How to Make Money on Facebook
Blog / 05/26/2015

How to Make Money on Facebook   If you use Facebook and love to have money, you will be excited to know that it is easy to make a great deal of income through advertising on Facebook, and you don’t even have to have a product! The best way to do it is to start by listing what you are really interested in, such as your favorite hobby or something else you are passionate about, such as making money from home. When you know what you love to talk about, you can find an affiliate program for a product that is relevant to the topic you enjoy, such as a recipe book if you love to cook. Finding an affiliate program that is free to get started with will offer you a product that you can promote on Facebook in order to earn commissions. How much commission you will make will depend on what affiliate program you become involved with, some of them pay 50% or more of the product cost. When you have registered as an affiliate, you will be given a link and your objective will be to get people to click on that link to go to…

Engaging Customers with Facebook Applications
Blog / 12/31/2014

Engaging Customers with Facebook Applications By David Blaze, Creator of Facebook Hyper Traffic   With the rapid advancement in the Internet and its increasing user presence, the medium has become a preferred means of communicating directly with customers. Among the most popular activities on the Internet is the voracious usage of social networking sites. With its open architecture and wide range of functionalities, Facebook stands as the number one social networking site. There are many reasons for this cult followership of Facebook. The ease of use and dissemination of content, tagging of friends and related users on shared items is yet another great Facebook feature. Facebook also allows creation of secured groups and publicly available fan pages regarding your own brands. The Facebook applications are its most popular components. Facebook has an open platform for web developers and programmers to create different applications to run applications from within its framework. What is new about Facebook applications? Until the option of applications was incorporated, the Facebook features were more about conventional social media usage, such as adding friends and creating groups pertaining to common interests and affiliations. Applications initiated by Facebook expanded the function of the site toward more interesting features,…

Affiliate Marketing Success Made Simple Through Facebook
Blog / 10/29/2014

Affiliate Marketing Success Made Simple Through Facebook   If you are an affiliate and want to make more money, or if you are considering becoming an affiliate and want to make sure you are successful, then you will want to know the best practices used by the top marketers. The first and most important tip that will make success come much easier to you is to know who is going to want to buy the product you are promoting. The more intimately you can know your target market, the easier you will be able to find them and tell them about your product. To drive the point home of how important it is to know your target market, imagine you are a door-to-door sales person. You would have to knock on lots of doors to find the people who really want to learn about your product. In fact, most of your time and money would be spent knocking on doors and getting turned down. Now imagine you had a map of people who you know need what you are promoting. You would know where they lived and could just go knock on their doors. The internet is the same way….

Official Presence on Facebook – Opportunities and Pitfalls
Blog / 06/27/2014

Official Presence on Facebook – Opportunities and Pitfalls By David Blaze, Creator of Facebook Hyper Traffic   The Internet, as a medium, has opened the doors to a wide range of communication possibilities with customers. The interactive characteristic of the medium also makes it possible for a customer to publish his response to a vast audience. Social networking sites, particularly Facebook, which is getting increasingly popular around the world, have given customers an equal opportunity to communicate as loudly as you about your brand, in a public forum open to the whole world. On the brighter side, there is a great opportunity to acquire direct and unadulterated feedback from customers, without the need of expensive and time-consuming surveys and research processes. Directly redressing customer queries on the medium itself can help increase brand loyalty. However, as a brand owner, you need to realize the speed and potential of the medium to do good as well as harm. Facebook Opportunity for Your Brand There are enough reasons for a brand to be on one of the most happening mediums. A significant amount of conversation that happens on Facebook, or for that matter on other social platforms like Twitter, carries references to…

Face Your Customers with Facebook
Blog / 10/28/2013

Face Your Customers with Facebook By David Blaze, Creator of Facebook Hyper Traffic   Communicating effectively with customers and delivering the right message to the right people has been one of the major challenges for any marketer since day one. Since early days of marketing, various forms of communication medium have been evolving with developments in technology as well as its consumers. For a long time in the history of marketing communication, media remained the stronghold of newsmakers and advertisers and communication was mostly one way from the marketer to the reader. However, the trend of this inequality of voice was broken with the advent of the Internet and further developments within that medium itself. Internet and Quantum Change in Media The Internet brought about a sea change in the science and practice of mass communication and hence the process of marketing itself. But much before common users could take control of the content on the World Wide Web, the way we see it today, there was a time when content creation was the forte of those well-versed in HTML programming and web scripting languages. However, with the advent of services, such as blogs and social networking sites, the power…

Facebook and Consumer Learning Process
Blog / 05/14/2013

Facebook and Consumer Finding out Course of By way of David Blaze, Creator of Fb Hyper Visitors   A great deal of successful marketing nowadays depends on intently understanding consumer conduct. As a marketer, you may always be curious to have in mind what excites or motivates your buyers into buying either your products or these of your competitor. Depending on the shopping for and consumption cycle of your product, there can be a number of elements so one can resolve the gross sales conversion ratio to your product. Towards Right Studying A successful sale occurs when your customer knows his want and is convinced that your product can satisfy that need in a reliable means. Each these steps occur via a process, which is referred to as studying. Hence as a marketer, your job begins by using making sure that the buyer perceives his want and, extra importantly, finds the solution for your product Proper Finding out and Right Conversations At this very moment, you will be reading this text in your laptop or laptop. Needless to say the day while you had made up our minds to buy your first pc. You must have regarded as many elements…

Facebook and Social Media – The Next Marketing Opportunity
Blog / 11/23/2012

Facebook and Social Media – The Next Marketing Opportunity By David Blaze, Creator of Facebook Hyper Traffic   Marketing as an activity is all about reaching the right customers with the right products, and the result sought is delighted customers who are more than willing to open their purses wide enough to boost your revenues. For many years, marketers stalked their target customers through various means and by trying to get their message across to spread awareness about their wares. Traditional Means of Communication Traditionally, marketing communications were conducted via print, broadcast and such traditional media through disruptive advertising, where advertisements appear in between the content of interest for the customer. Traditional media does give a large reach to a marketer with its programming of mass appeal. However, the wastage is equally high, since a large portion of the audience would belong to a different segment than the one that is to be targeted by the marketer. Enter Social Media and the Internet The revolution stirred by the internet as a medium took place because of the fact that it is highly personalized and provides more content on-demand than any other available medium. Social sites proliferated far and wide in…