Toenail Fungus Treatment
Blog / 04/16/2013

Toenail Fungus Treatment   Toenail fungus and other nail funguses are an issue that affects millions. It can come from a variety of places and once acquired it is very hard to get rid of. The reason is that the fungus can embed itself in the nail bed, making it difficult to reach with topical treatments. Unfortunately, oral treatments are often harsh on the body and can take a year or more to show results. Many people who suffer from toenail fungus simply live with it, because the side effects of the medical treatment outweigh the benefits. Topical treatments can be effective, but they can also take a year or longer before treatment is complete. This is because the treatment must take place for the duration of a new healthy nail growing in. If treatment is stopped, you’re back to square one. So what are the toenail fungus treatment options currently available? Prescription antifungal drugs like Lamasil are most commonly recommended by doctors. This is an oral medication that treats the fungus infection from the inside. It typically does work, but treatment can take a year or longer and the side effects can be brutal. Sides include liver damage, rashes,…

5 Reasons to Use Home Remedies to Treat Eczema
Blog / 04/15/2013

5 Reasons to Use Home Remedies to Treat Eczema   When it comes to treating and managing eczema, sufferers have many choices. You may have heard that home remedies work, but do they? Although our bodies are all different, they have proven effective for many. That is just one of many reasons why home remedies are recommended for the treatment of this ailment, continue reading on for five more. Reason #1 – Affordability When using home remedies to treat this disease, you may need to purchase a few supplies, but they are pretty affordable when compared to prescription medications. Moreover, you may already have what you need inside your home. In that case, no additional money is needed to seek relief. Reason #2 – No Doctor’s Visits Not only does avoiding the doctor save you money, but it also eliminates a major hassle. If you work outside of the home or are a parent, you must arrange time off from work or childcare. Don’t lose money or time with your kids. Home remedies enable you to treat your eczema from home and with ease. Reason #3 – Many Choices Home remedies are treatment options you can do at home. For…

How to Prevent Asthma Attack
Blog / 04/12/2013

How to Prevent Asthma Attack   When you suffer from a disease it is highly important to understand its symptoms and the way it functions so that you can act accordingly. This is even more important when your suffer from asthma, as this is a chronic disease with severe manifestations from time to time, but which can be avoided if you can recognize the symptoms which signal an attack. Most people who struggle with this condition for a longer period of time have already began to feel the imminence of an attack and know exactly when and what to do. Yet, if you have few time since you have discovered that you have asthma, knowing which are the symptoms which precede an attack is almost impossible. So, here is a list of the most common symptoms which announce an attack. The first thing which must give you something to think about is the unstoppable cough. Asthma usually is characterized by cough, but when this becomes more acute than usual and you just cannot control yourself, then it is high time that you place your medicine somewhere where you can reach them easily. If the cough is accompanied by rapid breathing…

Pain Relief for Your Sciatica Pain
Blog / 04/11/2013

Pain Relief for Your Sciatica Pain By Nancy Dickey, Author of Stop Sciatica Now! When you have intense pain running from your lower back down your legs due to sciatica, you’re looking for a source of pain relief that will curb your symptoms. Relief from sciatica pain comes in many different forms, such as pain killers, exercise, an anti-inflammatory and other non-surgical treatments, plus surgical treatments. Not all sciatica cases require a radical form of treatment such as surgery. Most cases of sciatica are treated with pain killers. In very mild cases, ibuprofen, aspirin, or another over-the-counter medication will reduce the sufferer’s pain. Many sciatica sufferers are also prescribed non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce symptoms and pain with the sciatica and the lower back in general. If the pain does not subside, stronger pain killers such as codein may be prescribed, but medications such as this come with the risk of addiction, and therefore should not be taken lightly. Muscle relaxers should also not be taken lightly. Although they will help alleviate symptoms associated with sciatica, they can also make the user drowsy, putting them at risk when driving. Exercise is the best way to reduce sciatica symptoms for the…

Advice on How to Make a Diet Plan to Lower Cholesterol Levels
Blog / 04/11/2013

Advice on How to Make a Diet Plan to Lower Cholesterol Levels   A big part of what contributes to your good or bad cholesterol levels is your diet. You may think you have to abandon all your favorite food or eat some sort of sawdust that tastes like cereal everyday in order to lower your cholesterol, but this is not true. There are some simple tips for your diet that will be of great help to lower your cholesterol to the recommended levels, even if you have a family history of high cholesterol. Change those five letters of the word “diet” to a phrase that sounds more positive, such as “food planning”. As most people enjoy eating, it is important to make good nutrient choices, and make it a positive overall experience. If you are trying to lower your cholesterol, you need to pick the right food and set your mind to what you could have, instead of focusing on what you cannot. Many of the nutrients that lower cholesterol are easy to add to a diet plan. For example, try to drink a cup of green tea instead of other beverages in the morning, since green tea is…

