Warning: Models Will Be Mad With You
Blog / 05/16/2013

Warning: Models Will Be Mad With You   Hi, I wanted to give you a quick warning. There is a video that is gaining a lot of attention in the past few days. It teaches men how to seduce women using techniques that therapists use to rewire a patient’s brain. A guy called Thomas has taken mind control techniques used in therapy and figured out a way to use it to get beautiful women into bed. The woman pretty much becomes helpless. And that’s why so many women are so mad. I was one of the first people to see what Thomas was teaching. I used the techniques that night and slept with a woman who was a 10 out of 10 on the hot scale. A week later I got a text from her: “Hi asshole. I haven’t heard from you since the night we met. Not that I’m surprised. Since sleeping with you I’ve heard all about your reputation. I just wanted you to know that I’d never usually sleep with a guy like you! It’s your loss. If you do eventually decide to contact me my work number is…” Haha. I had to laugh when I received…

This Famous Experiment Will Help You Sleep with Supermodels
Blog / 04/25/2013

This Famous Experiment Will Help You Sleep with Supermodels   Hi, Have you ever heard of the experiment done by famous psychologist Ivan Pavlov? Let me tell you about it quickly… In 1902 Pavlov started to notice that every time he put a bowl of food in front of his dogs, who were in a cage so could not reach the food, the dogs would start to salivate heavily. As soon as the dogs saw the bowl of food their mouths would fill with saliva as they knew they were about to get a meal. Soon Pavlov put the bowl in front of them, without food in it, to see if the dogs would still salivate. They did. This fascinated Pavlov. Even though the food was not there the dogs associated the bowl with food and therefore their saliva glands went crazy. After a while Pavlov decided to do an experiment. Every time he fed his dogs he would ring a bell. He would put the bowl of food down in front of the dogs and ring the bell. Then the dogs would get given the food. He did this for a while because he wanted to see if his…

How to Use Blast Technique To Increase Sexual Stamina
Blog / 04/16/2013

How to Use Blast Technique To Increase Sexual Stamina By Edward White   Many men think that the only way to correct the problem of premature ejaculation is to try harder not to come while having sex with their partners. They’ll grit their teeth, think of their friend’s grandma, count backwards from 1000—they’ll do whatever they can to distract themselves from the fact that they’re close to climaxing. The truth is, sometimes the best way to extend your sexual performance is to learn techniques that are designed to be used when you aren’t having sex. The ‘Blast’ concept is one such technique. You should try to perform this whole thing in the shower, because it can be a tad messy. Plus, any noise that’s created is masked by the sound of the falling water. It’s just nicer, to be honest—warm and convenient. It’s also a time that is scheduled in your daily life. So if you have a shower every morning, you can use this technique during it, at the same time every other day. This helps you to avoid forgetting to perform the technique. Start by getting in the shower. Get lots of very warm eater cascading all over…

The Link Between Penis Size And Sexual Performance
Blog / 04/01/2013

The Link Between Penis Size And Sexual Performance   “Does size matter?” It’s the age-old question that has caught the interest of a lot of men and women. Most women, when asked this question, would most likely say it’s not the size, but the performance itself that makes a difference. Suave and smooth moves in the bedroom can very well make up for an average or small sized package. But guys, we also know that 50% of the time, women fake orgasm. So will it really surprise us if we find out that really, if women are being bluntly honest, that size does matter? For a lot of men, size does matter, primarily because size affects confidence. A man with a small dick will meet with ridicule, whereas a man with a big package will be greeted with amazement. If you are happy with your size, you know that you don’t need to worry about pleasing a woman in bed. And this will make a hell of a difference in your confidence around women. When you are confident in your ability to perform well in the bedroom, chances are that you will actually perform better. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy….

How Should I Deal with Premature Ejaculation?
Blog / 03/24/2013

How Should I Deal with Premature Ejaculation? By Edward White   First of all, I want to commend you for doing something to overcome premature ejaculation. Exercises will help improve sexual stamina, but just like what you are experiencing, your ability for control going to be more consistent the longer you keep at it. Initially, experiencing a lapse every now and then is normal and should be expected. So, as for your question, what is the best way to approach this topic with your partner in a way that will not leave you embarrassed. There is no single approach to broaching this topic, and a lot of it has to do with the state of your relationship with your partner. If you and your partners are in a long term and supportive relationship, being open is the best approach to avoid embarrassment. Remember that you are doing this not just for yourself, but also for her sexual fulfillment and gratification. Involving her and getting her support helps you and your relationship. In fact, there are many exercises that involve a cooperative partner, so actually having her in on it will be a weight off of your chest. If you are…

