Repairing Your Laptop with Your Own Hands – A Basic Guide
Blog / 02/19/2014

Repairing Your Laptop with Your Own Hands – A Basic Guide By Thomas James, Author of Laptop Repair Made Easy   In this age of modular computers, laptop repair is easy-at least if you know exactly what you’re doing. Many of the components of a laptop, including even the motherboard and RAM, and even the hard drive, are completely modular and can simply be detached and lifted out of the laptop. This makes laptop repair a very simple job, just so long as you make sure that you understand the manual. Another thing that you should do when repairing your laptop is to carefully make notes about where each thing goes as you dismantle the device. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and it is impossible for anyone who is not a qualified technician to remember where all the intricate parts, screws and components that make up the average laptop go. If the connector within the laptop uses specific settings, you need to make careful notes of those settings as well. A set of precision tools, such as jewelers or watchmakers use, can also only be helpful. Remember that most parts that fail within a laptop require a simple…

The Importance Of Following Up In The Music Licensing Business
Blog / 01/27/2014

The Importance Of Following Up In The Music Licensing Business   I’ve touched on the importance of following up with music licensing professionals a lot in previous newsletters. Today I want to dig deeper into this topic and drive home this point even further. A couple days ago I interviewed Aaron Bethune, the founder of Play It Loud Music, for members of my marketing service, Renegade Music Marketing. During my interview with Aaron he made the point very clearly that you have to follow up after making initial contact with him or anyone else. As Aaron explained, he receives so many emails on a daily basis that by the end of the day if he hasn’t gotten back to you, your email is probably so far down in his inbox that it’s possible he’s completely forgotten about it. Aaron explains that your initial contact is like planting a seed, but that you have to follow up to see anything come of your initial efforts. This is completely aligned with my experience. I’ve told the story before about the first song I signed to my previous publisher. I sent her several tracks and heard nothing back for about six weeks. I…

Knowing the Right Laptop Repair Tricks Can Help Optimize Computer
Blog / 01/21/2014

Knowing the Right Laptop Repair Tricks Can Help Optimize Computer By Thomas James, Author of Laptop Repair Made Easy   So what’s the secret behind successful laptop repair? One thing that’s absolutely true about most PC users is that they tend to acquire a degree of competence with their PC that is directly proportional to the number of years that they use the device. Most PC users who have used a PC for some years are perfectly capable of handling most of the minor issues that arise with the PC. They would never think of calling in a technician to handle some minor problem that they can easily handle themselves. Sadly enough, this level of competence is not seen to extend to laptop users. Even a person who has used a laptop for some years will hesitate over trying to repair some minor problem such as a crashed hard drive himself. But there is really no need for this hesitancy, since both laptop and PCs work on essentially the same principles. One of the simplest issues that can arise with a laptop is a simple degradation of performance, and this is something that absolutely does not require professional laptop repair….

Online Dog Grooming School Review
Blog / 12/28/2013

Online Dog Grooming School Review   There are many career paths when it comes to dogs-and-pet care. One of the most popular and most profitable is to get into dog-grooming. You can get certified as a “Pet Groomer” from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your own home using this brand new course. Enroll today and get certified as a “Certified Pet Groomer” as well as a “Certified Pet Hygienist”. Brought to you by a lady named Yvonne, this brand new course is ideal for anyone who has ever dreamed of signing up for a home study course and be able to start watching the instruction videos immediately. All the videos are online. The things we like about this product include that you don’t need to attend a grooming-school & pay thousands of dollars, you don’t need to have any prior experience, you will take all your quizzes & tests. Full details & instructions are given. You’ll send five before & after pictures, it’s easy once you learn. Most importantly, once finished, you’ll receive two certificates, “Certified Pet Hygienist” & “Certified Pet Groomer”. If you’re looking for a new career path or you simply want to set…

Laptop Repair – When Your Laptop Experiences a Disastrous Failure
Blog / 12/14/2013

Laptop Repair – When Your Laptop Experiences a Disastrous Failure By Thomas James, Author of Laptop Repair Made Easy   You’d be surprised at how many people are intimidated at the thought of do-it-yourself laptop repair. They tend to assume that a laptop is far more complex to repair than a desktop PC. But actually, this is not necessary true. Laptops today are produced on the same modular line as desktop PCs are, which means that while there are some problems with your laptop that would indeed be difficult to fix, most other problems are actually very easy to handle. For example, liquid spilled into a laptop results in multiple short circuits and system failures, and this is not easy to fix. On the other hand, something like a crashed hard drive or a keyboard or LCD screen replacement takes little or no specialized skill. The key to making laptop repair economical is to handle those elements of laptop repair that require little technical skill yourself, and to leave the more serious issues to the experts. Just what you would do, in fact, with a desktop PC. So just what level of technical skill does it take to replace your…

