Super Senior Strength Training Program


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There are proven techniques to combat the aches, pains, and ailments associated with getting older.

Guess what? You don’t have to turn into a shrivelled up, wheelchair-bound senior who watches Johnny Carson re-runs all day! There are seniors working out and staying strong well into their 90s, and you can be one of them.

Strength training is the closest thing you’re going to find to the fountain of youth. Just like with anything, if you don’t use it, you lose it. The more you make your muscles work, the more efficient they will become!

Not only that, but your body will show its appreciation for your efforts in the form of all kinds of neat chemical reactions in your body that will slow down the aging process to a snail’s pace.

First Of All, You Need To Change Your Mindset

Too many people have a defeatist attitude that the decreased mobility, agility, and balance associated with aging are inevitable. They think that muscle wasting (losing muscle mass) and weight gain are just a by-product of getting old.

You just need to keep up, and even increase your strength training. The ailments associated with aging are not inevitable, they are PREVENTABLE and in fact REVERSIBLE.

Forget About Fat Loss!

Although fat-loss seems to be the rage, a fat-loss expert recently admitted that 99% of those trying to lose weight fail because they just don’t have the desire and discipline. On the other hand, anyone can become stronger and faster with minimum fuss.

Why get stronger? With increased strength comes the ability to function or carry on like you did 30 years ago. A side bonus is that with renewed strength you will slim down, replacing fat with solid muscle.

The fact is, strength training is actually more important now than it was when you were in your 20s and 30s. Strength training will help keep you young. We do not need to know how to add “slabs” of muscle onto our quads, or make our abs look like a washboard. We need sound, functional advice to help us get through the rest of the days of our lives with ease, grace, and enjoyment.

Introducing… Super Senior Strength Training Program


These digital, downloadable videos combine traditional tried and tested techniques with the latest cutting edge workout styles and tricks, which together will transform your body into a more youthful, energetic, confident you.

These cater to anyone from the very beginners to the advanced — they’re easy to follow, with clear explanations.

The program prevents injuries by improving strength in muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. It eliminates any weaknesses in the body.

It prevents osteoporosis (weakening of the bones) by increasing muscle mass and creating proper bone density.

It improves structural balance by eliminating strength imbalances between two opposing muscle groups. Imbalances can result in pain and injury.

It burns fat with corresponding weight loss. Muscle tissue burns fat and by increasing muscle, you will increase the rate at which your body can metabolize energy and burn fat.

It enhances your independence in your later years because you will have the ability to perform everyday functions as you did when you were younger.

It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure by losing body fat and replacing it with muscle.

You’ll get:

VIDEO 1— Getting Started

  • Learn an ancient technique from Turkey, adapted for seniors, that will make getting up from a lying position a piece of cake.
  • Safe and effective abdominal exercises are demonstrated, with a quick lesson on why most ab exercise hype is a bunch of baloney!
  • Learn how to effectively warm up your body, prepping yourself for an injury-free full body workout in any climate.
  • Get great tips on how to design your own gym for cheap.
  • Techniques for combining exercises for a more effective workout is demonstrated.
  • Next, we move on to joint manipulation exercises.
  • Master the basics with a stretching lesson that includes instruction on basic biology, and good stretching technique to avoid injury and increase your range of motion.
  • Learn how to master the push-up with our novice inclined push-up technique that will build up your muscles for a full push-up while teaching you proper form.
  • Learn how to master the simple squat and split squats, using assists that allow you to increase the intensity as you desire.
  • Technique to increase your balance is demonstrated.
  • Discover the secrets of effective shoulder muscle exercises.
  • And more…

VIDEO 2 — Exercise Technique

  • Resistance band exercises are utilized in various directions to thoroughly warm-up the body.
  • Weight training exercises begin at the top of the body and work downwards to simplify.
  • The Trapezius or upper back muscles is worked with both upright rows and shrugs. The “traps” heavily affect one’s posture and are called upon to press overhead or throw an object.
  • Shoulder exercises consist of the over-head press as well as front/side/rear dumbbell raises. Strong broad shoulders enable one to put away heavy groceries onto the top shelf, and also give the appearance of a narrower waist.
  • Bent-Over rows or pulling exercises work the entire back by changing the body’s angle and the angle of the wrists. The low back is strengthened by isometrically contracting as a stabilizer muscle which can prevent pain on the putting green or simply bending over at a sink brushing one’s teeth.
  • The Chest Press or bench press is a compound exercise that targets the chest muscles, the triceps or back of arms and the front shoulder deltoids. Flys isolate the chest muscles. The chest is strongly used to push away an object or to throw a punch.
  • If Squats is considered the “King” of exercises then the Lunge would be the “Queen” for lower body size and strength. Both exercises will build up one’s legs and butt and add strength and endurance to walking, running, jumping and of course squatting down to the floor.
  • Calves or lower legs consist of two muscle groups to support the upper leg and assist in climbing, jumping and pushing off with the toes. They are best worked with heel raises with toes in, out, and parallel to each other.
  • Abdominals are more than for aesthetics. They can be a predictor of good health as well as good posture. They can prevent low back injury and lessen the risk of herniation. There are countless ways to strengthen these muscles and should be performed without risk to the discs in the spine, as demonstrated.
  • Arms may definitely be for aesthetics as men want to “fill out a t-shirt” and women appreciate their own firm upper-arm development. Having said that, strong arms can push and pull to a greater degree than weak arms. There are hundreds of various arm exercise out there, but a systematic routine of varying elbow position and wrist angle works best.
  • And more…

VIDEO 3 — The Workout

This is not a follow-along video, but rather explains in detail what the exact sequence of the “New Super Senior Strength In 21 Days” workout.

  • Find out how to save your joints from needless pain by training with trisets of moderate weight rather than just working heavy.
  • Obtain an uplifting experience, ladies! And men… find out how to eliminate “man-boobs.” On Chest Day perform a triset targeting the pecs or chest muscles. Women will want to perform this exercise at a 45 degree or greater angle to hit the upper chest.
  • Eliminate poor posture and low back pain by performing bent-over rows 2 ways followed by Good Mornings and Dead Lifts. Your back is an often neglected area of your body as you are unable to see those muscle groups in the mirror, but others will see them.
  • Correct sore and hurtful shoulders. Shoulder muscles come into play with every upper body motion that we do. A sound exercise program will often correct this problem. Shoulder day consists of doing Lateral raise/Over-Head Press/Lateral Raise.
  • Get your legs back into condition. Your legs are your wheels and have supported you this far through life, now it’s your turn to show your appreciation so on leg day we’ll do squats and lunges to get them back into shape.
  • Want a great set of “guns”? Let’s face it, what man wouldn’t want to fill out a t-shirt and what woman wouldn’t want firm upper arms? Your arms may be the weak link in your upper body. In order to push & pull with greater intensity, you require greater arm strength. Various tri-sets for your triceps and your arm flexors are demonstrated.
  • Learn how to get a lean, strong mid-section to protect your back and provide stability to your body and help stay injury free. Six packs are for kids! Tired of doing endless sit-ups? Try these Side Twists/Side Bends/Crunches and Reverse Crunches.
  • All training sessions should take from 12-40 minutes maximum, depending on whether you are training 3 days, 5 days, or 6 days.
  • By week 3 you will be SIGNIFICANTLY STRONGER

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Super Senior Strength Training Program