Commercial and Homemade Soap – Which is Better?
Blog / 06/07/2013

Commercial and Homemade Soap – Which is Better?   So often in life we take things for granted. We get used to things that are not necessarily healthy, but they just become part of our life. One of the things we overlook is the soap we use. Most of us don’t question what it is made of, but if you think about it, it is something we use several times a day, every day. Soap is soap, right? Wrong. Store bought or commercial-soap has a very bad reputation for drying your skin. People have begun to believe that you can’t have both, it’s either dry skin or or soap is just not cleaning well enough. This is not true. The reason why store bought soap is so drying is because when it is being made, the commercial-soap company removes the glycerine from it. Glycerine is a bi-product of soapmaking and is more valuable than the actual soap that is left. Glycerine is extremely moisturizing. It literally pulls moisture from the air and pulls it into your skin. It’s amazing stuff. Why do the commercial-soap companies take out the glycerine? That’s easy… profit! They take the glycerine out of it and…

Overcompensating for Hair Loss is Increasing Hair Loss
Blog / 05/29/2013

Overcompensating for Hair Loss is Increasing Hair Loss   Many sufferers are more concerned with how the problem affects their existence than why the problem occurred. It is very understandable. After all, yourself image impacts most aspects of your life socially and professionally and we live in an image-driven culture. We have a natural tendency to become defensive and overreact to anything which threatens our appearance. It is an obvious and severe threat to how we perceive ourselves. It causes such insecurity some people may feel they have no choice but to overcompensate for the problem. Unfortunately, they are falling into a trap and making the problem worse. In 1997, a scientist followed the lives of over 4300 male sufferers. The purpose of the study was to examine aspects of their lifestyle which may be causing or accelerating it. The results were very interesting. Compared to men with a full head of hair, these men were 32% more likely to drink over 5 alcoholic drinks each day. They were 151% more likely to smoke cigarettes than men with healthy hair. In general, these men were 72% more likely to indulge in dangerous habits like driving aggressively and taking physical risks….

Toenail Fungus Treatment
Blog / 04/16/2013

Toenail Fungus Treatment   Toenail fungus and other nail funguses are an issue that affects millions. It can come from a variety of places and once acquired it is very hard to get rid of. The reason is that the fungus can embed itself in the nail bed, making it difficult to reach with topical treatments. Unfortunately, oral treatments are often harsh on the body and can take a year or more to show results. Many people who suffer from toenail fungus simply live with it, because the side effects of the medical treatment outweigh the benefits. Topical treatments can be effective, but they can also take a year or longer before treatment is complete. This is because the treatment must take place for the duration of a new healthy nail growing in. If treatment is stopped, you’re back to square one. So what are the toenail fungus treatment options currently available? Prescription antifungal drugs like Lamasil are most commonly recommended by doctors. This is an oral medication that treats the fungus infection from the inside. It typically does work, but treatment can take a year or longer and the side effects can be brutal. Sides include liver damage, rashes,…

The Link Between Penis Size And Sexual Performance
Blog / 04/01/2013

The Link Between Penis Size And Sexual Performance   “Does size matter?” It’s the age-old question that has caught the interest of a lot of men and women. Most women, when asked this question, would most likely say it’s not the size, but the performance itself that makes a difference. Suave and smooth moves in the bedroom can very well make up for an average or small sized package. But guys, we also know that 50% of the time, women fake orgasm. So will it really surprise us if we find out that really, if women are being bluntly honest, that size does matter? For a lot of men, size does matter, primarily because size affects confidence. A man with a small dick will meet with ridicule, whereas a man with a big package will be greeted with amazement. If you are happy with your size, you know that you don’t need to worry about pleasing a woman in bed. And this will make a hell of a difference in your confidence around women. When you are confident in your ability to perform well in the bedroom, chances are that you will actually perform better. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy….

Natural Cure for Sweaty Palms
Blog / 03/30/2013

Natural Cure for Sweaty Palms   Sweaty palms are a common phenomenon that many people suffer from all across the world. Figuratively speaking, one-fourth of the world’s population is afflicted by this condition which is called palmar hyperhidrosis. The exact stimulus for this condition stays elusive though many people have their own explanations for this condition. However experts suggest a hyperactive sympathetic nervous system as the main culprit behind this condition which basically means it makes the sweat glands to produce excessive and unnecessary sweat. Sweating is used, by the body, as a device through which it regulates its temperature and keeps it working in a perfect condition. There are numerous sweat glands present all over our body with them being most concentrated at our hands. The normal events which trigger the body to start producing sweat are agitation due to stress, increase in temperature or physical exertion. The body regulates its normal temperature by releasing sweat which in turns cools the body down. However in the case of palmar hyperhidrosis the person experiences sweaty palms even in the absence of such conditions. This could be a cause of embarrassment and discomfort in normal day to day living. Some home…

