Do Not Pick At Your Sores When You Have Angular Cheilitis
Blog / 08/14/2013

Do Not Pick At Your Sores When You Have Angular Cheilitis   Mixed feelings invade one’s heart when the first signs of Angular Cheilitis appear. There is embarrassment about the way in which the skin around the lips looks like and there is the feeling of fear of the way in which this condition may develop in time. Then, there is the pain which usually accompanies this condition. With so many feelings crossing their souls, many people just panic and start picking at the cracked skin, in hope that this will hurry the process of healing. Yet, this is one of the worst things you can make in your trial of getting rid of it. Here is why: It involves the cracking of skin, inflammation, redness and in most severe cases infection and pus. In order for the skin to start healing, it will need to start regenerating the cells which have been damaged. Thus, more often, in the cases precursory to the healing the skin will have a flaky aspect. This means that the skin is trying to remake the areas which are affected. If you start picking at that skin and taking it from there you will further…

The Uses of the North Pole Magnet in Magnetic Therapy
Blog / 08/14/2013

The Uses of the North Pole Magnet in Magnetic Therapy   The magnetic force is the attraction between the two poles: the northern pole and the southern pole. In Magnetic therapy, these two poles have different uses, one of them being employed for obtaining some effects, while the other is used for obtaining other type of results. In order to practice magnetic therapy in the proper manner, it is absolutely necessary that you know which the main uses of each pole are and how they can be employed in order to get the best results out of them. The North Pole is very effective in treating the diseases and ailments which are situated in the right side of the body, the front part of the body as well as the ventral part. So, before applying the curing magnets on the part of the body where you feel discomfort, take a minute and thing on what half of your body it is. If it is on the right half, on the front half or on the ventral half make sure you use the North Pole or at least a combination of the two magnets. In addition to that, there is also…

Long Term Effects of Alcohol – What it Really Does to You
Blog / 07/29/2013

Lengthy Time period Effects of Alcohol – What it Actually Does to You   Thousands and heaps of individuals combat with ingesting problems. In case you are one in all them, deep down you already know that your consuming will most certainly in the end have long-term leads to your health. You can even call to mind your drinking downside as alcoholism, or you may also choose to name it one factor else, just like alcohol use, alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence. What you call it is not as crucial as what your eating is doing to you. The devastating impact alcohol is having for your well being is probably not nice right away. However when you drink over a long time frame, alcohol could also be within the methodology of harmful virtually every organ on your physique. Harm to Your Smartly being with Alcohol Alcohol can lead to a wide variety of well being issues. Heavy drinking will elevate your risk of blood clots, with the intention to result in stroke or coronary coronary heart assault. The heart can endure considerable harm after years of drinking to excess, rising your possibility of irregular heartbeat and coronary artery illness Alcohol…

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Treatment
Blog / 07/25/2013

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Treatment   Hidradenitis Suppurativa is a recurrent and often debilitating skin disorder that manifests itself as inflamed painful abscesses and lesions in areas of the body where there is skin to skin contact, namely the armpits, breasts, groin, and genital area. Its treatment includes drug therapy, surgical intervention, dietary and lifestyle measures. Medical Treatment Antibiotics are frequently prescribed for Hidradenitis Suppurativa, even though they are not proven to be effective. However, they can treat secondary infections and may provide an anti-inflammatory action with subsequent symptomatic relief. The choice of antibiotics should be based on a culture test of the drainage, as there is a wide variety of bacteria that can infect the lesions and not all antibiotics are equally effective. Both oral and topical antibiotics can be used, and at least a two month course is generally prescribed. There is evidence that hormonal imbalances may be involved the in the etiology of Hidradenitis Suppurativa, and oral contraceptives are sometimes recommended to control this. Another class of drugs that are used are oral retinoids, which work by reducing the amount of oil secreted by the glands. Other medical agents used are corticosteroids and immunosuppressants, depending on the suspected cause…

Conventional Treatments for Nasal Polyps & Their Limitations
Blog / 07/25/2013

Conventional Treatments for Nasal Polyps & Their Limitations   Nasal polyps can be very embarrassing and problematic. Apart from the fact that they are very unsightly, they can also reduce oxygen intake, create sleeplessness, and give you a persistent cold. They can be painful and often get infected. You should not leave your nasal polyps untreated… If these polyps remain untreated or not managed, they become larger and more can form. Large polyps can alter the shape of your face and be very painful. A doctor will generally tell you that you have two options: steroids or surgery. Treatment Options Generally, you will be told to start a steroid spray, or the doctor may inject steroids directly into the polyps. Steroids are effective in the short term, but once treatment is stopped, the polyps will grow again, and often to a larger size than they initially were. You could keep administering steroids, but these drugs can have serious side effects. They stunt growth in children, create eye complications such as loss of sight, cataracts and glaucoma, as well as cause diabetes and irritate you nose causing irregular bleeding. Other steroid side effects include headaches, nose bleeds and a sore throat….

