Strip Club Mastery: Stripper Seduction & VIP Status Guide


Strip Club Mastery: Stripper Seduction & VIP Status Guide


Have you ever been to a strip club and noticed that some guys seem to get all the attention from the strippers? If you’re like most men, you probably assume that these guys are spending a lot of money, offering illicit drugs, or are some kind of “alpha males” that you either can’t or don’t want to compete with.

This was an illusion… a MIRAGE to help separate you from your money?

Nothing in a stripclub is as it appears… don’t be fooled!

Sure, there will always be the guy who throws money around and dominates the strippers’ time (after all, it’s their job to take their money), but do you think these guys are actually going home with them and having any kind of sexual relations with them?

Hell no, they aren’t!

If you think all it takes is deep pockets and good looks to attract them then prepare to have your mind blown…

Discover a simple and flawless way to walk into any stripclub in the world and pull any stripper you want, night after night, without spending ANY of your hard-earned money. Learn how to be the guy who DOES go home with them and experiences the thrill and validation of being chosen by women who have a vast selection of men to choose from.

But, it gets WAY better than that…

Learn how to get the hottest to come over to your place, night after night, without you even having to go into the club anymore!

Introducing… Strip Club Mastery: Stripper Seduction & VIP Status Guide

This is possibly the most important investment you’ll ever make in your dating life. You’ll be able to use the things that you’ll learn in this ebook to have amazing experiences with them inside (and outside) the club. This book may have the one exact piece of advice you need.

When you get the book, scan it a couple times and read the parts that jump out at you right away – then go back and read it cover to cover. Next, read the bonus sheet and try some of the techniques. You’ll notice a difference right away, and it will encourage you to try some of the other ideas. Whatever happens, you’ll use this reference library constantly as you’re learning how to master strip club seduction.

Even better, this is the new SECOND EDITION of Strip Club Mastery: Stripper Seduction & VIP Status Guide, and it includes over 20% more BRAND-NEW material, including extensive and detailed footnotes on each page, using REAL-LIFE examples and scenarios, that help clarify and deepen your understanding and ultimate mastery of the material contained in this new edition.

Here’s a sample of some of the great things you’ll learn in Strip Club Mastery: Stripper Seduction & VIP Status Guide:

* How to breeze through the FOUR levels of stripclub mastery quickly – pg. 16
* The ONE thing you must do to get VIP status fast – pg. 17
* How to use Hive Theory to master stripclub social engineering – pg. 21
* What ONE thing will elevate your social status the second you walk in the door – pg. 23
* How to project the frame of mind of a master effortlessly – pg. 25
* How to avoid making the BIGGEST rookie mistake men make in stripclubs – pg. 27
* How to immediately acquire the personality traits of a master – pg. 29
* How to use your body language to send all the right signals – pg. 31
* How to use eye-contact to silently seduce ANY stripper – pg. 33
* How to command respect from using ONE simple gesture – pg. 35
* How to tweak your personal style to ensure success with them – pg. 37
* How to use your VIBE to demonstrate that YOU are the life of the party – pg. 40
* What FOUR items of gear you MUST have with you in a stripclub – pg. 42
* How to GUARANTEE you say all the right things at exactly the right time – pg. 48
* What ONE high-status gesture can prove that you are VIP material – pg. 49
* How to quickly demonstrate an interesting and attractive personality – pg. 52
* What SIMPLE words will attract and keep the interest of ANY stripper – pg. 54
* How doing ONE thing will make them think you genuinely care about them – pg. 55
* How to use the TEN motivations to your advantage – pg. 59
* The number ONE rule of stripclub mastery that you must NEVER break – pg. 75
* What to do to a stripper to make her positively remember you FOREVER – pg. 77
* What TWO things you must NEVER do in a stripclub – pg. 79
* The SEVENTEEN routine lines that will make them instantly love you – pg. 90
* How saying FIVE things will demonstrate that you are a worthy challenge – pg. 96
* Where you should sit in a stripclub to ensure you get all the RIGHT attention – pg. 102
* The ONE thing you should make them do BEFORE you talk to them – pg. 103
* What day and time you should show up – pg. 106
* How to IMMEDIATELY improve your game to guarantee success – pg. 110
* How to get VIP status fast – pg. 113
* How to make the TEN secrets work FOR you, instead of against you – pg. 115
* The SECRET person that you MUST know about – pg. 116
* How to turn bouncers into YOUR personal bodyguards – pg. 120
* How to get bartenders to serve you FIRST and not charge you ANYTHING – pg. 121
* How to make your biggest threat a pawn in your game – pg. 127
* How to manage your new lifestyle and stay at the top of your game – pg. 133
* And much, much, much more…

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Strip Club Mastery: Stripper Seduction & VIP Status Guide