Father of the Bride Wedding Speeches Book Review
Blog / 09/23/2014

Father of the Bride Wedding Speeches Book Review As the father of the Bride, you already have a lot of responsibility on your plate: not just on the wedding day itself, but in the days and weeks that lead up to the event. Aside from all the organization and orchestration of the wedding and reception details, your number-one duty is to provide your daughter with a solid shoulder to lean upon as her Big Day approaches. This is your time to really be her rock – you’re the one she’ll be turning to when things get a little chaotic (as they undoubtedly will do!) On top of all these caring, altruistic responsibilities, there’s also the not-so-small matter of keeping yourself sane and as stress-free as possible. And when you’re expected to make a speech that’s warm, witty, significant, meaningful, and funny – in front of all the people who really matter to you, your family, your new son-in-law, and (most importantly) your daughter, that’s a pretty big ask. This is where Father of the Bride Wedding Speeches: How to be Witty and Well Prepared comes in: a comprehensive how-to guide by Dan Stevens, experienced public speaker and speech-writer extraordinaire, to…

Mother of the Bride Wedding Speeches Book Review
Blog / 09/01/2014

Mother of the Bride Wedding Speeches Book Review When your daughter asks you to be the Mother of the Bride at her wedding, you know it’s a huge honor. She’s asking you to take a major role in her wedding day, and to publicly and privately support her as she embarks on her new life with her husband-to-be. But aside from the sense of honor, there’s also an almost crippling sense of responsibility. As the Mother of the Bride, you’ll be expected to play a significant role in the wedding, the reception, and to invest a lot of time and emotion in supporting your daughter adequately throughout the (sure-to-be-stressful) days and weeks leading up to the big day. It’s a time when you’ll need to be very, very supportive of your little girl, and do your utmost to ensure that she finds the transition to her new home and new life an easy one. As well as playing the role of the number-one emotional cheerleader, you’ll also be required to take an active part in the more hands-on aspects of the wedding: helping to choose the wedding dress and the bridesmaids’ outfits, finding and helping to decide upon the wedding’s…

Pregnancy Blueprint Natural Fertility Cures Book Review
Blog / 08/25/2014

Pregnancy Blueprint Natural Fertility Cures Book Review   Everyone knows that there are tons of e-books out there on the web that promise spectacular results when it comes to getting pregnant using their methods. Well, let me tell you – they didn’t work for me. I bought tons of these, and the more that I went through with no results, the more I wished for some miracle to come along and help me get pregnant. After over four years of trying, I gave up. It wasn’t going to happen, no matter how hard I wished. But, I couldn’t bring myself to talk to my husband about fertility treatments. It seemed like I felt I would be questioning his manhood if I did that. One afternoon while I was searching online for a gift for another friend’s baby shower that I didn’t want to go to, I came across an ad for The Pregnancy Blueprint. At first, I ignored it and got a bit mad that none of those books had worked for me, so why even look at another one. But, as I shopped through the site, I kept thinking about it. So, I figured that I would just take…

Food Survival Tips – This Shook The Food Industry To The Ground
Blog / 08/08/2014

Food Survival Tips – This Shook The Food Industry To The Ground   THIS invention is so RADICAL… Discover Why HERE …it literally shook the agricultural and food industries to the ground! Thousands are already using this system and they are all reporting up to 80% SAVINGS on their food bills in the first 14 days. NOT ONLY do those who have already been using THIS SYSTEM for over 3 months not have to pay a single red cent for groceries anymore… but they are also generating a good income just from using it. It’s like having a fresh food counter right in your own house. Sound amazing? Here’s How You Can Get One

Best Man Wedding Speeches Book Review
Blog / 07/27/2014

Best Man Wedding Speeches Book Review A wedding speech is an incredibly big deal. Even if the most self-confident people, who are reasonably well versed at public speaking, get the jitters when they’re asked to speak at somebody’s wedding: the weight of expectation resting on you, as the speech-maker, is pretty huge. After all, you’re being asked to make a major contribution to the course of the day: a day that these two people (as well as scores of their relatives and close friends) will remember for the rest of their lives. And when you’re the Best Man, the responsibility is even bigger: not only do you have to make a speech, but you make the speech (as the person who knows the groom better than anyone else) and the toast to the bride and groom. On top of this – a sobering reality in itself! – you’re also one of the main orchestrators of the event. You’ll help to organize the wedding and reception so that it all runs smoothly and heads in the right direction; you’re expected to look after the groom, make sure his breath smells fresh and that he’s not drinking too much; and it’s up…

