Street Fight Defense Techniques Training and Tutorial at Home


street-fight-academy-headerStreet Fight Defense Techniques Training and Tutorial at Home


Sport fighting is all about endurance, speed, and strength. That is simply not the case in a real fight. If you’ve ever been in or even witnessed a scuffle on the street, you know that it’s not going to last for three 5 minute rounds. Not even close.

Most Street Fights Are Over in Less than 10 Seconds!

The Street Fight Academy utilizes moves and techniques that enable a much smaller, weaker person to humiliate a much larger attacker.

By learning the interior workings of a real fight, you can easily control it, and even use a size difference to your advantage. Big guys have big targets after all.

street-fight-academy-boxDuring the course of this program you’ll also learn how to handle many different real life scenarios and situations, from your basic parking lot punk, to a dangerous home invader, giving you and showing you the most devastating moves you can deliver, including:

Pre-Fight – Learn how to master the mind game and mentally control your attacker until YOU are ready to make the first move. Learn the hidden “tells” that your attacker is unknowingly broadcasting to you. Read him like a book and uncover his clearly exposed weaknesses.
Hand to Hand Combat – Most fights inevitably begin with fist fighting and hand to hand combat. Learn how to deliver powerful, fight ending strikes and brutal combinations. Plus, simple joint tricks and pressure points that will have them on the ground crying for mommy.
Grappling – After the initial outburst, most fights end up in a grapple (assuming you didn’t knock them out already). Learn how to quickly and effortlessly drop your attacker to the ground, put him to sleep, or break his arm in seconds. These moves work with amazing efficiency even on the largest attackers.
Ground Combat – The ground isn’t where you want to be in a street fight, but if it does happen, you’ll be ready. Learn how to escape mounts and other tight spots quickly and gain the position advantage. Finish the job with a brutal ground and pound or put him to sleep with a quick choke out.
Aftermath – Learn how to safely walk away from a fight, and exactly what you should do next. Don’t make an extremely common mistake that can easily land you in jail, or worse, the hospital.

Read Your Opponent Like a Book – Predict Their Next Move With 99% Accuracy!

Too Brutal for the General Public

This is your blueprint to successful street defense. You will not find a more realistic or effective combat program anywhere, that’s a guarantee. This is NOT your average self defense course.

Street fights are very intense and unpredictable. When a real fight happens and your adrenaline kicks in, it’s very hard to recall complex techniques and movements. Your ‘fight or flight’ instinct kicks in and your mind essentially goes blank. This can be devastating.

This program teaches you step-by-step what to do, but perhaps more importantly, exactly when to do it. You’ll learn how to program mental trigger points into your brain that execute without a thought when the time comes… allowing you to react aggressively and without hesitation, even in a life threatening situation.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn in The Street Fight Academy:

+ Little known joint tricks that work best on large attackers. Use their size against them and make them pay for picking on the little guy!
How to fool your attacker into opening up large, vulnerable targets (they never realize they’ve been set up until they’re already on their back!)
+ How to drill into hidden soft spots causing relentless pain and sheer panic in your attacker. They’ll completely shut down from the shock!
+ The one simple knockout technique that’s guaranteed to be more powerful than your biggest haymaker.
+ A fast, simple technique that will drop an attacker to the floor with nothing but the flick of your wrist!
+ All the hidden “tells” that show you exactly what your attacker is going to do next, with stunning accuracy. NEVER be caught off guard again!
+ Dozens of powerful ‘one hitter quitter’ strikes that will instantly stun and incapacitate your opponent. These are “illegal” moves and not taught in any martial arts course!

You’ll also learn…

+ Five quick ways to immediately stun your attacker, giving you plenty of time to do whatever twisted finishing move you have on tap for them!
+ How to immediately neutralize an opponent who has you in a mount position on the ground.
+ A nasty bar brawler technique that will break your attacker’s nose even if you’re completely pinned!
+ Three devastating close combat strikes that will tear through their flesh like an ice pick.
+ One fast and simple move that will instantly cut off blood circulation to the brain, leaving them struggling to stay conscious.

If you were out this evening with your friends or family, and were suddenly and viciously attacked… would you know what to do? Would you be the protector, or the one cringing in terror?

Would you be able to live with yourself if you could have easily mastered the street proven, thug thrashing techniques in this guide, but instead you wound up on the ground, helpless, as a mugger attacked your loved ones?

The only way you can walk the street confidently is to prepare yourself right NOW so that WHEN (not if) that time comes, you know deep down inside that you’re armed with the hardcore tactics needed to bring that vicious attacker to his knees.

At some point, you’re going to have to confront a situation like this. When that time comes, will you be ready?

With the Street Fight Academy, you can be.


Street Fight Defense Techniques Training and Tutorial at Home