Pontoon Boat Hull Design – The Advantages and Disadvantages
Blog / 05/11/2012

Pontoon Boat Hull Design – The Advantages and Disadvantages   This is one boat hull design that’s unique and often fun and exciting. It’s unique in the sense that it allows its inhabitants or crew to really enjoy fishing and the excitement that comes along with partying upon water. However, it does come with its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages Many people choose to go with a pontoon style boat because the designs are made to make assembling one very easy and less time consuming. They are also created and design to be very stable boats especially with a hull design that’s doubled. This makes the perfect boat hull design for fishing because you can actually stand up in it and not be worried about instability. The inflatable pontoon boats make excellent carry around boats in back of pickups and in the trunk of a car. Economy wise these boats are priced very reasonable depending upon your budget and has the greatest worth in regards to price and capacity. Disadvantages It should be safety requirement to wear life vest when upon pontoon boats because they are very open even though the railings make for excellent support. This is considered a disadvantage…

Jon Boat – Can You Really Design One?
Blog / 04/24/2012

Jon Boat – Can You Really Design One?   A Jon boat is one of the most popular boats in the industry today. These are some of least expensive boats to buy and even less expensive to build and design yourself. They’re also easy to maintain. The popularity of these boats is most prominent in the fishing industry; however, nowadays they are being used for parties and fun times out in the water. The design of the boat is pretty simple and constructing one yourself would be a piece of cake. Most designs shows that these boats are most noticeable by their flat decks and railing circling the body for the safety of its inhabitants. Placing these railings will protect people from falling over into the water. Also a Jon boat is known for having seats that are properly arranged alongside the railing. This is a very useful addition for fishing and also having plenty room to sit and enjoy the ride. And if you’re really looking to glamorize the boat, it could be designed to house a tent or canopy for shading or maybe even a miniature size cabin as a restroom. When designing and building one of these…

You WILL NOT Survive Crisis in America
Blog / 04/17/2012

You WILL NOT Survive Crisis in America   There are 7 signs of a crisis in America and 5 of them have already happened. You probably haven’t even noticed what’s going on yet. And your family is in immediate risk if you don’t know what the signs are. The coming crisis is sweeping our nation right now, it may already be in your town. Don’t let yourself be caught unprepared when it hits you, because it will. Find out what the signs are and how you can protect your family right now. This report will only be online for a few more days before we are forced to take it down. Don’t miss your chance to see it right now <

Kayak – Can You Really Design One?
Blog / 04/12/2012

Kayak – Can You Really Design One?   The answer to that question is a resounding YES! Designing a kayak would be a work of art if the correct specifications are used with accurate planning and willpower. Kayaks are some of the most popular boats in the industry today and you get plans and designs to build your own online from an assortment of places. The most convenient and affordable material to use in designing and building kayaks would be wood; for many reasons. One of the major advantages in using wood, in the form of sheet plywood, is that the material makes building rather easy and the required tools are usually sitting right in your garage. Building a kayak doesn’t require any major electrical tools or equipment. There are 2 common methods for constructing quality kayaks: stitch-and-glue and strip-built. The stitch-and-glue method is where the sheets of plywood are cut into shapes and stitch into place with the use of wire alongside the edges and the glue is used to tighten the fixture on the seams. If done according to directions or instructions this method makes for an excellent build. This is one method that’s most suitable for beginning…

Common Natural Healing Herbs
Blog / 03/23/2012

Common Natural Healing Herbs   Before the advent of medicine and pharmaceutical drugs as we know it now, herbs have been used as remedies or treatment for a lot of illnesses. What we do not know is that we have herbs growing in our gardens that are natural healing herbs. In some cases, these herbs may be so common, we mistake them to be weeds sprouting everywhere. Here are some common natural healing herbs and their uses: St. John’s Wort is a very popular herb used as a remedy for depression because of its soothing properties. It can also be used to soothe burns while extracts from its flowers can be used as an antiviral agent, a sedative or as an astringent. It can also be used to remedy varicose veins, hemorrhoids and cuts. Lawn Daisy. The sap from its stem can be used to clear skin spots. The flower can also be made into an infusion consisting of 1 teaspoon dried flower to 1 cup water, boiled for 5 minutes and strained. This can then be used as a skin wash to treat eczema. However, caution should be taken because lawn daisy can aggravate allergies in some people. White…

Flat Bottom Boat Hull Designs – The Advantages and Disadvantages
Blog / 03/20/2012

