What are the Best Sex Positions to Delay Ejaculation?
Blog / 10/19/2012

What are the Best Sex Positions to Delay Ejaculation? By Edward White   Before I talk about the best sex positions to delay ejaculation, let me talk briefly about the principle behind how sex positions can help you control and prevent premature ejaculation. You see, for each sex position, we experience varying degrees of control and stimulation. Some sex positions, like the missionary position and the spoons position, lets you control how deep you penetrate and how fast you thrust. Some positions like the missionary position again, but this time with the woman’s legs raised up, can be very stimulating because the vagina is narrowed and tightened. It’s more stimulating compared to the regular missionary position. Now, control is very important when we want to last longer in bed. Being in control when it comes to how fast and how deep you penetrate will allow you to slow it down a bit when you need to cool down. Knowing which positions bring the least stimulation will allow you to vary your maneuvers so you can treat yourself and your partner to a number of moves. What’s great about this is that you get to use the best sex positions to…

Recognize and Deal With Premature Ejaculation BEFORE It Arrives
Blog / 10/16/2012

Recognize and Deal With Premature Ejaculation BEFORE It Arrives By Edward White   The causes of premature ejaculation (reaching your climax sooner than you’d like) are grossly misunderstood. As such, many men think that their sexual performance – especially how long they’re able to last before climaxing – is unchangeable and not able to be improved. This is completely untrue. Just as you can lift weights to add muscle to your skinny frame, or practice your golf swing to lower your handicap, you can improve your sexual prowess and eradicate premature ejaculation forever. One of the best ways to MASSIVELY improve your sexual arousal control in bed is by understanding your Point of No Return. Your Point of No Return, or PoNR, is the split-second before you climax and ejaculate. It’s that fleeting moment which, once passed, means you’ve completely lost control of your sexual arousal and that ejaculation is imminent and unavoidable. Most men know when they hit their own personal PoNR simply because they quickly become aware of the fact that they’re about to climax – an intense ‘glow’ of pleasurable sensations is usually what clues them in. However, just because most of us guys know when we’ve…

The Magical Muscle That Can Revolutionize Your Sexual Performance
Blog / 09/16/2012

The Magical Muscle That Can Revolutionize Your Sexual Performance   Today I’d like to tell you about one muscle in the male body that, unlike biceps and triceps, most guys have never heard of. And the fact that most men don’t know about it of course means they don’t know that training it can give them much more control over when they climax during sex. And, given that 75% of guys suffer from premature ejaculation, this little secret is definitely worth knowing. When you come, a certain muscle involuntarily contracts—it does this each and every time you have an orgasm. It is the PC muscle. PC stands for Pubococcygeus, so you can see why we’ve shortened it. We won’t go into what its physiological function is or exactly where in your body it resides (except to say that if feels like it’s in your, well, ass)—because what’s the point? All you need and probably want to know is how the PC muscle can help you gain a greater degree of control over your sexual stimulation and therefore when you come during sex. Here’s how to locate it. When you take a pee, you tense your PC muscle to stop the…

Here’s How to Get Your Partner Soaking Wet
Blog / 07/06/2012

Here’s How to Get Your Partner Soaking Wet… Lay the Groundwork Before You Lay the Pipe…Ahem   Hey. Sorry about the wacky title, but I wanted to get your attention to tell you about this concept that can allow you to extend how long you can have sex for by 100% if you do it right. That means that if you can currently last 9 minutes in the sack, this technique could allow you to last almost 20! Here’s how it goes. The reason you come too quickly when you suffer from premature ejaculation is because there’s too much friction on your penis. The stimulation gets too intense and your climax is triggered. So, what can you do to stop this from happening? You can increase the lubrication. One common way to do this is to use shop-bought lube, like KY jelly or something. This is okay, but it’s not great. You have to keep applying it, which is annoying for you and your partner. A much better way is to pleasure your partner so much before and during sex that she becomes and stays soaking wet herself, without the aid of artificial lube. This is a good idea for…

How To Extend Your Sexual Performance By Using Sex Positions
Blog / 06/17/2012

How To Extend Your Sexual Performance By Using Sex Positions By Edward White   You can’t have penetrative sex without using at least one sex position. And some people say you can’t have really good sex without using at least two or three sex positions. So what does this mean for a guy who suffers from premature ejaculation? On the face of it, it doesn’t seem to mean much. After all, what difference does a second or third sex position make when you come two minutes into the first one? However, the truth is that sex positions can be a premature ejaculator’s greatest tool when they’re used correctly. Here’s how. Let’s name 5 sex positions. Missionary position (you on top, as she lies under you). Spoons (you both lying on your sides, with you behind her). Cowgirl (her on top, facing you). Reverse missionary (she lies totally flat on her belly, you kneel—with one knee on either side of her body—above her) You need to perform these in the order shown above next time you have sex, or, if you can’t complete them all in one session, over the course of several sexual encounters. Now we need to set up…

