How to be a Ventriloquist
Blog / 10/20/2015

How to be a Ventriloquist   A Little History on Ventriloquism: The history of ventriloquism dates back as far as 1753 in England by Sir John Parnell who used a talking hand. In 1757 Austrian Baron De Mengen used a small puppet whose mouth piece was very similar to that of a nutcracker. In 1783, Richard Potter, the first Black American Ventriloquist and Magician conversed with a wooden doll, bringing ventriloquism to America. This wonderful art form has been sought after ever since, with a growing number of people wanting to learn how to be a ventriloquist. From the time of Vaudeville to late night television shows, we have all been fascinated with ventriloquists being able to make a doll speak, without ever moving their lips. In the past, the only way to learn this art would be with a mentor willing to teach them or from reading books. As this was such a well-guarded profession, by those ventriloquists, no one wanted to share their techniques with others. So it became quite difficult for someone interested in this art, to learn anything whatsoever. Edgar Bergen, who is considered one of the greatest legends in ventriloquism, released an audio lesson back…

How To Draw Cartoons And Make A Great Second Income Review
Blog / 08/29/2015

How To Draw Cartoons And Make A Great Second Income Review   We are all inundated daily with many promotions. Our spam filters clog with hundreds of offers daily. The majority of the promotions are for either the same-old same-old or “what used to work” re-discovered; no real value, just a waste of time. You can find exceptions, however… You’ll sometimes find a very few that could possibly be beneficial. A good example of this sort, within the ‘Make A Great Second Income’ category, and known as ‘How To Draw Cartoons And Make A Great Second Income’, shows promise. It’s been dreamed-up and written by Johnny Bombardieri, who is now offering it for sale. What exactly makes it more advanced than the competition? Exactly why are its sales increasing? Generally speaking, what it does is speak to the novice and hobbyist and generates inspiration and belief in being able to make a success in this field. Specifically, there are 3 substantial advantages that set it apart from its competitors. These 3 benefit aspects are polishing up on your skills, developing your personal brand or cartoon characters and advising on how to reach the market and sell effectively. Listed here are…

The Top 6 Reasons Being a Flight Attendant Rocks
Blog / 08/28/2015

The Top 6 Reasons Being a Flight Attendant Rocks   The travel – There is not a career on earth that enables you to see so many places in such a short space of time. This week Paris, next week Tokyo, last week Tahiti. You often get some great time off in each destination to see the sites, shop or simply relax by the pool. Many of the hotels offer great discounts on tours and spa treatments! The money – It depends on the airline but generally at the major airlines the starting salary can be as high as $50,000 PA. Add in the tax free overnight and meal allowances and your bank balance starts to look a lot less depressing very quickly! Some airlines even pay for your accommodation! The travel perks – Discounts on hotels, car rental, tours but the best benefit is the incredibly cheap airfares for your days off. Airlines give their flight attendants up to 90% off airfares and you can use these deals on other airlines as well. Providing there are seats available most airlines offer the opportunity to travel in business class! Many crew spend their days off in a completely different country….

Complete Private Pilot Training Course Honest Review
Blog / 08/23/2015

Complete Private Pilot Training Course Honest Review   Complete Private Pilot Training Course is the perfect course to use if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to fly. It will help you get your pilot license very quickly, usually within 10 days, which is terrific. The man behind this course has owned a flight school for more than a decade and he’s got plenty of experience from mentoring flight instructors and training pilots. This is the perfect course for everyone who would like to get the pilot license quickly and easily. As you’ve probably found out already it can be very expensive to get flying lessons. Of course it’s worth spending money on it if it’s always been a dream of yours, but it’s not worth it when you can get it much cheaper somewhere else. This is a perfect alternative whether you’re rich or poor since you will get the same knowledge as from another, more expensive course, but you will also have more money left in the bank account when you’ve received your license. You will get help from texts, books, dvd’s and questions and answers to reach your goal and get your license. It won’t be difficult,…

How To Draw Cartoon Characters and Create a Great Second Income
Blog / 08/21/2015

How To Draw Cartoon Characters and Create a Great Second Income   Most worthwhile projects invariably require careful planning and perseverance to succeed and that will certainly be true if you are determined to draw cartoons and make a great second income. To succeed and develop this idea from a weekend hobby to a serious proposition isn’t just a one step project either. Here’s the way to reach that goal in five simple steps. Step 1- Reassess Your Skills: You may very well not have had pencil to paper or done any sketching for quite a while and getting back to it may well turn out to be a shock. This will be significant because you might find you need to spend time practicing to update your skills. Also, equipment and methods of delivery will most likely have improved. Step 2 – Create your own personal space: Take over an extra room at home or possibly a specific corner in a shared or less frequently used room. Use screening and headphones or ear plugs if appropriate but ensure everybody else realizes that this is the space you work in and, knowing that, if you are within this space, you’re not…

