Sudden Hearing Loss Causes And Symptoms Treatment


Sudden Hearing Loss Causes And Symptoms Treatment

By Mike Tucker, Creator of Improve Your Hearing Naturally
There are many different reasons why people suffer from sudden hearing loss. It may have been brought on by an illness. Usually a buildup of fluid in the inner ear will cause it.

It can be brought on by infections, circulatory problems, inner ear problems like menieres disease, neoplastic, traumatic, metabolic, neurologic, immunologic, toxic, cochlear, idiopathic and other causes. The truth is most doctors will never pinpoint its exact cause.

Another common causes is a buildup of earwax. Impacted wax gets pushed down into the inner ear canal and blocks your ability to hear properly. It’s something most people don’t like to think about but a brain tumor may also cause it.

No matter what the case, it is very scary since it comes on so fast. The usual treatment most doctors will prescribe is antibiotics if they suspect some sort of infection. If that doesn’t work you may be prescribed steroids. Before you decide on taking steroids I urge you to read up on them, especially the side effects. While they have been proven to help some cases of sudden hearing loss, the side effects are pretty brutal.

Most people will go through the treatment procedures prescribed by their doctor or specialist and still have a hearing problem. In most cases they will tell you there is nothing else they can do. At that point you may be told to get fitted for a hearing aid.

Natural treatments for sudden hearing loss, while not immediate, have been proven effective. There are very effective natural antibiotics you can take to clear up most infections. There are also methods you can use to remove the fluid or ear wax buildup in your inner ear canal safely. Natural herbs, vitamins, and supplements can be used to increase blood flow to your inner ear giving your body a chance to heal and restore your hearing.

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