How Can PC Muscle Help Prevent Premature Ejaculation?
Blog / 06/17/2012

How Can PC Muscle Assist Stop Premature Ejaculation? By Edward White   PC muscle is short for pubococcygeus muscle. It plays a very powerful role in getting and maintaining a company erection. It is usually important in maintaining regulate over our ejaculation. After all, it’s the muscle that controls the float of semen and urine and the taking pictures energy of your ejaculate. Many agree that exercising the PC muscle can help stop the incidence of premature ejaculation, and might help enhance a man’s overall sexual efficiency. However before which you could train the PC muscle, it’s important for you with the intention to identify where it is. The best way to pinpoint or to feel the place your PC muscular tissues are is to try and forestall your urine mid-flow. The muscle that you just stressful to forestall the glide of urine is your PC muscle tissues. Your PC muscular tissues can also be the one that you feel twitching every 2nd when you find yourself ejaculating. An train for the PC muscle groups is known as the Kegel exercise. The exercise itself just isn’t tough. What’s troublesome is making sure that you are tensing the precise muscular tissues….

How To Change Your Mindset And Improve Your Sexual Stamina
Blog / 05/17/2012

How To Change Your Mindset And Improve Your Sexual Stamina Dexter Laforte   One of the main reasons men suffer from premature ejaculation—which simply means reaching orgasm before they ideally want to when they have sex—is because they have a negative mindset. And it’s not surprising when you think about it. Our minds rule our bodies. If we are sad, we cry. If we are happy, we smile and walk confidently. And, yes, if we have the wrong mindset, we guys can climax too early during sex. Here’s how it works. Let’s take an imaginary guy called James, who reaches orgasm too soon. He knows this and is very, very conscious of the fact that he wishes he could last longer and satisfy himself and his partners more. He’s been sexually active for a few years, it doesn’t really matter how long – the point is, he’s not happy with his performance. Fast forward to a sexual encounter. Even before foreplay has begun – as soon as the opportunity or chance to have sex has arisen – in the back of his mind is the nagging thought, “This time I’d like to last longer than I have in the past,…

A Simple Way To Increase Your Sexual Control You Can Use TONIGHT!
Blog / 03/16/2012

A Simple Way To Increase Your Sexual Control You Can Use TONIGHT!   Good things are happening in the world of men’s health and fitness – and they’ve been slowly improving for a while now. A perfect example of the kind of positive progress I’m referring to is in the subject of male sexual health, namely: premature ejaculation. That’s quite a daunting, almost terminal-sounding term. But in essence, all it really means is that your performance in bed – its length in minutes, or maybe even seconds – isn’t something you’re happy with. If you’ve recognized that your sexual abilities aren’t quite up to scratch and have therefore decided to seek an answer to the problem (a way of massively improving your lasting power FOREVER) then you’re already way, way ahead of most guys who share the same concerns as you over their love-making prowess. And let’s face it: what guy WOULDN’T love to quickly and permanently boost their sexual skills? So, what do most men already know about how to extend sex? Well, I suppose there’s the old classic: taking your mind off it. You can think of non-sexual things, like dead animals, or perhaps try difficult mental arithmetic….

Check Out This Technique for Making You Last Longer During Sex
Blog / 03/04/2012

Check Out This Technique for Making You Last Longer During Sex   Sex isn’t just about thrusting, pumping and pivoting. This method takes the focus off the intercourse and redirects it to other parts of the female anatomy – onto her other erogenous zones. Which zones you’ll work on will be dictated by the sex position you’re in. – Back of her neck. If you’re in doggy, lean over her and softly kiss the back and sides of her neck. Slow the tempo of the thrust down to one or two strokes every 5 seconds. By itself, this pace slow down wouldn’t be too great, but coupled with the redirection of pleasure to the female’s other erogenous zones, it’s a real winner. – Her ears. There are a ton of nerve endings around her ears, making them ultra-sensitive to your touch. Once again, if you’re in Doggy or a similar position, kiss and caress her ears. Don’t tongue them, or get all sloppy. Use a light touch and be sensuous – Her scalp. “Her scalp?!” I hear you cry. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone all dermatologist on you. Women play with their hair because it feels good, it’s not just…

Why Can’t You Last Long Enough In Bed?
Blog / 01/25/2012

Why Can’t You Last Long Enough In Bed? By Edward White   If you can’t last as long during sex as you’d like, then you aren’t alone. As much as 75% of the male population has trouble with premature ejaculation—so it’s by no means rare. What is rare, however, is seeing a guy solve his problem with rapid ejaculation using the right techniques and tactics. Perhaps this is because most men don’t know exactly what it takes to reverse their run of bad bedroom luck and turn their sex life around by increasing their sexual stamina. The best place to start when solving your own case of ‘coming too quickly’ is identifying the real reasons you struggle to last long enough during sex. Read the following options. 1. You have a hard time controlling when you climax when you’re masturbating and when you have sex with your partner. 2. You only struggle to control when you ejaculate when you have sex. You have no problem doing it when you masturbate. When you have sex, you can’t last more than about 2 minutes before coming. 3. You have no problem with premature ejaculation when you masturbate, only when you have sex….