What Foods Can Help Me Last Longer During Intercourse?
Blog / 03/22/2013

What Foods Can Help Me Last Longer During Intercourse? By Edward White   Our diet affects our health and our sexual performance. Apart from giving us energy, some foods contain special properties that can help men last longer in bed. Of course, diet alone will not magically turn men into super sexual beings. But with the right diet combined with the right exercises and techniques, men will be able to overcome staying power problems much quicker. Here are 5 foods for sexual stamina that you should incorporate into your diet: Mucuna pruriens or cowhage – This herb is known for improving premature ejaculation. Aside from this, it is also a known aphrodisiac that increases a man’s sex drive, improves semen quality and volume. Blueberry – This sexual super food is often called “nature’s viagra” because it naturally helps the body achieve what the little blue pill can do. Blueberries are packed with minerals and compounds that improve circulation and helps the blood vessels to relax, which are both important to sustain firmer and longer lasting erections. Almonds – A popular and delicious nut is known to improve sexual energy and vigor. Asparagus – This spear shaped vegetable is considered an…

This Question Can Help You Get More Sex
Blog / 03/18/2013

This Question Can Help You Get More Sex   Hi, Want a sneaky technique that can help you sleep with more women? I thought so. Walk up to a woman and ask her this question: “It’s my parent’s anniversary tomorrow. As a surprise I want to book them a vacation somewhere nice. I’m really struggling to come up with any ideas. Can you recommend anywhere nice you have been on vacation in the past?” That question can help you get more sex. Here is why… When the woman is asked that question her brain will automatically scan her memory for nice vacations she has had. Within milliseconds she will get a smile on her face and her body will be flooded with positive emotions as she remembers a great time in her life. She will also be thinking you are a kind guy for doing such a thing for your parent’s anniversary. What she will NOT be thinking is “this guy is trying to seduce me”. You need to understand that when you approach a woman you do not know she will feel immediately defensive if she thinks you are trying to seduce her. This means it is much harder…

I’m Cumming too Quickly. Is the Problem All in My Head?
Blog / 03/12/2013

I’m Cumming too Quickly. Is the Problem All in My Head? By Edward White   The mind is a powerful thing. It influences many of our actions and our thoughts consciously and subconsciously. That the mind also has to do with the problem of cumming too quickly is no surprise. But is the problem all in your head? Not entirely. Majority of men simply don’t know any better. They don’t know what techniques to use in order to delay ejaculation. it’s not their fault. This stuff isn’t taught in school, after all. Now, for all men, the problem starts in the head. If you know you have a problem with cumming too quickly, the tendency is to worry about it each time you initiate sex with your partner. I’m sure you can appreciate why this can make premature ejaculation worse. The more we worry about something happening, the more we help that undesirable outcome from coming true. The more often it happens, the more we think it’s inevitable. Fortunately, compared to life’s other problems, premature ejaculation is fairly easy to get rid of. You just need to have the right mindset and the right skills and you can say good…

Even Ugly Guys Are Sleeping With Models
Blog / 02/12/2013

Even Ugly Guys Are Sleeping With Models   Hi, I’ll keep this short and to the point. I have never seen anything as exciting as the video below. This brand new technique makes sleeping with women easy because it forces her brain to feel certain emotions towards you without her realizing what you are doing. Within seconds of meeting you she will be flooded with positive feelings about you and she won’t know why. And yes, even guys who think they are ugly can use this technique to sleep with stunning women. This technique is so powerful that therapists use it to change the human brain. You can use it to seduce supermodels. Watch the video below to find out more: Dexter Laforte P.S. This video is extremely controversial and I hear it may get taken down soon. It doesn’t cost anything to watch it so watch it now or miss out:

How ‘Stimulation Awareness’ Can Help You To Last Longer In Bed
Blog / 02/12/2013

How ‘Stimulation Awareness’ Can Help You To Last Longer In Bed By Edward White   I’d like you to imagine you’re an athlete whose specialty is running the 1000 meter race. Your goal is to run or jog around the 1000 meter track in the shortest amount of time possible. Simple enough, you’d think. Just run as fast as you can. But that’s not how it works. If you were to sprint at your maximum speed as soon as the starting gun sounded, you’d soon be so drained that finishing off the rest of the 1000 m would be impossible. The real way to do the run is to pace yourself and be acutely aware of how tired you are and how strained your body is getting at each point in the race. By having this heightened awareness of what’s going on in your body, you are able to configure your speed to an extremely fine degree, optimizing it as you go. Now, the subject of this article is not how to run well. It is, as the title suggests, how to last longer in bed. The reason I just described the running of a race is because the same…