GET RID of ARTHRITIS Within 21 Days! – Cure & Natural Remedies
Health & Fitness / 02/27/2016

GET RID of ARTHRITIS Within 21 Days! – Cure & Natural Remedies   Introducing: GET RID of ARTHRITIS Within 21 Days! – Cure & Natural Remedies For 21-days, you’ll be taken to the exact next step to overcome this disorder. Each day, you’ll get a mini-step to add into your overall strategy. It may be to cut out one ingredient of food, add in one type of vitamin, or do three minutes of specific exercises. Applying only minor changes to your life, you’ll experience major change in your pain and flexibility – even moment. The steps are backed up with the exact teaching from 47 scientific studies from all over the world as well as a hidden secret from Southeast Asia. So you can be sure this is no mumbo jumbo. You’re not missing anything! Everything you need to completely heal it is found in your local supermarket. Some herbs and supplements are optional, but them you can grab in any health food store. You probably already have most of this stuff in your kitchen. It’s just how you use it that needs to be adjusted a little. There are no complicated recipes. You can most likely eat 90% of…

Rheumatoid Arthritis Natural Solution, Treatment & Pain Relief
Health & Fitness / 02/12/2016

  Rheumatoid Arthritis Natural Solution, Treatment & Pain Relief   Rheumatoid Arthritis Natural Treatment For Reversing Pain And Toxic Drug Dependency The Paddison Program is the ultimate natural treatment to reverse your Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms In Clint’s TED x presentation you’ll learn how it is possible to: Eliminate RA symptoms naturally Reduce and Eliminate Toxic RA Drugs Treat The Underlying Cause of RA Eliminate Fatigue and Restore Energy Levels As RA sufferers we are told by the medical community that there is no cure and that we are destined for a lifetime of medication and pain-management. Needless to say that with this prediction it is very easy to lose hope. Especially as your condition worsens with time or the latest medications fail or create strong side-effects. The truth is, RA symptoms can be dramatically eliminated using 100% natural strategies which address the underlying cause. Supplements such as Fish oil tablets or Glycosamine Sulfate for joint pain are never going to reverse RA Symptoms. In fact, these can often be a distraction from applying the necessary efforts to do what really works. We’ll explore what type of approach REALLY works in just a moment. RA Symptoms are primarily caused by food…

Magnetic Therapy for Pain
Health & Fitness / 11/15/2015

Magnetic Therapy for Pain   “Finally, A Scientifically Proven Method To Reduce and Eliminate Pain For Good. Naturally, Without any Harmful Medications or Side-Effects!” Are you suffering from… Back Pain Stiff Joints Arthritis Pain Chronic Pain Posture Problems Diabetic Foot Pain Fibromyalgia Shoulder Pain Neck Aches Muscle Soreness or Injuries Or Any Other Troubling Physical Ailment? Did you know that constant pain causes many psychological effects such as loss of mobility? On top of that, pain which causes immobility is directly associated with suicide ideation. Just imagine being unable to move because you hurt so badly. Hurting non-stop also leads to depression, which leads to irritability, nervousness (or anxiety) and an unhealthy desire to… Die! You see, as depression sets in you become easily frustrated, moody, and overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness. This torture even makes sleeping difficult to the point that on top of the pain, you experience memory loss and lethargy. Yes, pain killers can help limit the pain, but at the cost of serious side-effects. Some side-effects of medications are gastro-intestinal problems, excessive sleepiness, liver and kidney problems, internal bleeding, ulcers and even death. The list goes on and on. Before now, you’ve had two options. You…

Want Arthritis Pain To Go South? Then Start Heading East
Blog / 05/14/2015

Want Arthritis Pain To Go South? Then Start Heading East   Did you know that Asian countries like Japan, China and Thailand have some of the lowest arthritis rates on the world? Why are US arthritis-rates skyrocketing, – expecting to double in the next 50 years – while theirs continue to plummet? Scientists are hard at work attempting to get to the bottom of this East meets West arthritis-question. However, in a short time they’ve already made a few surprising breakthroughs. Medical System: It’s been said the US doesn’t have a health care system – it has a disease care system. While doctors stateside are obsessed with handing out pills and potions, Eastern medicine takes a more whole-body look at things. When a patient stumbles into a Tokyo doctor’s office the physician doesn’t robotically take out his pad prescribe a medication. He aims to get to the root issue that’s causing it in the first place. Fishy Diets: Asian countries eat so much fish you’d think they’d be able to breathe underwater. This fish intake does two things. First, it gives them a bounty of healing omega-3 fats. Also, it replaces red meat that promotes arthritis-pain. They Move It: Asians…

Arthritis and Magnetic Therapy
Blog / 03/10/2015

Arthritis and Magnetic Therapy   If your joints are killing you and you no longer can take the pain, then you probably suffer from arthritis. Arthritis is a disease which affects the joints and it manifests itself by paints at the levels of the joints and stiffness. Swelling may also appear and local heat may also appear in the affected region as a result of the lack of movement. Arthritis is one of the diseases which can be effectively treated by means of magnetic therapy. This type of treatment is a noninvasive one, which involves the using of magnets in order to treat several conditions. Magnetic therapy can be used in all three cases of arthritis: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and periarthritis. Let-s take a look at the way in which magnetic therapy can cure each one of the diseases mentioned above. – Osteoarthritis is the disease which affects the joints by allowing the extra deposits of calcium to form. Thus, the joint space is reduced significantly, fact which diminishes patient-s ability to move their body properly. Most often this disease affects the knee joints, as the pressure from them is bigger than in case of other joints. Thus, many people…

