Eczema Treatment: Find Your Trigger Factor with Trial and Error
Blog / 12/28/2014

Eczema Treatment: Find Your Trigger Factor with Trial and Error   If you suffer from eczema, you want to seek relief, but you need to do more. To eliminate the skin disorder as an issue, you must stop it at the source. This involves doing more than treating your symptoms. It means finding your trigger factor and stopping it at the source. Right about now, you may be asking yourself “what exactly is a trigger factor?” A trigger factor is a phrase that is used to describe the onset on an outbreak. Something gives you the uncontrollable urge to itch your skin, which results in a red rash. If scratched more, that rash can turn into an oozing blister-like sore or a rough, flaky patch of skin. Sufferers don’t scratch and dig at their skin just for the fun of it. There is a reason. You need to find yours. Although there are many causes, medical professionals have developed lists of the most common. For some patients, an outbreak is caused by warm or cold weather. For others, airborne allergens, such as dust, mold, and pet dander, is the culprit. Many patients have an outbreak due to eating certain foods….

Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Top Ten Tips
Blog / 12/16/2014

Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Top Ten Tips   Hidradenitis Suppurativa is a severe skin condition characterized by large recurrent abscesses with discharge, deep inflammation, frequent infections, and scarring. It causes a lot of pain and often impairs the person’s range of movement, but is not contagious. It typically alternates between periods of remission and flare-ups. Here are some top tips for its management and treatment: 1. Quit Smoking! More than 80% of patients are smokers and this habit is known to be both a causative and aggravating factor. Smoking cessation always brings about improvements in this condition. 2. Lose excess body weight. If you are overweight, you will have more frictional forces in areas where there is skin-to-skin contact, and this will aggravate it and make it harder to treat. 3. Avoid excessive shaving of the area. Shaving further irritates the affected area and can worse the condition. 4. Apply ice packs to the area. The cold will act as an analgesic and will reduce the inflammation, which can improve the condition and provide symptomatic relief. 5. Eat more fish, and less meat. Fish, especially oily ones like salmon and mackerel, are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which help the body…

Use The REAL Distraction Principle To Boost Your Sexual Stamina
Blog / 12/16/2014

Use The REAL Distraction Principle To Boost Your Sexual Stamina By Edward White   ‘Premature ejaculation’ is a well known term. And every guy that’s heard of it has his own theory on the best way to deal with it. One of the most common is often referred to as the distraction technique. It goes like this. While having sex, the guy who doesn’t want to come too soon thinks of mind-numbing concepts or completely non-sexual imagery. For example, he’ll count back from 1000 or picture a deer getting hit by a car. Whatever it is, he’ll make sure it is a complete turn-off. He’ll do this in an attempt to take himself out of the moment and therefore distance himself from the sexual stimulation he is receiving—all in an effort to extend his sexual performance. But you have to ask yourself: is having sex for a long time worth it if you’ve got to totally separate your mind from it? Of course not! This distraction principle is a bad way to handle the problem of rapid ejaculation. Instead, you should use the REAL distraction principle, which goes like this. Great sex isn’t just about penetration—any man that thinks different…

Alkalinize Your Body to Cure Your Cold Sores Through Water
Blog / 12/16/2014

Alkalinize Your Body to Cure Your Cold Sores Through Water   How wonderful it would be if we had a permanent cure for cold sores. A Cold sore or fever blister is technically known as the Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 (HSV-1). If you are in some fantasy world thinking that by the use of medications you can cure the cold sores virus permanently then you are fooling yourself. There is no medication available today which says that it can cure this virus permanently. The only option available for you is to cure it from both inside and outside of your body. Stress is the main cause of diseases worldwide. Herpes simplex virus gets triggered when your body is under chronic stressed causing your immune system to weaken and fail to combat the virus. Doctors have recommended different types of foods such as Lysine. Lysine is an amino acid which combats the virus and decrease the number of outbreaks. Lysine can be found in various types of foods such as potatoes, fish, chicken, beans, etc. Generally the required amount of intake might not be greater than what you can get from these foods and so many doctors also prescribe supplements….

Beat Eczema for Good: Is It Possible?
Blog / 11/28/2014

Beat Eczema for Good: Is It Possible?   If you were recently diagnosed as having this skin disorder, you likely have many questions. One of the most common questions asked is about a cure. Many wonder if they can beat eczema and for good. In most cases, yes! When it comes to determining if you can stop this disease for good, there are a number of factors you must take into consideration. They include: Your cause. There is no single cause for this ailment; it has many different causes and they vary from individual to individual. Some patients get the uncontrollable urge to itch when their body is exposed to hot or cold weather. Other have a reaction to airborne allergens, such as mold, pet dander, and dust. Other common causes are certain foods and close contact to certain chemicals, such as those found in scented lotions and perfume. The key to stopping this disease at the source is to eliminate your trigger factors, but what if you can’t permanently eliminate them? You will always come into some contact with pets and pet dander, which may cause an outbreak. In this and other similar cases, you can beat this disorder,…

