Table Tennis Tactics – 7 Secrets To Playing Like A Champion


tableTennis_headerTable Tennis Tactics – 7 Secrets To Playing Like A Champion


If you’re interested in improving your game within 60 days…. then this is going to be the most exciting message you ever read.

Introducing… “Table Tennis Tactics – 7 Secrets To Playing Like A Champion.”


Table Tennis Tactics – 7 Secrets To Playing Like A Champion is Packed With Expert Tips and Advice from Coach Teodor Gheorghe, aka -“Doru,” former Executive Director of the United States Table Tennis Association And USA Table Tennis Hall of Fame great ‘Dr Ping Pong’ Larry Hodges.

It will walk you through the little known but essential skills you need to be a great ping pong player.

It covers everything from:

powerful serves
‘killer’ tournament tactics
fancy footwork
finding the best paddle grip
sharpening your technical skills
how to think like a winner and much more
skyrocketing your overall fitness
the rules of table tennis or ping pong
how to find the best equipment

Imagine being able to dazzle your family and friends by ‘destroying’ them on the table tennis court!

Picture being able to whip your competition at tournaments.

Or even develop the foundational skills for becoming an Olympic champion.

How satisfying would that be?

That’s exactly what my unique new 50-page e-book is going to show you – how to play ping pong like a champion!

These never before available to the general public strategies are going to be your SECRET WEAPON next time you pick up a paddle.

Your competition won’t know what hit them!

It takes more than just being able to hit the ball over the net to win bragging rights at ping pong.

By employing just a couple of the dozens of tips and strategies in this book you’ll find your skill level goes ahead in leaps and bounds.

Here’s a taste of some of the secrets – previously only known to table tennis champions – you’re going to discover:

8 of the most ‘deadly’ strokes’ and how to execute them like a champion (page 30 – 31)
A step-by-step guide to playing a top spin serve that will leave your opponent reeling (page 22 – 23)
The biggest skill that differentiates an amateur from a champion player and how to learn it (page 21)
The little known secrets behind the FOOTWORK used by the best players in the world (page 33)
The little known ‘corkscrew spin’ and how to do it (page 25)
The secret to executing a winning back spin serve (page 24)
How to return your opponents back spin (page 23)
The 5 different type of players you are likely to encounter and the secrets to beating them (page 43)
The different types of spins produced by different racket surfaces (page 26)
10 popular paddle grips and the advantages and disadvantages of each (page 27 – 28)
A guide to reading your opponents spin – one of the most difficult aspects of the game (page 25-26)
How to neutralize spin and speed with a difficult to return “dead ball” (page 25)
How to determine what muscles you need to build up to improve your game (page 18)
The 3 aspects of a great table tennis serve (page 36)
How to force your opponent into errors (page 21)

And much more.

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Table Tennis Tactics – 7 Secrets To Playing Like A Champion