Strength Training Program – 185+ Videos With Expert Instruction



Strength Training Program – 185+ Videos With Expert Instruction


Strength Training gets you looking and feeling great; keeps your health, fitness and activity strong for years to come…

… and in any sport, you will deliver power and execute with precision.

Here’s What You Get Immediate Access to… The Workout Video Library with Downloadable eBooks

Over 185 exercises demonstrated on video with expert instruction and detailed commentary showing exactly how to do each exercise correctly, what not to do, what the exercise is good for and other tips to make sure you get the best and fastest results possible without wasting a lot of time.

If you ever want to teach strength training this will be a valuable resource for instructing others.


The entire Workout Video Library is online and covers exercises for the arms, back, chest, shoulders, core and abs, legs, exercises for women, exercises for those over 45 and kettle bell exercises. included are 9 downloadable ebooks with images and complete instruction for each category of exercises.

This will be all the exercises and expert instruction you will ever need to build strength and fitness to last for years.

Strength Training Program – 185+ Videos With Expert Instruction

Predefined Workout Schedules

A full week of exercises already planned out for you. Every week you will know exactly what to do when you get to the gym or your workout area.
Select from 3 day or 5 day a week workouts. Each week covers the upper body, lower body and core and you get a variety of weekly workouts. You can easily modify the workouts to your own liking or assemble your own personalized workouts. Each workout session is designed to be completed in 45 minutes or less and can be easily modified for shorter workouts to match your schedule.

There will be no guessing or thinking about what exercises to do. You will be guided step-by-step what to do every day so you can stay focused on getting a great workout every time.

Seminars On Nutrition

Recorded live, these seminars are packed with information and instruction on proper nutrition, what foods to avoid, what foods to choose, what will help you and what will hurt you in your quest for better fitness, energy and strength.

You will cut through the noise and hype and learn the eye opening facts about nutrition and what it means for you, your fitness and your health.

Basic Workout Strategies

Consists of 7 Videos covering basic workout strategies along with the downloadable ebook with the complete text of each video. Each video covers a different set of topics.

For example: which is better, burning calories with weights or cardio; why use intervals and intensity with cardio; why avoid over training; how to set goals; the principle of progression to get faster results; best meals before and after workouts; finding the right gym; what to bring to the gym, and much more.

This will help you either get started in your quest for improved fitness or teach you some new strategies to help you move more quickly towards getting in great physical condition.


Interviews with experts in fitness and nutrition as well as people with busy schedules who show how they make the time to create a huge difference in their fitness and overall well being. They share from their experience what they did to get in top shape and then stay that way and the difference it has made for them.

These interviews will help you stay motivated and get you past some of the hurdles that are holding you back.

Workout Modules – Split Routine Workouts and Heavy Weights Workouts

The videos are shot live in the gym and show the entire workout routine from start to finish. The downloadable ebooks give all the details of every workout with pictures, text and charts.

The “Split Routine Workouts” shows a complete week of workouts to get in best shape ever.

If you ever want to get in the best shape ever in the shortest time possible, use these Split Routine Workout plans as your model!

If you ever feel ambitious, want to see what you are really made of, or want to take it to the next level – try surviving the Heavy Weights Workouts!

Training Diet and Workout Schedule

This diet and workout schedule is not for everybody, but it will give you a rare glimpse at the dedication it takes to get to the highest levels of achievement.

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Strength Training Program – 185+ Videos With Expert Instruction