundreds of thousands of links monetized with your ClickBank affiliate ID. The features are rich: + Create Custom Categories + Add non-ClickBank products. It serves as a full affiliate link and product management system. + Theme syncing. CBpress matches your WordPress theme design. You do not have to fiddle with style sheet code… unless you want to, of course. + Rewrite Titles and Descriptions. This gives you the ability to improve titles and descriptions for higher conversion rates. + Add a ClickBank Marketplace search box to…

CBPress WordPress Plugin Review
Blog / 07/07/2014

CBPress WordPress Plugin Review   Want your own ClicBank Marketplace? A turnkey website which in 60 seconds allows you to import 2,800 ClickBank products? Niche Blogs: CBpress allows users to build FULL ClickBank Marketplaces or create niche CB marketplaces. For example, build a blog around the ‘Relationships’ category or ‘Fitness’ or ‘Online Marketing’. Whatever ClickBank category you choose! Create Custom Categories: You’re not left with the categories ClickBank offers. You can create your own and populate them with whatever products you want. Add Custom Products: You don’t just have to promote ClickBank products. Add products from other affiliate networks. Pop in Amazon products, CPA offers — ANY product you want to promote as an affiliate. CBpress is a full affiliate product management system. Custom Titles and Descriptions: Rewrite ClickBank titles and descriptions to increase conversion rates and improve SEO rankings. Smart Description Filtering: Smart filtering technology that automatically makes product descriptions more buyer friendly List Building: List are much like ad blocks. Create custom lists and use the CBpress shortlist button to insert them into your Word Press pages and blog entries. Or use lists as widgets and insert into columns. No more hand-coding! Custom ClickBank Search Box: CBpress includes…

Total Twitter Domination: Business Training Course – Review
Blog / 06/14/2014

Total Twitter Domination: Business Training Course – Review   Introducing… Total Twitter Domination: Business Training Course Finally, force this social to explode your earnings on autopilot using powerful underground methods to suck in high profit tweets. There are a lot of people out there that are wrongly convinced that it’s not possible to make money using it, are you one of them? There’s another group of folks that thinks that it has to eat up all your time. Both are dead wrong. Did you know there’s an exclusive group of people that are quietly laughing as they steadily earn more and more from using their Twitter-accounts every day? Sure, you might have heard about the celebrities that are making HUGE stacks of cash every time they Tweet, but what about the “Average Joe” that hasn’t struck it big in Hollywood? Can Joe make money on it? I didn’t used to think so. I thought Twitter was for the birds! Seriously, I had barely one hundred followers. I don’t think half of them even knew who I was, and worst of all… what can you really say in 140 characters anyway? As I know now, plenty, but I was spinning my…

Yacht – Can You Really Design One?
Blog / 09/30/2012

Yacht – Can You Really Design One?   Many people dream about building their own yacht, but not many of them end up successfully making one. They spend most of time thinking whether they can make it or not. The main fear associated with designing it is about calculations. Another reason why people hesitate is that they also do not know how the structure should be. Yet they really want to have one of their own. To encourage such enthusiasts to be successful in this situation, software companies have developed boat design software. Boat design software, 3d modelling, and real time animation are tools that let you build your own custom boat; not just a boat but one you may have been thinking of for many years. If ever you are not satisfied, you may design something totally new. All you need is this software and off you go. Some 3d boat design software’s are extremely easy to understand. You can just spend an hour browsing its guide and after, you may start designing the yacht you have always wanted .An expert is not needed for this and you can design on your own-anyway you like. First, run the software….