Arthritis Hurts… But Can It Kill?
Blog / 09/19/2014

Arthritis Hurts… But Can It Kill?   It may seem that your knees ache so much that it’s not physically possible to “kick the bucket.” However, emerging research shows that more and more deaths are a direct result of this disease. A Serious Problem It is already known to be the most prevalent chronic disease in the world – affecting over half of all adults over the age of 55. More and more scientists are sounding the alarm over hospitalizations and premature deaths due to it. Kills More People Than Heart Disease If there’s one thing everyone knows about health, it’s that more people die from heart disease than any other cause. Or does it? According to a study by Harvard University researchers that was recently published in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases, the rates of death for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) were more than double that of people without RA. It gets even scarier. Many people with RA have a protein known as Rheumatoid Factor. This protein is a marker of how bad your arthritis is. Even without a blood test, if your RA causes you serious pain, you may have Rheumatoid Factor. This same research team discovered…

How Do Magnets Help in Treating Diseases?
Blog / 09/14/2014

How Do Magnets Help in Treating Diseases?   One of the best known branches of Naturopathy is magnetic therapy, a kind of treatment which involves dealing with certain health problems by using magnets. The reason for which this method is effective is because each and every person is loaded with magnetic energy. When the body contains the necessary amount of energy, it functions properly and it is deprived of most diseases and conditions. Yet, when the amount of magnetic energy is starting to get lower, body becomes more vulnerable to all damaging external factors. This is when the magnets become highly useful. By applying the magnets of one pole or of both poles on the affected area, the condition is treated, or at least alleviated and the body’s magnetic power is being restored, fact which eventually leads to the rapid recuperation of the individual. The mechanism according to which these magnets affect the human body and treat the diseases is quite simple. By applying the magnets onto specific parts of the body, the iron salts are attracted. This results in a better local blood circulation, which has as ultimate effect treating the inflammations, pains or stiffness experienced by the individual….

How Does Magnetic Water Treat Digestive System Problems?
Blog / 07/23/2014

How Does Magnetic Water Treat Digestive System Problems?   How many times did you not feel that your belly is going to explode or did you not crawl on the floor because of the tummy ache? Most people know that suffering from constipation and other similar digestive problems is as serious as any other disease and can provoke unimaginable pains when it is not treated in due time. This is why it is highly important to address digestive problems and illnesses right from the beginning. Even though there are countless medicines designed to treat such ailments, many of them have side effects, which can sometimes be very unpleasant for the patient. Also, some are not indicated when the patient suffers from another diseases. But there are also treatments which can solve digestive problems without having any side effects or provoking any further damage inside the body. Because these methods are natural, they not only help the patient get rid of the condition, but they also help them recover faster and better. One of the best known ways of getting rid of constipation and of other problems of the digestive system is the regular use of magnetic water. Along the time,…

Magnetic Appliances Used in Magnetic Therapy
Blog / 05/16/2014

Magnetic Appliances Used in Magnetic Therapy   Magnetic therapy is a complex method of treatment, which makes use of the magnetic power in order to cure or at least alleviate some diseases and conditions. In order to be able to treat as many diseases as possible, many magnetic devices have been developed. Below you will find a list with the most popular such appliances and the way in which they can affect the human body. First on the list are the magnets. There are two types of magnets which are used in magnetic therapies and these are the North Pole magnet and the South Pole magnet, each of them having a different use. Thus, the North Pole is mainly used for inflammations and for the conditions which appear in the right part of the body and in its front, while the South Pole is used especially for pains and for conditions which affect the left or the back part of the human body. Also, it must be said that magnets have different strengths, each strength being used according to specific instructions: sensitive areas and mild conditions should be treated with lower magnets, while severe conditions must be treated with strong…

6 Shocking Causes of Arthritis You Don’t Know About (But Should)
Blog / 04/22/2014

6 Shocking Causes of Arthritis You Don’t Know About (But Should)   Ask a doctor why you have it and you’ll probably hear a rambling response involving vague phrases like “multiple causes”, “inflammation” and “genetics”. There’s some truth to the fact that many things contribute to it. But most of these fly under the radar screen of most doctors (and many of their patients). That’s why I’m shedding light are 6 of its most common (yet unknown) causes: Smoking: It’s no secret that smoking rips your lungs to shreds. According to research published in Arthritis & Rheumatism, people who smoke have double the risk of developing it than those that “say no to butts.” How does a pack a day habit make your joints ache? Scientists have found that smoking dramatically escalates your body’s inflammation levels – its underlying cause. Eating Red Meat: You choose chicken over steak for your heart. But could that occasional breakfast bacon bout lead to it? Dorothy Pattison of National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society discovered that people who regularly red meat doubled their risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. The saturated fat in red meat seems to bumps up inflammation – leading to it. Not Enough Vitamin…

