Survival Tacfit – Self Defense and Tactical Fitness Training


survival-tacfit-headerSurvival Tacfit – Self Defense and Tactical Fitness Training



What you get in Survival Tacfit – Self Defense and Tactical Fitness Training:


The 43 page Survival manual along with the downloading videos will guide you to use appropriately the protocols.!

With photos and technique ’s description you’ll be able to perform and improve your skills, breathing, endurance and strength .

Elaborate reports for all 3 workout missions and 2 specific month program chart along with 4 days wave will help you to create and Include Survival in your training programs.!

Instructional Videos

This has 3 levels, from basic to advanced, each of the 3 levels is describe in key mechanics, body position and specific breathing techniques. Specific cues are provide to you from the coach in order to get the best out of your workout and your level!

Follow-Along Videos

Follow along are easy to follow. These training simulations have been created for the easiest, simplest format to follow-along with me, as you go through each protocol. It allows you to maximize your time actually performing the workout mission without concern as to the next step. They were filmed in real workout time and rest.. so to have you mastering the protocols while training with me.

Warm-Up Videos

According to all the Tacfit protocol , there is a specific warm up also for Survival, this to help you remove your restrictions and prepare your body to work safely and with maximum benefit !

The Flow!
A warm up need to open the space between your joint capsule, wash away toxins and salt deposit so to feed your joint with appropriated nutrition in order to be ready to absorb shock and loads of your workout. One appropriated warm up also need to fire your nervous system in order to switch your body from warm to READY position. An easy to follow flow that will make your warm up FUN and dynamic!!

Cool-Down Video

An easy to fallow specific cool down routine to help you recover from training and also to be used on no intensity days! You can also incorporate this program as a tool to improve your posture, release myo fascial and tight tissue for your recreational activity and sport specific. All posture have progression and regression to help you in order to achieve the position and get the best out of it!

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Survival Tacfit – Self Defense and Tactical Fitness Training