Super Senior Strength Training – Hip Replacement Fitness Program


Super Senior Strength Training – Hip Replacement Fitness Program


So, you need a hip replacement and you’re not sure what to do.

Are you willing to leave the entire procedure in the hands of your family physician, who may not be the most up-to-date professional regarding this operation?

Often times, your doctor will refer you to a colleague, an orthopaedic surgeon who does some hip replacements.

That’s not good enough.

Remember the old expression: “Fifty percent of all doctors graduate in the bottom half of their class.” Are you prepared to let just anyone put just anything into your body, which will then become a part of you?

Wait… 6 to 12 weeks of post-surgery rehab?

If you’re a sedentary individual who is experiencing hip discomfort and has ample health insurance, then maybe you just don’t care, as long as the pain goes away.

But, if you take any pride in the health of your body and becoming the active individual that you once were, then I know you want to be as well-informed as you can about hip replacement surgery.

Most doctors will advise that you take anywhere from a 6 to 12 week rehabilitation process after your hip replacement surgery. For most of us, that waiting period is simply too long.

Introducing… Super Senior Strength Training – Hip Replacement Fitness Program Video Series



Super Senior Strength Training – Hip Replacement Fitness Program

A series of fitness exercises specifically for active, young-at-heart seniors, so that they can be strong before, during, and after our hip replacement surgery, and back on our feet in no time.

In this video series you will discover…

How to recover from your surgery as quickly as possible
A full set of powerful exercises for both before & after your surgery
What to do before & after surgery, with valuable tips from a senior personal trainer to make your recovery a breeze

The advice contained in these videos is priceless for anyone who is about to undergo, or who has already undergone hip replacement surgery.

Let’s face it, getting old isn’t for weaklings.

And hip replacement surgery is no walk in the park. However, with my digital video set, you’ll definitely be better prepared than everyone else to enjoy a smooth, injury-free recovery process, and you’ll be back on your feet sooner than you think.

Show your body the respect it deserves by adequately preparing it for this important surgery, and by rehabilitating it properly afterwards. It will reward you in return exponentially!

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Super Senior Strength Training – Hip Replacement Fitness Program