Things that Can Make Laptop Repair a Necessity
Blog / 11/16/2013

Things that Can Make Laptop Repair a Necessity By Thomas James, Author of Laptop Repair Made Easy   So what exactly does make laptop repair a necessity? While a laptop is built to fairly sturdy specifications, there are still so many things that can go wrong with it. This is because the level of miniaturization involved is so major that when something does go wrong, it is not as easy to fix as in a desktop PC. Most users of desktop PCs are reasonably competent at repairing their computers if something happens to go wrong. This is because computers these days are so modular that fixing them is relatively easy. When laptops first came out this level of modularity was not at first evident. Another thing about laptops is that even though they are just as modular as desktops today, they are still so miniaturized, that issues with them tend to be more serious. For example, if you were to spill a cup of coffee on the keyboard of your desktop PC, you would hardly be overly concerned. The most that could happen in such a case would be that you would have to replace your keyboard. On the other…

Dog Trainer Handbook Review
Blog / 11/10/2013

Dog Trainer Handbook Review   If you’ve been looking for a way to quickly and easily become a professional dog-trainer, then the Dog Trainer Handbook is exactly what you need. You can stop your search because the book, which is brought to you by Sheily B, is really the best option you can find online. We highly recommend this manual to anyone who wants to train-dogs and become a professional dog-trainer in no time! If you’ve been thinking about becoming a dog-trainer then you may have ended up getting a bit stuck and not really known where to start. Well the book gets rid of any questions that you may have had and literally walks you through the process of becoming a professional dog-trainer from home. Think about all the free time you will have to spend with your family, think about all the beautiful-dogs you will meet and be able to train – there are a huge number of benefits to becoming self-employed and becoming a self-employed dog-trainer is even more exciting. The eBook itself covers just about everything you could ever want to know about becoming a dog-trainer including how to find out if you really have what…

DIY Laptop Repair Techniques – Changing the Hard Drive of Laptop
Blog / 10/12/2013

DIY Laptop Repair Techniques – Changing the Hard Drive of Laptop By Thomas James, Author of Laptop Repair Made Easy   Many people look at a laptop as a confusing device, and indeed are rather intimidated by the thought of any do-it-yourself laptop repair. But in reality a laptop is only slightly more complex than a desktop computer, and in many cases, it can be just an easy to repair. If you need to replace the hard drive on your laptop, for example, there is no need to pay a technician a premium to do it for you. It is quite possible for a reasonably technically competent person to repair a laptop himself or herself. Generally speaking, if you wouldn’t hesitate to repair your desktop PC, you shouldn’t hesitate to repair your laptop either. When laptops first came out there was a certain tendency among laptop manufacturers to build a mystique around their products. If something went wrong with a laptop, such as, for example, a hard drive needing replacement, the customer was encouraged to turn the laptop over to a professional repair specialist, or to ship the laptop directly to the company. These professional repair specialists would usually charge…

Establishing Rapport With Music Licensing Professionals
Blog / 09/25/2013

Establishing Rapport With Music Licensing Professionals   After I got my first TV placement in 2002, I was so excited that I immediately got in touch with my publisher expressing my interest in getting more involved and getting more of my music placed. I made it really clear that I was prepared to submit to as many opportunities as possible. This led to an ongoing dialogue between the two of us over the years that has led to the opportunity to submit to and write for many different projects. This led to many subsequent placements that I’m sure I never would have had if I hadn’t been as aggressive as I was. Getting your music placed with a solid publisher or library is a great first step and getting your first placement or two is an even greater step forward. But your work doesn’t stop there. In a way, this is just the beginning. For music to get licensed, it has to be the right piece of music at the right time. This is why sometimes songs will sit in catalogs for long periods of time, inactive, and then all of a sudden get licensed into one or more projects….

How To Finance Your Music Licensing Business
Blog / 09/17/2013

How To Finance Your Music Licensing Business   As they say, it takes money to make money. The music licensing business is certainly no exception to this rule. Due to the nature of the way the business works, there is a considerable lag time between the time you license one of your tracks and the time you get paid. And of course before you can even begin to attempt to license your tracks you’ll need to have quality recordings, which takes money. But don’t let this fact discourage you. If you’re resourceful, there are ways to get your tracks recorded for little or no upfront money of your own. A great way to record tracks on the cheap is by collaborating with other musicians and producers, in exchange for a percentage of any of your future earnings. It of course helps if you have a track record to bring to the table when negotiating with potential collaborators. These are tough times for a lot of people and many people are open to creative ways of getting things done. I’ve been doing these types of deals long before the recession. So don’t be afraid to think outside the box and come…