Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Kit – Boot Camp Business Resource


Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Kit – Boot Camp Business Resource


Fitness professionals who have spent time trying to find effective ways to increase their profits would know that conducting boot camps are a great way to make money.

One advantages of running it is that you will get multiple clients. You will be working with large groups of people and training large number of people at a time will mean that you will be earning more money per hour without making any extra effort.

You don’t have to worry about getting enough people because it’s a popular thing with a lot of people and they think of it as something that is fun to do, convenient and most importantly an effective method of training.

The cost of conducting it is also less since it can be conducted in any open space. You can hold them at local parks, playgrounds, or even in your own backyard. This is convenient for your clients as well as they don’t have to pay any membership fees for a gym.

Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Kit – Boot Camp Business Resource has been created by the makers “NutriFitness”. NutriFitness combines more than 30 years of fitness experience with wide knowledge of the conditioning methods used by the US military and the most successful fitness-boot-camps in the country.

In this book you will learn about the factors that differentiate it from other programs and why they have and edge over them. You will find information about what exactly your role should be as the instructor and why you should be working out in groups.

In a boot camp, you will be instructing a large umber of people, therefore, it will be important to assess the fitness levels of the participants and set goals for them according to that information. This book will help you with assessing participant fitness level.

You will also get useful information on how to select the right equipment to maximize training and the most effective exercises which will enable the participants lose fat.

The guide also provides information about nutritional habits that you should advice your clients to follow. In addition, you can also learn about the physical fitness requirements that are required to become a member of the U.S. military.

Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Kit – Boot Camp Business Resource has is a comprehensive guide for learning how to conduct a boot camp. The book has over 75 colored pictures and descriptions of exercise that are very effective for boot camps. Sample workouts are also included in the book and these workouts are explained in greet detail. The book comes with 6 bonuses such as 8 week Turbulence Training Program, Exercise and Workout Videos. The price of the e-book without the bonuses is $ 87 and with the bonuses is $109. There is also a package that includes the “The Sure Results” e-book for an extra $30.

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