Magnetic Therapy – A Complementary Treatment Method
Blog / 04/10/2014

Magnetic Therapy – A Complementary Treatment Method   You have probably heard about magnetic therapy and have several times wondered what it is all about. Well, let’s first establish what is the magnetic force and how is it manifested in our daily life. First of all, you have to know that the magnetic force is the force of attraction between two poles, which have negative electric charges. Thus, the negative and the positive poles attract each other. On the other hand, the poles which have the same electric charges reject each other, so two positive poles or two negative poles will exercise on each other a force of rejection. This magnetic force or energy is present all over the universe, as well as in our current life. The easiest to understand example of magnetic force from the universe is the force which makes the planets go round the sun. On the other hand, at a lower scale is the gravitational force, which is also a type of magnetic energy, which keeps all objects, animals and humans tied to the ground and prevents them from flying in space. At even a lower level, each and every object is loaded with more…

Magnetic Therapy Fights Stress Effectively
Blog / 03/01/2014

Magnetic Therapy Fights Stress Effectively   It is said that modern life is human-oriented, which means that all things which are done and discovered are meant to provide humans with the necessary comfort and stability. Yet, ironically, in this human-oriented, modern world, the humans feel threatened are more and more worried about the current day and about their future and no longer feel safe in their own homes. They feel like they will not be able to make it through the day. In other words, the feeling of insecurity, the exaggerated stress and anxiety has taken over the modern person and as much as the society would offer, they are no longer able to enjoy themselves and the people around. If you feel that you are in such a situation, measures need to be taken in order for you to get your normal life back and be able to enjoy all the good things around you. Believe it or not, there are things which can be done in order for you to be able to manage stress effectively and stay active until late hours of the night. One of the most effective methods in dealing with stress is magnetic therapy….

Magnetic Water and the Problems of Nervous System
Blog / 02/15/2014

Magnetic Water and the Problems of Nervous System   We live in a stressful world in which very few people still have enough patience to listen to one another and share their honest thoughts and opinions. It is a perverse world where friends are enemies and bad persons are after your job, your family and even your life. They want what you have and you have to struggle hard for each and every thing that is yours. In such a world, where the hustle and bustle never end and where insecurity has become a way of living, keeping your mind focus, stay active until late at night and still find time to show your true feelings for the one you love can be a difficult thing to do. If you recognize yourself in the above passage, then you probably need some rest. If you cannot get a vacation in the nearby future, there is a compromise solution which will take away your headaches and your nervousness, will give your back your self-confidence and will help you deal with your life in more effective and serene way. This solution is the magnetic water and as incredible as it may seem, ingesting…

Sports Injuries Are Best Treated With Magnetic Therapy
Blog / 01/03/2014

Sports Injuries Are Best Treated With Magnetic Therapy   Sport is highly important in leading a good and healthy life. However, many people who have been sedentary all their lives have had problems with their joints and muscles when they started their active lives. This is mainly because they have pushed their bodies so hard that the joints, bones and muscles were no longer able to cope with the effort. Tendonitis, fractures, sprains and stiffness of the muscles, as well as other similar orthopedic ailments are frequent in these cases. Even neurological diseases, such as paresis, lower motor neuron diseases and paralysis may appear when the body is pushed too hard. The above mentioned ailments, which are also very frequent in athletes, can be treated by using classic treatment, with medicines. Yet, this type of treatment may have unwanted side effects. If you want to protect your body from those side effects, you can cure these ailments naturally, with the help of the magnetic therapy. This is a safe, natural and non-invasive method, which does not involve any side effects. Not only is this alternative treatment highly safe, but it is also very effective. The majority of the patients who…

The Benefits of Magnets for the Human Body
Blog / 12/10/2013

The Benefits of Magnets for the Human Body   The power of magnets has been long used with success for treating different ailments. Along the years, more and more people have been cured of their diseases and have become more active and energetic after using the magnetic therapy on their bodies. Indeed, the magnets seem to have great effects upon human bodies. The most important effects which the magnets exercise upon the human body are those relating to treating or alleviating the symptoms of one or more diseases from which a patient suffers. Thus, many people who had to deal with increased or lowered blood pressure, with heart diseases or other internal problems, skin conditions and joint pains have recovered, some say miraculously after using this treatment method. Yet, the magnetic therapy should not be regarded as only suitable for those members of the family who experience health problems. Even though these are the first who should use the magnets, they are not the only ones. The entire family can enjoy the positive effects of the magnetic therapy, even they are or not sick. This is mainly because the magnetic therapy is also highly effective in providing relaxation for those…