Our Body – Oxygen Curing Cold Sores
Blog / 07/25/2013

Our Body – Oxygen Curing Cold Sores   The human body is a precise mechanism which needs to function very strongly and accurately because disruption creates imbalances throughout the entire system. Herpes Simplex is a virus that will take advantage of a body which is suffering from imbalance. There are numerous methods of treatment for this disease, there are over the counter medicines and ointments which can be used to cure this virus temporarily. There is, however, no permanent cure for this virus. So, the basic fact we need to understand is that our immune system needs to be strong and healthy from the inside and also from the outside. Many people affected with this virus have seen it affecting only their lips but they do not know that this virus can cause Alzheimer’s, facial palsy, etc. There have been cases of this virus attacking new born babies and the retina. This virus can be dormant for several years but when it gets triggered it can do nasty things to your lips and other parts of your body. This virus also has the potential to destroy the basic building blocks of your life – proteins. Oxygen and water are two…

Fast Cure For Vitiligo
Blog / 07/18/2013

Fast Cure For Vitiligo By William Oliver, Nutritionist, Medical Researcher and Author of the Fast Vitiligo Cure   Most people wonder whether or not Vitiligo can be cured, which is still a mystery to many. Those that say it cannot be cured aren’t paying attention to the facts and the amazing success stories of those who have. In fact, I often tell people to disregard any doctor or “professional” who says that it can’t be cured. This mindset does not give an individual with this skin disorder any faith or hope to overcome it – in fact, it immobilizes them and as a result, they believe they have to live with this ugly skin disorder for the rest of their lives. Instead, look at those who HAVE recovered from it. There are thousands among thousands out there. It may not be talked about much, but many have proven that there is a remedy for it. “How?”, you might ask. Well, first, understand its cause. It is an auto-immune disorder. It affects the skin, causing a loss of skin pigmentation. The primary cause of this skin disorder is the immune system not functioning properly. If you can restore the immune system…

Secret Methods to Cure Cold Sores
Blog / 07/17/2013

Secret Methods to Cure Cold Sores   Cold sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 (HSV-1). This virus lies dormant for the most part of its life but when it gets triggered it attacks the sensitive parts of the face. There is not a lot that is more embarrassing than having a big open cold sore on your lip. There is no limit for this virus; it can attack continuously any number of times. If you are facing it for the first time then you need to consult your doctor for advice. One common method to make the virus dormant is to use DMSO (Di methyl Sulf oxide). Dimethylsulfoxide is a very powerful medication for it it kills the cells which cause it. The cold sore dies when these cells are killed and the virus becomes weak and dormant. Dimethylsulfoxide liquid has the ability to permeate living tissue. This gel is available in various concentrations. Generally it is recommended to use 70% concentrate cream (do contact your doctor about exact guidance). Results also have shown that people using DMSO had a quicker recovery than non-users. It is a potentially safe liquid and it is useful for recurrent…

Avoid Lung Cancer with a Detox Program
Blog / 07/15/2013

Avoid Lung Cancer with a Detox Program   If you have been smoking for a number of years, whether you are still smoking or if you have quit already, you must still act to avoid lung cancer. Your lungs have been filled with toxins, many of which are carcinogens (chemicals that can cause cancer). This is the further compounded by the fact that the tar that you inhale smothers them and traps these toxins inside the air sacs (called alveoli), where they can cause problems for year upon year, even after you have stopped smoking! To combat this, you need to follow a detox program that strips away the terrible layers of tar, and also flushes the toxins and carcinogens. The reason this particular type of detox is so important is because the body alone can take over a decade to fully detox the lungs. That is a long time to be living with the fear of cancer hovering over your life. To stop yourself becoming a statistic you must follow a good detox program, with three main points. 1. Stop Smoking – You have to stop being filled with tar and poisons before you can possibly make a dent…

Fast Cure For Shingles
Blog / 07/15/2013

Fast Cure For Shingles By Bob Carlton, Nutritionist, Medical Researcher and Author of the Fast Shingles Cure   I get asked all the time, Is there a fast cure for Shingles? The answer is yes AND no. No, there isn’t a magical pill instant-fix solution for it that will relieve all of your symptoms right this second. YES, there are specific things that you can do RIGHT NOW that will immediately get rid of any itchiness and pain, speed up the healing of the blisters, and eliminate any symptoms much faster than anyone could imagine. No, it doesn’t have to take weeks or even months to fully recover from it. It only takes that long if you do NOTHING and follow your doctors advice, probably taking a pill or harmful toxic lotion. If that’s the procedure you’re following, it will take at least 2 weeks at minimum and as long as months for any man or woman suffering from it. By following a proven remedy, thousands of men and women suffering from it have been able to be completely treated and symptom-free within 3 days after the blisters first appeared. How is this treatment even possible? It starts with understanding…