Take a Walk, Cure Arthritis
Blog / 02/18/2015

Take a Walk, Cure Arthritis   Arthritis pain can be so bad that a walk to the bathroom can seem like struggling through a bed of nails – if only the nails were being hammered into your knees and back! Your body tells you to “sit down and rest” between every step. But that’s some horrible advice, no matter how well meaning it may be. Many doctors predict that technological advances like cutting edge medications and futuristic machines will someday emerge as the “cure” for it. Unfortunately, no amount of money or science is going to take care of this pesky $120 billion dollar problem out nation struggles with. After all, we already have prevention and a cure. Best of all, it doesn’t require a single dollar, a prescription, or even a doctor’s appointment. What’s this amazing treatment that has scientists jumping up and down in excitement? Walking! Researchers at the National Institutes of Health recently looked at a group of people with knee osteoarthritis who weren’t yet in serious pain. Those that did light exercise for just 20 minutes per day completely put the brakes on arthritis. What if you already have it? Walking can change your life too….

Bipolar Magnetic Therapy
Blog / 02/11/2015

Bipolar Magnetic Therapy   Many people have heard about the beneficial effects magnetic therapy can have upon human body. Many have also experienced some of these effects on their own skin. However, few people know many things about this type of treatment. The first thing which must be understood about this therapy is the fact that it can be of two types. Thus, when talking about magnetic therapy one must distinguish between the two types of magnetic therapy available in the universe. First there is the unipolar magnetic therapy, which implies the application of only one of the poles onto the affected area and thus treat that condition or ailment only with the magnetic pole which best addresses it. His method, however, it is said to have many limitations and not be as effective as the bipolar magnetic therapy. This assumption is mainly based on the fact that when using only one magnetic pole, it is not capable of creating a magnetic field of its own, thus much of the magnetic field is wasted. In contrast with the unipolar magnetic therapy, the bipolar magnetic therapy makes use of both poles in order to treat the diseases. The two poles are…

Common Diseases in which Magnetic Therapy Is Used
Blog / 01/15/2015

Common Diseases in which Magnetic Therapy Is Used   Magnetic therapy can be used alone or along with specific medication for the effective treatment of many of the common diseases people have to face. This way of treatment which heavily relies on the power of magnets and their effect on the human body can be successfully used for almost all people, starting with children and ending with old-aged people. The most treated ailments and conditions using magnetic therapy are those involving infections and inflammations. The magnetic therapy acts in two basic directions: first, it stimulates blood circulation by attracting the salt ions and makes the circulating system work properly, thus treating the inflammation or the infection more effectively. Secondly, it improves the immune system and makes the body function much more effectively with the bacteria and the viruses. By strengthening the immune system, the recuperation of the human body is faster and the individual is able to get to their normal daily routine in a short amount of time. Some of the most well-known ailments which can be treated by using magnetic therapy are the urinary infections and all the renal conditions, the respiratory problems, the cardiac problems, as well…

Do’s and Don’ts When Undergoing Magnetic Treatment
Blog / 11/11/2014

Do’s and Don’ts When Undergoing Magnetic Treatment Magnetic therapy is a highly effective treatment for many diseases and ailments. However, in order to obtain the best results, without experiencing any side effects, it is necessary that you have some information about the things which are allowed to be done before and after the treatment and the things you should refrain from in this period. Below you will find some of the most common dos and don’ts when undergoing magnetic therapy. First of all, it is necessary to mention that the perfect time for applying the magnets is in the mornings, after your normal shower, but before taking your breakfast. In fact, it is recommended that you do not use the magnets after you eat, as it may lead to side effects like nausea and vomiting. Also, it is advisable that you refrain from eating cold foods and drink cold drinks for at least one hour after you have undergone the treatment, as they may significantly diminish the effects of the magnets. Yet, you are strongly encouraged to drink hot drinks and eat hot foods, as this way you will further contribute to the maintaining of the warmth generated by the…

Eye Ailments Can Be Treated With Magnetic Therapy
Blog / 10/12/2014

Eye Ailments Can Be Treated With Magnetic Therapy   Even though most of the eye problems are not painful, suffering from eye ailments is one of the worst conditions you can have. This is mainly because eyes are important organs which help you orient in the world. Also, they are highly useful when wanting to get a job and have an active social life. This is why it is necessary to keep your eyesight in good function. There are many treatments which can effectively deal with eye ailments. Yet, finding one which is not damaging for the other organs and which is still very powerful in treating your ailment can be quite a challenge. If you have not yet found a treatment which can make your eye ailments go away, why not try an alternative treatment: magnetic therapy. Years of practice have proved that magnetic therapy is quite effective in treating eye problems. Moreover, the different appliances used in this type of treatment offer a complete healing method, which enables you to regain your sight. The first appliance which is used in order to treat eye ailments is the low power magnet. The application of lower power magnets significantly improves…