Who Else Wants Super Sexy Skin… At Any Age?
Blog / 03/09/2013

Who Else Wants Super Sexy Skin… At Any Age?   Most women who want to improve their skin’s condition turn to the typical expensive creams, lotions and potions available at department stores. They slather on the anti-aging formulas, they cover their faces in make-up to hide skin flaws, and they obsess every time they look in the mirror. Sound familiar? Let me tell you something… That’s the “old school” way of taking care of your skin. And you know what? It doesn’t work… The reason I know this is because of a woman named Belinda Benn, who used to be a top executive in the cosmetics industry. By the time she was in her 30s, her own skin looked horrible. She had odd rashes and was aging prematurely. Yet Belinda had access to the cosmetic industry’s top products, information and advice. Why wasn’t her skin flawless and radiant? The problem is that traditional cosmetics mask underlying skin conditions and the symptom of aging, rather than treating the problem at its source. In fact, the cosmetics industry is counting on you having continued skin problems, so that you’ll keep buying their products. For life. Now here’s the other big problem… Some…

Even Ugly Guys Are Sleeping With Models
Blog / 02/12/2013

Even Ugly Guys Are Sleeping With Models   Hi, I’ll keep this short and to the point. I have never seen anything as exciting as the video below. This brand new technique makes sleeping with women easy because it forces her brain to feel certain emotions towards you without her realizing what you are doing. Within seconds of meeting you she will be flooded with positive feelings about you and she won’t know why. And yes, even guys who think they are ugly can use this technique to sleep with stunning women. This technique is so powerful that therapists use it to change the human brain. You can use it to seduce supermodels. Watch the video below to find out more: Dexter Laforte P.S. This video is extremely controversial and I hear it may get taken down soon. It doesn’t cost anything to watch it so watch it now or miss out:

How Gentle Exercise Can Make You Look and Feel Years Younger
Blog / 02/06/2013

How Gentle Exercise Can Make You Look and Feel Years Younger   It’s no secret that exercise is good for your health and may even be considered a fountain of youth. However, some people are now discovering that you don’t need to do strenuous exercise in order to get some pretty amazing anti-aging benefits. That’s because some of the best anti-aging exercises are gentle toning and stretching movements. Here’s what these exercises can do for you: Benefit #1: Improve your circulation. When you do specific stretching exercises using a full range of motion, you improve the blood flow to those specific areas as well as improving your circulation overall. This improved circulation helps your body cart away the toxins that are damaging your skin. Good circulation also gives your skin a healthy, radiant glow. Benefit #2: Regulate your hormones. Another benefit of exercise is that it helps stimulate specific beneficial hormones in your body, including the human growth hormone (which has often been called the anti-aging hormone due to its revitalizing properties). Exercise can also reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Lowered levels of cortisol can reduce the oiliness of your skin which leads to acne, rashes and other breakouts. What’s…

Treating Dark Spots Caused by Acne
Blog / 02/05/2013

Treating Dark Spots Caused by Acne   Acne is one of the most common skin conditions. Most frequently met among teenagers, it is a condition which can affect people of all ages. Although it is, in most cases, treated with the help of specific medicines, there are situations in which it can leave deep marks on the skin. Scars and dark spots are the most frequent marks which can remain on the skin once it has been treated. For those who had to cope with it, the signs are more bearable, but yet nobody likes to have such signs on their faces. If you have been one of those unlucky persons who had to deal with acne and are now faced with the dark spots, there are some great news: these dark spots can be treated, so that your skin will remain clean, radiant and glowing just like that of a newborn baby. There are plenty of bleaching substances which can be used in order to remove those anesthetic dark spots. Hydroquinone, kojic acid, beta carotene and licorice acid are only some of the bleaching agents used in skin whitening creams. Depending on your type of skin as well as…

Natural Exercises To Enlarge Penis: Learn the Basics of Jelqing
Blog / 01/22/2013

Natural Exercises To Enlarge Penis: Learn the Basics of Jelqing   If you are considering methods to increase the size of your penis, then safety should be your top priority. There are a lot of methods currently being touted from pills to lotions and even surgery and each one carries its own risk. However, if you are looking for a method that’s effective, that’s been used by a lot of men over many, many years, and that’s safer than most other methods, then you should definitely look into natural exercises designed to enlarge the penis. One such exercise is called jelqing. Jelqing is an exercise that’s designed primarily to increase the girth and the length of your penis. It doesn’t require you to take any substances or undergo any surgery. All you need to be able to apply these methods are your hands. And the best part about this method is that the gains you make are permanent. They won’t go away when you stop doing the exercises. Jelqing works by stimulating blood flow into your penis and encouraging the chambers of your corpora cavernosa. The corpora cavernosa is the soft tissue component of your penis where the blood flows…