Sure Results: Ultimate Book of Bootcamp Workouts Review


Sure Results: Ultimate Book of Bootcamp Workouts Review


Fitness-bootcamp-workouts are quickly becoming the trend – they are short (fifteen to thirty minutes a day) and they require little to no gym equipment at all. Yet these are the same routines and principles that many athletes and military men follow which means they do see results. If you are trying to start up your own fitness business you will quickly learn that the hard part is researching and compiling all of the routines you’ll be using to train others with.

That is where you will discover the benefits of Sure Results: Ultimate Book of Bootcamp Workouts. These eBooks contain well over 600 different routines. That is enough regimens for more than two years and you’ll never cycle back! There is so much material to turn you into a PT professional.

Volume 1


Volume 2


Special Edition


Volume 3


These guides include:

• Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3
• Special Edition
• Seven free bonuses:

– Fit Band-Bootcamp
– Fitness Business Radio Best of Interviews
– Tony Reynolds Trainer Clipart Manual
– Fit Games
– Sure-Victory Bodyweight Exercises DVD set
– Fitness marketing guides
– Brutal Bootcamp-Workouts

• That’s not all, there are also new, exclusive bonuses as well:

– Commando Fitness Camp
– Boot-Camp-Owners Guide to Pulling-Workouts
– The Top 5 Camaraderie-Building Boot-Camp-Workouts

How much is all of this material going to cost you? You would instantly look at all these fitness materials and think you’d be charged well over $300 but remarkably the team behind the program is only tagging this entire set and bonuses for just $77.

Pros and Cons


  • Over 600 different fitness bootcamp-workouts to choose from
  • All the bonus material add in for substantial routines, training guides, and even marketing guides to boost your business
  • The guides also include pre-planned activities so you don’t have to spend time behind a desk working out on routines and schedules; it is all done for you, including diet plans!


  • If there is anything to nitpick it is that the materials are mostly only on digital platforms with no hard copy available. Still, if you have a tablet or even a laptop, smart phone, or other device you can easily access all the content.

There is no denying that to get the best fitness bootcamp-workouts, whether for training yourself or training others, this program and the exclusive bonuses are all you’re going to need.

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