Stop Dog Pulling On Leash With Head Collar


Stop Dog Pulling On Leash With Head Collar


One of the issues I had with my two dogs was that they were always pulling on leash rather excessively while walking them. They tried to go ahead of me and almost drag me down the street. I see this a lot with other dogs outside who are not properly trained to walk.

Stop Dog Pulling On Leash

I brought this issue up with my dog trainer and she suggested that I use a Gentle Leader, which is a brand name for a special head collar. Instead of a standard collar which fits around a dog’s neck, the Gentle Leader has a part that fits around the dog’s muzzle and then there’s an attachment that snaps together on the back of the animal’s head. There is no pressure on the dog’s throat. Below is a photo of the Gentle Leader and one that is fit on my dog Chester.


The theory is that when there is gentle pressure on the back of the head area, it helps calm the dog down. The head collar acts much like a horse’s bridle. With the leash attachment below the chin area (see photo above), the leash positions the dog’s head to the direction you want your dog to go to.

Big Difference With Gentle Leader Head Collar

At first, your dog will try to scratch the Gentle Leader off because it’s a weird sensation around the muzzle. But within a few days, your dog will get use to it. I’ve noticed a dramatic difference with both of my dogs on the Gentle Leader. They do not pull much anymore and tend to stay by my side or just behind me during walks. If they do move ahead, I gentle nudge on the leash puts them back into desired position.

My neighbor uses a similar head collar with the brand name Halti and sees similar dramatic results with his dog. He says that walking is much better and in control when his dog uses a head collar rather than a standard collar.

If your dog pulls on the leash while walking, I would definitely recommend the use of a head collar such as the Gentle Leader or Halti.

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