Can Tea Tree Oil Treat Angular Cheilitis?
Blog / 04/07/2013

Can Tea Tree Oil Treat Angular Cheilitis?   When it comes to treating Angular Cheilitis people have come up with different treatments over the time. Homemade recipes and medicines were combined in offering the ultimate treatment that will relieve people of the pain they felt when opening their mouth and of the embarrassment they had to face when going out of the house. Yet, until now their attempts only offered some relief, not a complete cure. One of those wonder treatments promoted by many people was tea tree oil. Well known for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, the tea tree oil seemed to be the perfect remedy for it. With proven successes in treating acne, the tea tree oil had given people lots of hopes that this will be the treatment they have long waited for. So, studies have been made and many people tried this type of treatment on their faces and surprise: it really worked. The pus disappeared and the lesions started to heal. This was by far the best treatment for this skin condition which had been found. Yet, after a period of time the people who have tested this type of treatment starting experiencing side effects….

How Can I Improve Eyesight?
Blog / 04/05/2013

How Can I Improve Eyesight? Unfortunately with age many among us experience deterioration in vision. This leads a number of us to ask the question, ‘How is it possible to improve eyesight.’ Of course some people may reply, ‘go and see an optician and get glasses.’ There are however, easier and more natural ways of improving your vision. Firstly you should have a good look at your diet. There are a number of foods which are particularly good for your eyes and hence your level of vision. These include foods such things as spinach, kale and other leafy green vegetable, which are rich in lutein. Lutein is a yellow pigment which protects the macula part of the eye. Foods which contain beta carotene, such as carrots and red peppers also have an extremely beneficial effect on the health of the eyes. Fruits such as berries and particularly bilberries are a wonderful sauce of nutrition. In fact during the Second World War, British pilots reported a beneficial effect on night vision after eating bilberry jam. Also essential fatty acids are important. Fish such as salmon and sardines are rich in essential fatty acids. Natural Exercises such as the Bates exercises which…

The Link Between Penis Size And Sexual Performance
Blog / 04/01/2013

The Link Between Penis Size And Sexual Performance   “Does size matter?” It’s the age-old question that has caught the interest of a lot of men and women. Most women, when asked this question, would most likely say it’s not the size, but the performance itself that makes a difference. Suave and smooth moves in the bedroom can very well make up for an average or small sized package. But guys, we also know that 50% of the time, women fake orgasm. So will it really surprise us if we find out that really, if women are being bluntly honest, that size does matter? For a lot of men, size does matter, primarily because size affects confidence. A man with a small dick will meet with ridicule, whereas a man with a big package will be greeted with amazement. If you are happy with your size, you know that you don’t need to worry about pleasing a woman in bed. And this will make a hell of a difference in your confidence around women. When you are confident in your ability to perform well in the bedroom, chances are that you will actually perform better. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy….

Treat Constipation with Magnetic Therapy
Blog / 04/01/2013

Treat Constipation with Magnetic Therapy   The unhealthy alimentation, the sedentary life, the small intake of water, combined with a long intestine or intake of drugs and caffeine are the main reasons for which constipation appears. Even though it can be treated, this condition can provoke great pain and discomfort if not addressed properly. Many people suffering from constipation usually avoid talking this subject over as they consider it a highly personal and delicate subject which does not need to be discussed with other people. Others simply do not give it the attention it requires and end up suffering from complications of this disease. But think about the discomfort you feel when you are constipated and about the amount of toxins which are trapped inside your body. Once you realize the amount of damage these toxins can create to your body, you may want to re-evaluate your attitude towards this disease. As I mentioned previously, constipation can be treated. Moreover, the treatment can be an easy one, based on a slight change of your eating habits and overall lifestyle. This includes drinking at least 2 liters of water each and every day, eating raw fruits and vegetables and making more…

Natural Cure for Sweaty Palms
Blog / 03/30/2013

Natural Cure for Sweaty Palms   Sweaty palms are a common phenomenon that many people suffer from all across the world. Figuratively speaking, one-fourth of the world’s population is afflicted by this condition which is called palmar hyperhidrosis. The exact stimulus for this condition stays elusive though many people have their own explanations for this condition. However experts suggest a hyperactive sympathetic nervous system as the main culprit behind this condition which basically means it makes the sweat glands to produce excessive and unnecessary sweat. Sweating is used, by the body, as a device through which it regulates its temperature and keeps it working in a perfect condition. There are numerous sweat glands present all over our body with them being most concentrated at our hands. The normal events which trigger the body to start producing sweat are agitation due to stress, increase in temperature or physical exertion. The body regulates its normal temperature by releasing sweat which in turns cools the body down. However in the case of palmar hyperhidrosis the person experiences sweaty palms even in the absence of such conditions. This could be a cause of embarrassment and discomfort in normal day to day living. Some home…