Puppy Training and Dog Training Online
Pets & Pet Care / 09/13/2015

  Puppy Training and Dog Training Online   Dog Training Where You Are the Instructor! Dog Owners are caring people. They love their pets and want them to have the best care and training. Unfortunately many lack the time, experience or the money to hire a professional trainer. Dog Training Online is a complete program to help you train your puppy or dog just like a pro. This is a simple and effective video-based dog training program that teaches you to become the instructor! You can choose to learn and train the basics or dig into all 50 concise training scenarios. You’ll see how a pro trains her dogs and then you can review the lessons on your smartphone or tablet when you’re out with your dog. You and your canine friend will develop a deeper bond, and you’ll both enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes from training. You’ll be the envy of other dog owners ad your friends and family will be amazed at when you and your puppy have accomplished. Best of all it only takes 10 minutes of training once or twice a day to see results. As a Dog Training Online Member you get immediate,…

Expert Trainers’ Dog Training Secrets Course
Pets & Pet Care / 09/13/2015

Dog Training Secrets Course. EXPERT DOG TRAINER SECRETS REVEALED This comprehensive, easy to follow course will change your whole perception and understanding of your dog’s behavior. An understanding that will allow you to start to train and control your dog immediately. Just imagine if in one hour from now, you could see a positive change in your dog. Wouldn’t that just be fantastic? Don’t imagine it, experience it. You can have this entire course ready to use on your computer in the next few minutes. You’ll learn: House Train Your Dog. Never Have To Clean Up Poop or Pee Again. Stop Jumping Up. Never Again Be Afraid Of The Dog’s Behavior Walk On A Lead. Always Be In Control With Your Dog Walking To Heel Stop Aggression To People. Feel Safe That Your Dog Is Fully Controlled Stop Aggression To Dogs. Never Have To Struggle To Part Dogs Again. Stop Bites .Before The Problem Escalates And People Get Hurt Stop Chewing Your Furniture. Your Home Is Yours Again . Stop Chewing Your Belongings. Never Lose Another Treasured Memento Stop Hole Digging . Reclaim Your Yard/ Garden. Plant Flowers Again. Stop Cries & Whines. Bring Peace Back Into Your Life. Stop…

How to Maximize the Use of Food Treats to Train Dogs
Blog / 09/12/2015

How to Maximize the Use of Food Treats to Train Dogs   We all know somebody who’s got a dog that only listens when food is shown to them. Or even worse a dog who simply doesn’t listen even when treats are on offer. Maybe it’s you and your dog? Sometimes it really does seem like the only way to get your dog to listen to you is to bribe them, and that just doesn’t feel right. Well the good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way and the solution certainly isn’t complicated… as you’re going to see. Here’s four very simply tricks that I’ve picked up from leading dog trainer, Doggy Dan, that make so much sense and have transformed my own way of training and motivating my dog. I’ve seen this in action so I know it all works. 1. The Jackpot: The first secret is simply this… Dogs are far more motivated and excited by food rewards when the size of the reward varies. In other words it’s much better to give your dog a couple of smaller treats followed by a big one than just to give small ones all the time. I…

Training Your Puppy to Come at the Park
Blog / 08/23/2015

Training Your Puppy to Come at the Park   It all sounds so simple in theory…You call your puppy and they come to your feet, then you reward them and that should be it. The Recall! For so many people though, it all goes pear-shaped and we end up chasing our dogs and puppies all over the park, shouting their name as they run away from us. Sometimes it seems like the only way to get your dog to come running is to get in the car and start the engine or wait until they finally get tired and want to go home. Yet it’s so easy to train a dog to come when called every time. Anyone can do it. Like anything though, you need to know the secrets to success… You see the reason that it goes wrong is that there are some very simple and logical steps that have to be followed when training your puppy to come, or it can all turn to custard very quickly. So here is one of the most important steps. Do not chase your puppy! That’s right. The last thing you do is chase your puppy if they do not come….

How to Introduce Your Dog to Other Dogs Calmly
Blog / 07/10/2015

How to Introduce Your Dog to Other Dogs Calmly   One of the most common issues that people experience on the walk is the over excited dog, and trying to introduce them to other dogs on the leash. Everything from Great Danes to Chihuahua’s can get so excited it looks like they are going to explode. There is nothing worse than when they try to meet other dogs and they are almost pulling you over and dragging you along. It can be scary, dangerous, embarrassing and very quickly escalates till you feel out of control and at their mercy. Aggression or Excitement? Sometimes it is very hard to tell what they are experiencing and feeling. The behavior is very often a mix of both excitement and stress. This however is not a great state for him to meet other dogs in as there is far more chance that things will go wrong, especially over time if it goes unchecked. See it from the other dogs point of view as he approaches rearing up on their back legs, barking, eyes bulging, gasping for air… you’ve go the picture. So how do you avoid such a situation? Well in this post I…

