Don’t Lick Your Lips when You Have Angular Cheilitis
Blog / 10/25/2013

Don’t Lick Your Lips when You Have Angular Cheilitis   Angular Cheilitis, also known as angular stomatitis or cheilosis is a skin condition which involves the apparition of some cracks in the skin, especially in the corners of the mouth and in the skin surrounding the mouth. These cracks grow deeper and deeper and in time may even start to bleed and transform into sores. There are two main external causes from which this condition may appear. The first one is because of the existence of some skin folds around the mouth which favor the accumulation of saliva and sweat. Both these liquids contain bacteria and while the saliva and the sweat go deep in the skin, the bacteria and fungi starts affecting the layers of skin too, and gradually start developing and growing in number until it reaches its full form. Another cause which triggers it is chapped lips. These usually appear when they are exposed to cold temperatures without any protection or without being hydrated enough. When chapped lips appear, most people start licking them in hope of providing some relief from the pain and at the same time moisturize the area, thus reducing the effects of chapped…

Rosacea is Just a Type of Acne and You Can Cure It with Our Help!
Blog / 10/25/2013

Rosacea is Just a Type of Acne and You Can Cure It with Our Help!   Numerous horrible skin diseases have been spotted with time like acne or Rosacea. This article is all about this ugly skin disease as a form of acne. Most of the people think that it is not a type of acne but some people believes that because of its’ on going process it is a form of acne. Medical science is unable to prove that either this skin disease is the form of acne or not but one thing is sure that this disease quite troublesome. The germs of this disease inflame different parts of skin like nose, forehead, cheeks and mouth. With time it has been proved that this disease usually attacks those people who have fair skin complexion. It is also famous that this disease usually attacks adults whose age lies from 30-60 years. This disease was spotted many decades ago and from that time to this age there are many cures of this disease but not all of these cures are suitable for every patient of this ailment. In short you can say that this disease can be healed with home made…

Find Relief for Angular Cheilitis Using These Homemade Solutions
Blog / 10/23/2013

to Find Aid for Angular Cheilitis The usage of These Home made Solutions   Sufferers of Angular Cheilitis understand very best that residing with one of these condition will also be reasonably a nightmare, especially when the sorest begin to bleed, harm and every now and then even itch. The remedy may just remaining several weeks, time wherein the situation could turn out to be higher, however the pain and itching will nonetheless stay. If you are experiencing these sensations and the remedy will not make them go away, here are some do-it-yourself solutions which will deliver you some aid. These recipes are all pure, so that they don’t have any uncomfortable side effects. In addition to that, they do not interfere by any means with the remedy you utilize, in spite of which that is, thus that you can also continue with your treatment and use these reduction techniques too. One of the most best possible pure medicines is honey. Having nice anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, honey is superb for killing the supply of an infection, take the ache away and make the itching stop. Along with that, it incorporates minerals and nutrients so one can assist the skin…

Treatment Options – Easy Ways to Beat Eczema
Blog / 10/20/2013

Treatment Options  – Easy Ways to Beat Eczema   If you suffer from eczema, you want to seek relief. You may search high and low for the perfect treatment or cure, but come up empty handed. Although you want to stop this ailment at the source, work on getting relief in the meantime. Outlined below are a few steps that you can take. Find the perfect temperature for your home. Some sufferers have eczema flare-ups caused by the weather and temperatures. If it is too hot, you may sweat too much, which could lead to an outbreak. Cold weather can have a similar impact. Since you spend most of your time inside your home, work on achieving the perfect temperature. If warm temperatures cause an outbreak, keep your home moist and cool. If cold temperatures are the cause, keep your home’s temperature at a comfortable level. This may take some trial and error, but you should see relief. Apply moisturizer throughout the day. In most cases, moisturizer does not cure thisdisease, but it does provide the skin with much needed relief. Dry skin can lead to itching, which can later lead to a painful flare-up. Reduce the risk by always…

The Unipolar and Bipolar Theories of Magnetic Application
Blog / 10/18/2013

The Unipolar and Bipolar Theories of Magnetic Application   You have probably heard about the positive effects magnets have upon human body. Also, you probably know that these effects are the results of balancing the magnetic energy each person has inside of their body. What people most often do not know is that there are more types of magnetic energy and, thus, more ways of magnetic application. But let’s take them one step at a time! I was mentioning above that there are more types of magnetic energy. In fact there are three such magnetic energies which can help revive the human body. The first one is the South Pole magnetic energy, which is produced by the magnet of the South Pole, the second is the magnetic energy produced by the North Pole, which is called (you guessed!) North Pole magnetic energy and last is the bipolar magnetic energy which is the result of the mixing of the North and South Pole energies. Each of these three types of energy has its own effects upon the human body. This is why, they are used in treating different diseases and conditions. Because there is more than one type of magnetic energy,…