Flat Bottom Boat Hull Designs – The Advantages and Disadvantages   When decided on boat hull designs, the biggest decision you’ll be facing would probably be on the shape of the hull and of course, the design itself. But even more importantly would be addressing the advantages and disadvantages of the type of boat hull you’ve chosen. Here are two of the common advantages in going with a flat bottom boat hull design: They are extremely stable in waters that are calm and function best at low rates of speed. They are excellent boats for fishing expeditions because of the created shallow draft. The two significant disadvantage of choosing flat bottom boat hull designs are: They make for a very rough ride and riding at a high rate of speed is totally out of the question. They are not design to driven in rough weather. Rough weather tends to create a rough ride, so you do the math. In any event, there are some very unique factors to consider when choosing the proper hull design for your idea boat. If you’re planning on doing a lot of fishing in shallow water like streams and lakes then flat bottom designs should…

Displacement Boat Hull Designs – The Advantages and Disadvantages
Blog / 03/06/2012

Displacement Boat Hull Designs – The Advantages and Disadvantages   When you use the displacement in reference to boat hull designs, you must always bear in mind that there are actually three types of boat hulls and they are: displacement, semi-displacement and planing hulls. We will be focusing only on the advantages and disadvantages of using displacements hulls. The first order of business when choosing a hull should be to know what the primary usage of the boat will be for. Secondly, you must consider the cost of the hull. If you cover these two bases then it’s time to look at what each type of displacement has to offer before finalizing your decision. The first type of displacement boat hull designs we’ll look at will be the heavy displacement. Advantages of Heavy Displacement Hulls They are the idea boat for carrying heavy loads by gripping the water and carrying loads like feathers in the air. Most of these of these boats are design for power and size, so if you’re in the market for something that’s durable and long lasting this is the hull you want to go with. The advantages of using a heavy displacement hull may be…

Round Bottom “V” Boat Hull Designs – Advantages and Disadvantages
Blog / 02/27/2012

Round Bottom “V” Boat Hull Designs – The Advantages and Disadvantages   The round bottoms “V’ boat hull designs are the most common style of designs in the boat industry today. This style allows a boat, vessel or ship to move across the waters at high rates of speeds and slice through waves like pie. This causes the watercraft to produce a ride that’s gentle and smooth. They come with advantages and disadvantage that are worth exploring. Advantages The first advantage has already been addressed. These hulls allow you to take to water with a ride that’s smooth and gentle because the “V” design cuts through waves easily. The round bottom “V” boat hull designs are crafted to take the pounding of waves and the faster they move in the water the better the stability. If you’re looking to get somewhere or maybe transport goods, these are the idea boat hulls to use on your boats. Disadvantages One of the major disadvantages of utilizing this type of hull is that it requires a huge engine to perform at its best. They are extremely costly. It’s highly recommended that caution be taken when loading these types of boats with heavy equipment,…

Tri-hull and Tunnel Hull Boat Hull Designs – Pros and Cons
Blog / 02/15/2012

Tri-hull and Tunnel Hull Boat Hull Designs – Pros and Cons   Tri-hull and Tunnel hull boat hull designs may sound weird and uncommon to some people but they are just as popular as any other boat hull design. The tri-hulls actually date as far back as the 1950’s amongst the Boston Whalers. In any event, using a tri-hull on your boat does create some advantages and disadvantages: Pros They are said to produce a fairly stable ride. They also allow for a very secure platform for rest and relaxation. And they provide lots of interior space for extracurricular activities and cargo. Cons The ride can be somewhat rough and wetter upon these boat hull designs. If these hulls catch a wave in a very uncompromising position, you could find yourself being toss around like an inflated kayak. These are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of going with a tri-hull design for your boat. There could be more to explore; however, you would have consult online sources to find them. Now let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of tunnel hull boat designs. Pros These babies can flat out fly. The boat hull designs are made…

Boat Design Software Review
Blog / 01/23/2012

Boat Design Software Review   My grandfather loves boating. In fact, the first memory that I have of my grandfather is that of him sitting in his boat. When Josh (my younger brother) and I were young, grandpa used to take us fishing in his pale green boat. We couldn’t tell then, but it used to be the happiest moment of grandpa’s day. So this year when Josh suggested that we personally ‘design’ a boat for grandpa’s 60 birthday present, I instantly thought it was a good idea. The problem was that none of us knew anything about designing a boat. So we decided to purchase a tool for assistance. As we did not have too much money to spend, we were essentially looking for something that was both, cheap and effective. Plus, we also needed a tool that was easy to use for beginners like us. The first thing that drew our attention towards Boat Design Software was that fact that in a world full of designing software starting from $150, this one came for under $50!! There was no long procedure or anything to get the software; we simply paid the money and downloaded it in one click….