The Biggest And Costliest Mistake Puppy Owners Make
Blog / 05/24/2015

The Biggest And Costliest Mistake Puppy Owners Make   Don’t make the mistake that so many puppy owners are making today. This mistake is far too common and far too serious to ignore. I received this email yesterday and I decided that it was too important for me not to share with you because it could save you from a lot of heartache and wasted money. You see right now, all around the world, thousands of people are enrolling their new puppies into puppy pre-school, puppy training classes and will then possibly progress to dog obedience. But really, why are they doing all this? Well, ultimately the thinking is that they end up with good, well-behaved dogs who are safe and under control. So what if I told you that attending all these classes, spending hundreds of dollars absolutely does NOT mean that you’ll automatically achieve this. That’s right…what people tend to learn at obedience school is how to get their dogs to follow commands in a sterile environment. Sure there is some socialization, which is great if it’s done right. But the really important information is often completely overlooked. For example understanding how to become and remain the pack…

Lack Of Freedom With Traditional Puppy Housebreaking
Blog / 01/16/2015

Lack Of Freedom With Traditional Puppy Housebreaking   Most dog owners have to adhere to a relatively fixed schedule of taking their dogs out first thing in the morning and then rushing home at the end of the day to let their dogs out again for elimination. Sometimes, they would even come home during lunch hours to take their dogs out for a mid-day break. It was part of traditional puppy housebreaking for dogs to hold everything in all day inside the house without soiling the carpets or floors. If one is caught in rush hour after work resulting in big delays getting home, it would be up to the dogs to keep holding things in. Of course, sometimes they can’t do this if the owner is really late coming home. Then when dog owners go out in the evenings, they have to sometimes leave social events early in order to make it back home in time again to let their dogs out once more before it is time to go to bed. This type of a relatively fixed schedule is one that most dog owners live with. It doesn’t offer much freedom to really stray from such an inflexible…

How to Train a Dominant Dog
Blog / 11/16/2014

How to Train a Dominant Dog Have you ever been in the situation where you are out for a walk with your dog, happily going down the street when your heart misses a beat and then sinks because you see another dog coming? It means only one thing. Your lovely but very dominant dog is going to try to leave their mark on yet another dog. And you’ve no idea how badly this could go! Even though the other dog is on a leash you know you’re in trouble if they come too close, and so you start looking for an exit strategy… But before you know it your dog is pulling like crazy and the hair on their back is starting to rise. You’ve tried everything to stop this behavior. Like tugging on the leash, a different collar, distraction with food but nothing has made the slightest bit of difference. Now it’s just a case of keeping them separated at all costs. You’ve started to give up all hope. So where did it all go so horribly wrong? The thing that so many dog owners and trainers don’t seem to understand is that if you’ve been giving your dog…

The Online Dog Trainer Best In-Depth Review
Blog / 08/14/2014

The Online Dog Trainer In-Depth Review   Overview: Excellent Product, Exceptional Value for money: This product The Online Dog Training video website is a first class product. The content is excellent compared to other sites which have far fewer videos and the actual training information in the videos is exceptional. Since the site has been around since 2009 some of the videos are not High Definition however these are all being replaced with HD ones. This is a very live site with new footage being added regularly. Here is my review of the key features inside this site. Endorsements The endorsement of The Online Dog Trainer website by the national SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) of New Zealand is worthy of a mention. The home page of the SPCA of New Zealand even has a link to this site promoting it to new dog owners and people who have adopted a new puppy. Every topic covered with over 250 videos Compared to almost all other sites on the internet The Online Dog Trainer has significantly more content. Certainly at this cost. An average video produced by a dog trainer of this standard is usually around $35…

The Online Dog Trainer – Dog Training Videos
Pets & Pet Care / 08/11/2014

The Online Dog Trainer Training Videos   Discover The Powerful Dog-Training Secrets To Eliminate Over 30+ Common Behavioral Dog-and-Puppy Issues With STEP-BY-STEP Instructions From One of The World’s Most Skilled Dog-Trainers! “Are You Facing Any Of These 34 VERY Common Dog-Behavioral Issues Right Now With Your Own Dog?” 1. Pulling on The Leash 2. Jumping On You or Other People 3. Not Coming When Called (Recall) 4. Toilet Training Issues 5. Mouthing and Biting Issues 6. Crying When Left All Alone 7. Not Responding To Your Commands 8. Digging Issues 9. Chewing Issues 10. Problems With Stealing 11. Separation Anxiety Issues 12. Aggression Towards Other-Dogs 13. Aggression Towards Your Other-Dogs 14. Aggression Towards Strangers 15. Aggression Towards You 16. Aggression Towards Other Objects 17. Aggression Towards Other Animals 18. Issues With Running Away 19. Barking At The Front Door 20. Barking While You’re On Walks 21. Barking While In Your Car 22. Barking Around Your Property 23. Barking When Home Alone 24. Issues With Hyperactivity 25. Excessive Licking or Chewing 26. Attention Seeking and Following 27. Issues With Tail Chasing 28. Jumping Up On Your Furniture 29. A Fear of Objects 30. A Fear of Other People-or-Dogs 31. Fear of…