What Are The Symptoms of Acid Reflux?
Blog / 11/28/2014

What Are The Symptoms of Acid Reflux?   It is widely agreed among physicians and medical paraprofessionals, that initial diagnosis, mostly by using a typical acid reflux symptoms questionnaire, is necessary to ensure the most effective and quick treatment for this condition. Approx 70% of the acid reflux diagnostics that are based on the presence of typical symptoms are accurate. Since acid reflux, also called GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), can cause patients a great deal of discomfort and result in severe complications, it is highly important to know how to identify its symptoms in order to quickly diagnose and treat it. The most common symptom of GERD is persistent heartburn. Heartburn is experienced as an unpleasant and painful burning sensation in the esophageal area. Other typical symptoms are as follows: 1. Gastric regurgitation, which means an unrestricted reversed flow of gastric or esophageal contents into the throat. This gastric fluid can cause respiratory complications under certain conditions. 2. Odynophagia, which means pain when swallowing. 3. Dysphagia, which means difficulty swallowing, or the feeling of food stuck in the throat. In addition to the above, about 50% of all gastroesophageal reflux disease sufferers report the co-occurrence of sinonasal symptoms (i. e….

Tired and Loss of Energy
Blog / 11/22/2014

Tired and Loss of Energy   ” I was always tired and tried everything to get some energy. Till I finally found something which really good helps! Now I do what I want without fatigue “. Always tired I don’t know why but I feels myself always tired. Every time when I want to go the sport club, my energy disappears. One day I tried the fitness club. But after several minutes I left this club. I had no energy. I came at home and land on the sofa. After 10 minutes I try to stand up. Finally I was stand up .. I walk as an zombie to the kitchen. But to make some bread was even too much for me. I thought I really need to do something. I don’t want to live like this. So I tried several vitamins, exercises, etc. Nothing helps or sometimes it helps a bit but after this I was tired again. Then I decided to stop with vitamins and all other things which was not helping. Attack Day after day the fatigue attacks me. I had no energy to do something what I like. During the day offs I stayed longer in…

Male Libido Booster Review
Blog / 11/17/2014

Male Libido Booster Review   The Male Libido Booster is all about the truth about impotence in man that the pharma and food industries would pay for you never to discover; 10 unusual ways to cure erectile dysfunction that the pharmaceutical giants and the food industry would pay millions to stop you from finding out. If you would like to enjoy, naturally stiff erections that last for over 60 minutes, surges of sexual desire and the return of that familiar tingle to your trousers, a natural cure for erectile dysfunction without drugs and overflowing sexual confidence and a genuine alpha-male swagger then this is for you! These 10 techniques to cure erectile dysfunction naturally can help you to do it. So, what do you get in this deluxe package? The Deluxe Package includes the program and free bonuses, along with some additional training materials for an important discount. If you order the Deluxe Package, you will receive the program, all its bonus programs as well as additional training material such as the Penile Workout Plan. Many men ask about how to go even further with the penile exercise plan that is provided in this program. So the Penile Workout Plan…

Prevent Angular Cheilitis by Following These Simple Steps
Blog / 11/16/2014

Prevent Angular Cheilitis by Following These Simple Steps   It is well known that it is much easier to prevent a disease than treating it. Angular Cheilitis makes no exception to the rule. In fact, it is much better to stay away from this condition then having to cope with it and wait weeks or even months until it gets treated. This is why it is highly important to know how you can prevent it before you will be face with this skin condition. Below you will find some simple steps which should be taken in order to keep cheilosis away from your skin. 1. Balanced diet, filled with food rich in vitamins and minerals The immune system plays a great part in fighting internal or external aggressions. This is why you must make sure it is strong enough to face all those bacteria and viruses without collapsing. A strong immune system can only be acquired with a balanced diet rich in leafy vegetables, green vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meat and dairy products. Also, intakes of vitamin supplements is recommended when the body has to recover from an illness or surgery, when there are periods of stress or in case…

The TRUE Average Penis Size and How to Enlarge it NATURALLY
Blog / 11/16/2014

The TRUE Average Penis Size and How to Enlarge it NATURALLY   The average penis size has been a “bone” of contention for decades and decades. The reason it’s so frequently debated, argued over and worried about is because the issue affects so many people, male and female. For men, a small penis means possible harassment in gym showers and embarrassment in bed. For women it presents a different problem: its below-average size could well limit their sexual pleasure and at the same time inhibit the man’s confidence so much that his sexual performance could also be unsatisfactory. It’s really no wonder penis size, and the average length and girth of the male anatomy, is talked about so much – by millions of people all over the world, of both sex, it’s almost considered a yardstick for a guy’s manhood. A small penis is bad, while a big, thick penis is good – the line has been clearly drawn in the sand, regardless of whether it’s right or wrong. I’ll tell you right now what the average size is. Forget about the average penis sizes of different races; even if there is a slight difference it won’t affect you much….