Play with Your Kids – It’s Fun
Blog / 07/18/2014

Play with Your Kids – It’s Fun   By Winsome Coutts In these busy times, when parents and children have schedules packed to the max, family closeness can fall by the wayside. Most of us have to make an effort to guarantee that work, school, sports, and chores don’t swallow up the very relationships that make those things important. When is the last time you played or goofed around with your child? Can you remember back that far? Many parents can’t. Life has made us so serious, so focused, that we’ve lost the joy of the simple things, and play was one of the first to go. But as any child instinctively knows, play is essential to life. It brightens the heart and lightens the spirit. For kids, who live closer than we do to nature, play is as spontaneous as breathing. Sadly, most grown-ups have lost that skill. Our children can be our refresher course. Playing with your child brings you back to the present, reminds you of what matters, and slows you down long enough to smell the roses. It also connects you emotionally with your child, rebuilding the closeness that the fast-paced, boring routines of life are…

Bride Wedding Speeches Book Review
Blog / 12/01/2013

Bride Wedding Speeches Book Review For most people, giving a speech – any speech, for any occasion – is pretty big news. Statistics show that public speaking consistently ranks in the top 3 major phobias for the average American (and incidentally, those same statistics would also indicate that the average American is more afraid of making a speech than they are of death -!) Even someone who considers themselves reasonably well practiced at making speeches will often quail from the very idea of making a speech at someone’s wedding. Wedding speeches are the very epitome of what’s terrifying about public speaking: not only do you have to cater for an extremely diverse audience, but the weight of expectation on you to improve the day even more is positively staggering. So imagine all this from the perspective of the bride -! As the focus of the day, the pressure’s on to give a speech that’s warm, witty, personal, meaningful, and that complements her position as the queen of the day. That’s no small task! Fortunately, help is at hand: Sally Samuels, a professional speech-writer with a palpable gift for humor, has written a book that caters specifically to the speech-making needs…

Oil Prices UP 500% in One Day
Blog / 10/29/2013

Oil Prices UP 500% in One Day   There is a very real risk and it’s happening right now. The US deficit is over 17 Trillion dollars, the highest in our great nation’s history. Only one thing can come of this. Our nation’s treasury bonds are becoming less and less valuable on the international markets and our global credit rating was downgraded. These are 2 of the 7 signs of collapse that are happening right now. And if you’re not aware and prepared you’ll find out the hard way what happens when the government has to take over… We’ve seen it happen in China, Russia, Egypt and South America already, and now it’s creeping up to YOUR doorstep. This free report is controversial and may shock you, but it’s time the truth came out… I hope, for the sake of your family, that you listen to me. Find out the truth <

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Survival Guide Review
Blog / 07/14/2013

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Survival Guide Review   Have you heard of EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Survival Guide? It is all about what you need to do to survive an EMP-attack or disaster. They wipe out everything with an electrical circuit and unfortunately, because of our advanced technology, this means that pretty much everything will collapse. Anything that works with an electrical circuit will be wiped out and that basically means we’d be thrown back into a stone-age. Can you imagine what that would mean? Without electricity, pretty much everything would fall apart. Are you prepared for that? Electricity runs everything from our financial system to our hospitals, our bank accounts, traffic lights – everything! It would wipe out a massive number of systems and would actually cause a disaster beyond your wildness nightmares. Are you ready to deal with that kind of disaster? Probably not – very few people are. This is is exactly what you need if you want to survive a disaster of this scale. There’s a set way to deal with this kind of disaster and without the knowledge before it happens you can end up being one of the many millions of people who would be thrown…

Survive Any Food Crisis Review
Blog / 07/02/2013

Survive Any Food Crisis Review   Did you know that the average American only has about 3 days-worth of foodstuffs in their homes at any given time? Three days! So if disaster struck and there was a food-crisis, it would only take 72 hours for there to be a real disaster and chaos on the streets – all hell would break loose in just 3 days in the event of a food-crisis. Reasonably priced at just $27, the Survive Any Food Crisis eBook will cover everything you need to know to hurdle a food-crisis and protect your friends and family from disaster. In the USA there has already been a sneak preview of what could happen should there be a food-crisis. In a small town called Weston just outside of Boston Massachusetts, a big water pipe broke in the year 2010. This meant there wasn’t going to be any water for days and literally within hours, every shop in the entire town had sold out of water and the shelves were empty. People were fighting over the remaining water bottles and in the end the National Guard was called in to bring order back to the streets. So in just…