Survive Any Food Crisis Guide


Survive Any Food Crisis Guide


In real life, we are looking at disaster scenarios like food, water and vital supplies being unavailable for days, weeks or months. There are many local and global factors and causes — politics, weather, price hikes, fragile technology, natural disasters and global interdependence — that could suddenly spark a catastrophic scenario for starvation.

Simply put, everything hangs in a delicate balance. Because we get so much of our food from other countries based on the current low fuel prices, just a spike in oil prices could clean out our local grocery shelves.

Introducing… Survive Any Food Crisis Guide


In this one of a kind guide, you’ll discover complete practical how-to detail what every family needs to know about creating an adequate food-and-water supply in the event of a real catastrophe.

Inside the Survive Any Food Crisis Guide, you’ll learn:

  • The 2 Big Catastrophic Scenarios: What you need to know. How to prepare for any kind of disaster, long-term or short-term.
  • Don’t Go Here: Places to avoid when a disaster strikes. Where you should go immediately.
  • Tomorrow Could Be Too Late: How to start building your food-supply now for pennies on the dollar. Stop relying on grocery stores and start relying on yourselves.
  • This Bank Has a Different Kind of Lettuce: How to build a food-bank (the right foodstuff to stock up on — get this wrong and you might as well have done nothing at all).
  • The Super Six: The 6 types of foodstuffs that you should NEVER forget to store. Do this correctly and you will have all the nutrition your family needs to stay healthy during a crisis.
  • The Super Supplements: What to add to your stash after you’ve covered the essentials.
  • Keep Your Foodstuffs Safe and Secure: You have to know the right types to store, exactly how to store them and precisely where to store them if you are going to keep it safe and secure.
  • Water, the Liquid Gold: Discover how to secure a water supply for your family and the right methods for purifying and distilling water.
  • How much water do you need to store to guarantee health and safety for you and your family? Do you know? You must know this and much more for you and your family to survive and stay healthy when the municipal water gets shut off!
  • Farmer John and Farmer Jane: If it’s a long-term crisis, then you will need to know how to grow your own-food.
  • Gardens of Eden: Renewable rations means growing a garden. But not all plants are created equal. Learn what types of plants yield the highest nutritional value.
  • The Need for Seeds: In their bottomless greed, the multinational corporations are trying to control seeds, too. You MUST store your own seeds and you must know how to do it.
  • This means storing your seeds for a long time so that they maintain their quality and preserve their germination.
  • Better When Wet: Discover aquaponics and learn how to use this clever space efficient strategy for producing food in a long-term crisis. Learn why it’s even better than a regular garden in many ways. Aquaponics could be the secret ace you need in order to survive!
  • Behold the Mighty Chicken: Incredibly, a flock of chickens can provide a huge share of your family’s food and nutritional needs, protein in particular. That’s why knowing the ins and outs of raising chickens in your backyard could make all the difference!
  • The Art of Self-Preservation: You will find out how to preserve foodstuffs via canning and pickling. This greatly extends shelf life even through the dreaded winter months.
  • Cancel the Catastrophe: Even if violent mobs of lawless low-lifes are roaming the streets for food and victims, discover little-known strategies for remaining safe in the most dangerous and uncertain of times.
  • Communication Breakdown: How to assess your local situation when all lines of communication are down. You must have this vital information so that you know what to do next and where and when to do it.
  • Titanic Panic: Learn about panic rooms and bomb shelters. It could save the lives of you and your family. What is involved? Is this option right for you? Find out!
  • Guns, Guns, Guns: Why you need a gun and how to use it. There’s no debating this one, folks, you’re going to need a gun and you will have to know how to use it!
  • The Survivor Mindset: Survival is a mindset. You have to think tough like a “survivalist.” You evaluate situations and create solutions. No panic. No mental meltdowns. No mob mentality.
  • Your new mental toughness will show you the need to prepare for the inevitable collapse as global population exceeds the current 7 billion. Something has to give and you know it!
  • Compact Yet Complete: This manual supplies ALL of the essential information and practical tips that you and your family will need to maximize your survival in an abrupt food-crisis catastrophe or other major disaster event.

This manual is pure survivalist protein. All meat, no fat and it’s easy to digest.

The Survive Any Food Crisis Guide is guaranteed to make a REAL difference in your family’s preparedness.

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