12 Street Photography Techniques – Tips and Tricks
Blog / 10/25/2012

12 Street Photography Techniques – Tips and Tricks   Get streetwise and realize the photographic potential in your urban wonderland with these tips: 1. Less is more In terms of equipment, less is more. If you are traipsing the streets of a city for hours on end you’ll want to cut down on the baggage, so a good pair of walking shoes and a comfortable camera strap should not be negotiated. Additionally, you’ll want to blend in to catch subjects unawares; erecting a tripod or using a telephoto lens won’t suggest subtlety. 2. Off the beaten track Street photography is not tourist photography so go off the beaten track and capture what is being done behind the scenes. Going out at an unusual time can help you find great shots and because street photography is not dependent on perfect light setting, you have no excuse not to get out early and start out till late. 3. Stolen moments The key to successful street shooting is to be on the lookout for an opportunity before it happens. Anticipate action by scouring groups for potentials clashes or bond, judge the atmosphere of a crowd and react to body language and facial expressions….

What Photo Editing Features Do You Really Need?
Blog / 05/17/2012

What Photo Editing Features Do You Really Need?   Today’s technological advances have literally changed the way we look at the world. The use of photo-editing software allows the user to manipulate and sometimes completely change photos. With these types of software, a digital image can be touched up for a subtle change, or it can be completely overhauled for totally different photo. Many of the newer computer programs from Windows have photo editing tools that come standard with the program. Windows XP has the elementary Paint tool and the helpful program called Picture And Fax Viewer. Windows Vista also comes standard with a few updated programs for editing photos, Photo Gallery being the most popular. Photo Gallery allows the user to perform such tasks as adjust the brightness and color of the photos, as well as eliminate red eye. Although the aforementioned photo editing programs are sufficient enough to do a good job, there are times when extra editing power is needed. One should then research and purchased software available. Each brand of software offers a unique experience in photo editing features and abilities. One of the most recognizable names in photo editing is Adobe. The introduction of Adobe…