Five Reasons You Are Not Licensing More Music
Blog / 07/22/2015

Five Reasons You Are Not Licensing More Music   If you aren’t licensing as much of your music as you’d like or if you simply haven’t been able to successfully license any of your music, then most likely one or more of the reasons below is why: 1) Your Songs Aren’t Good Enough – If you’ve been actively trying to license your music without success then this is the first place you need to look. Are your songs good? Are your songs great? I know this is a hard thing to be objective about but you really need to try to distance yourself a little and assess whether your music really is as good as other music that is being successfully picked up. Supervisors listen to a lot of music and they gravitate towards songs that fit the criteria for the scenes they need music for and for the songs that they simply like the best. Write great songs and people will take notice. 2) Your Production Isn’t Good Enough – If you write great songs and you’ve been actively trying to license them without success then there is a good chance that your production is lacking. Your songs needed…

10 Best Job Interview Strategies
Blog / 05/23/2015

10 Best Job Interview Strategies 1. Build rapport 2. Be yourself – don’t exaggerate skills; be honest 3. Study job description – identify skills most relevant to job 4. Study the company 5. Display your skills with concrete examples 6. Know your resume 7. Make eye contact 8. Prepare an interview emergency kit 9. Body language 10. Follow up quickly Job interviews can be a mystery. But you can find success if you follow the right job interview strategies. The following 10 tips are the best job interview strategies to follow if you want to ace your next interview. 1. Study the company – One of the best job interview strategies that most candidates ignore is to study the current events of the company. Knowing what the current events of the company is important so that you can ask pertinent questions. Doing so will show the interviewer that you have done your homework, and also have a genuine interest in the company. This strategy will definitely help your job interview. 2. Know your resume – As a candidate, you should be very familiar with your resume. In any job interview, anything on your resume is at the interviewer’s disposal. Implementing…

Why You Should Learn About Laptop Repair
Blog / 04/23/2015

Why You Should Learn About Laptop Repair By Thomas James, Author of Laptop Repair Made Easy   People seem to think that laptop repair must necessarily be difficult. I can understand this attitude, because laptops are such complex devices, and so compact, that it’s quite natural to feel a little intimidated at the thought of trying to repair one of them oneself. However a wise man once said that much of fear is illusion, not reality, and this principle certainly applies to laptop repair. Yes, laptop repair seems difficult, but this is only to a person who doesn’t know much about it. To a person with some knowledge of laptop repair, repairing a laptop can be easy, amusing and even fun. Yes laptop repair can become a hobby, or even a source of income for you. It’s just a question of acquiring the initial knowledge and everything else more or less falls into place beyond that point. As a matter of fact there’s almost nothing that can go wrong if you put your hands to repairing your laptop. This is because you have countless resources at your disposal. I would suggest that you commence your mastery of laptop repair with…

Photoshop in a Day – Book Review
Blog / 03/26/2015

Photoshop in a Day – Book Review   Photoshop In A Day is a training manual which makes Photoshop simple, quick and almost effortless. All the features of CS6, CS5, CS4 and earlier versions are fully covered. With the easy to follow step-by-step tutorials, you could be using Photoshop with confidence in just one day, and then go on to master it like an expert! The program is packed with EASY step-by-step instructions and over 200 images so learning becomes so, so simple. In fact, it’s pretty much a blueprint for turning yourself into a Photoshop expert. The program doesn’t frazzle your brain with hundreds of boring paragraphs and pages of boring text. It is broken down into very small and simple tutorials which you follow step-by- step. Hundreds of screenshots are provided so you can see exactly what you have to do. There’s absolutely no jargon whatsoever. It’s easy even if you’ve never used Photoshop in your life! The instructions will allow you to do dozens of different skills and techniques yourself. It’s fun and exciting as you follow the instructions to create your own graphics and transform your own images, and you’ll be learning while you do it!…

To Self Publish Or Not To Self Publish Your Music – Pros & Cons
Blog / 03/19/2015

To Self Publish Or Not To Self Publish Your Music – Pros & Cons   Today, let’s look at an issue that comes up frequently for songwriters interested in getting involved in the field of music licensing. It´s the question of self publishing vs. working with an outside publisher. In this article I´m going to walk you through the pros and cons of both approaches and give you my perspective on what the best approach is in general. First, let`s look at dealing directly with music supervisors… The upside to placing your music this way is that if you´re successful in placing your music in a project directly through a music supervisor you´ll be keeping all the publishing royalties, as well as the writer´s royalty and all of the licensing fee. By placing your music yourself you´re essentially functioning as your own publisher and instead of sharing all the money that you would normally share with a publisher, you get to keep it. The downside is that as an unknown songwriter you probably don´t know and have connections with music supervisors like established publishers do. This mean you´re going to need to do a lot of cold calling, emailing, etc…