The Dangerous Use of Steroid and Anabolics
Blog / 10/17/2013

The Dangerous Use of Steroid and Anabolics   It is well known that athletes consume steroids and anabolics to increase lean muscle mass and to obtain a better overall performance. However, what they do not know, is that their levels of cholesterol reach a dangerous point in which the levels of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) increase and the levels of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) decrease. A study was conducted to investigate the impact of steroids and anabolics on people with HIV, who came forward and shed some light on this disease. Within 12 weeks of anabolic and steroid usage, patients with the disease had their cholesterol levels very high. Steroid use in this case, limited itself to what it intended, which was to increase muscle mass on men who were facing a high death risk, so the impact on cholesterol was much lower compared to the short term benefit steroids provide. However, for body builders and other people seeking a “fountain of youth”, steroid use implies other kind of risk and deadly hazard. The investigation was carried out at the VA Medical Center in San Francisco, under the direction of Dr. Carl Grunfeld MD, chief of the metabolism and endocrinology…

Learning How to Live With Asthma
Blog / 10/14/2013

Learning How to Live With Asthma   For many people asthma is a condition with which they will have to live with all their lives. They will have to get used to being caught by surprise by an attack. Yet, learning how to live with it is not an easy thing to do and even for asthmatics who have long dealt with disease coping with it is difficult. The first thing that you will have to do after you discover your asthma is to make sure you take your medicine whenever you have to . Not taking them may have serious consequences and sometimes results in even more serious symptoms and an aggravation of this condition, as the inflammation starts developing immunity to medicine, of these are not taken regularly. Then, you will have to tell all those living and working besides you that you are an asthmatic and that you may need help in case of an attack. Suffering from this ailment is not a shame, so keeping it to yourself will not help you in any way. Instead of trying to hide your state of health from the others, explain them what they should do in case of…

Detox Your Lungs in Weeks – Not Years!
Blog / 10/12/2013

Detox Your Lungs in Weeks – Not Years!   Do you need to detox your lungs because you have abused them with years upon years of smoking cigarettes? If so, be warned, without consistent and thorough action your body can take years to fight through the tar and poisons you have inhaled. You need to approach this systematically and with a set program in mind or you could be developing lung disease in the near future rather than enjoying clear, healthy lung-fulls of life giving oxygen. Fortunately, you can do a lung detox that will reduce this ‘cleanup’ time from years to a sleepy few weeks or months depending on how badly affected they are from your smoking days. There are three main aspects of detoxification that you need to know about to really make the most of your health kick, and to stop you becoming a statistic. Smoking Cessation Trying to cleanse them while you are still smoking is like emptying a sinking boat with a bucket. In the end, the tide will win because you are not fixing the root problem of the gaping hole in the boat … your smoking. This is essential. You have to end…

Short Term Effects of Alcohol
Blog / 10/11/2013

Short Term Effects of Alcohol   Alcohol is a potent central nervous system depressant with a wide range of consequences. The amount you consume effects how drunk you will get. Its consequence change over time. When you first start drinking. You may feel relaxed. But the more you drink, the more side-effects you begin to feel, like blurred vision and slurred speech. Euphoria is a result that it has on people. Essentially, getting the euphoric effect means you will feel an overall mood improvement. You may be more self-confident when drinking. Your attention span shortens and you may feel more flushed. Whether your believe it or now, your judgment won’t be as good as you think it is and you may well say the first thing that comes to mind or do things that you would not normally do. You will also start to have trouble with fine movements such as signing their name. With more alcohol, lethargy may start to set in. Lethargy is the side effect where you may become sleepy. You have trouble remembering things that happened, even recent things you have done. Body movements are uncoordinated and you may react to situations more slowly. Your vision…

Acne No More Review
Blog / 10/11/2013

Acne No More Review   If you or someone you love is suffering from it, then this will be the most important review you will ever read. Medical researcher, nutritionist, health consultant and former sufferer teaches you how to permanently cure it within 2 months and how to end the breakouts and see results in less than 7 days. You’ll learn how to eliminate blackheads, excessive oiliness and redness and remove most types of scars and acne-marks and look better, feel better and regain your self-esteem. If you want to improve the quality of your life dramatically then this step-by-step fully illustrated guide is just what you need. Acne No More is a brand new product brought to you by Mike Walden. You’ll discover how he’s cured himself from severe-acne and taught thousands of people worldwide to get the clearest skin they ever had without resorting to drugs, without creams or ointments and it works on all types including, vulgaris, conglobata, rosacea, blackheads, whiteheads and cysts. It’s even proven to work on teen or adult, on the face, back, shoulders, neck or chest and even if you have very severe-acne you will see results faster than you ever thought possible….