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Introducing… Start Your Own Real DIY Sky Satellite Tv Channel


We will show you through a simple step-by-step guide, how you can setup and run your very own satellite TV station in the UK on SKY and SKY+

It’s many people’s dream to have their very own television station and now with the boom in Digital Television and Satellite that dream can come true from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll gain sufficient knowledge to allow you to:

  • Know why you are launching a TV channel
  • Evaluate goals and objectives for your channel
  • Investigate different business models that can be applied to new channels
  • Work out who the target audience is and how best to reach them
  • Ask the right questions to the technology providers and understand the answers
  • Go “on-air” in the most cost-effective and flexible manner
  • and much more…

This in-depth guide will show you everything you need to know about starting your own channel and who you need to talk too to make it happen. You could start your own DIY channel or even your own profitable Shopping Channel, the possibilities are endless and anyone with the passion to do so can make it a reality!

Now almost anyone with a passion for tv can run their own television station and from the comfort of their own home or office.


Just image your very own channel on the sky EPG, A potential 8,000,000 homes… 18,000,000 UK viewers!

Your TV Channel can be free-to-air or pay-per-view. You’ll also be able to offer interactive services, premium services and even teletext etc.

It may sound a daunting task but you’ll be helped along all the way by experts and this guide maybe your first step to becoming a TV Tycoon.

We cover all the following and more…

  • Who is the best technical services partner for you?
  • Do you need to source programs yourself?
  • Who should you work with to ensure you have the right programs? These may include independent production companies, other broadcasters and other content partners, such as rights holders, etc.
  • The help you will need to meet the regulatory requirements
  • Will you be using telephony services to boost revenues?
  • Which telecommunications company is the right partner for you?


It’s easier that most think to start your own tv station!

Everything you need to know and want to know to start your own channel. Plus personal help through every step… Here are just a few things that are covered if you need them.

  • ITC – Regulates & licences television broadcasters. EPG data – Electronic Program Guide
  • Your Business Model submitting press listings
  • Gaining Financial backing if required Premium rate services
  • obtaining content rights & regulatory requirements order fulfilment for shopping channels
  • Making money from advertising sales uplinking
  • subscription management BSkyB adaptation
  • BSkyB approval & EPG Channel Number studios if desired
  • iTV check (Interactive Television) and finally your launch party!
  • Start your very own Satellite TV Station
  • THE PRICE IS RIGHT! – Now Digital Television Services are here almost anyone can startup their own part-time or full-time television channel in just a matter of months from now you could be the proud owner of your very own REAL tv channel. It is far easier and cheaper than you may think. Order your guide today and gain instant access to this concise guide.

THINK YOU CAN DO BETTER? – Sky+ and Sky Digital hosts some great channels but it also hosts some real low-budget channels, but even these “cheap & nasty” channels are making money through advertising, premium phone calls and selling all manner of goods. Many manufacturers and/or wholesalers are starting their very own channels in order to sell their wares.

Our Quickstart, Fasttrack, Concise Guide will get you in touch with the people that can make your dream a reality! Everyone from Financial Backers to Telecommunications to Film & Content Providers.

Here are a few main features….

  • Complete Glossary of Technical TV Terms.
  • Step By Step Guide, From Getting Started to the Launch Party!
  • Links to all the websites you’ll need to launch your channel.

Start your very own Satellite TV Station

Key Points to Launching your own Channel

Starting your own TV station is not as expensive as you think!

This guide will put you in touch with the right people to setup everything needed for your channel… Guaranteed!

  • You’ll be advised on the Independent Television Committee.
  • You can have a pre-recorded “non-live” channel or live content if you wish.
  • You can buy channel content, use public-domain films or produce material yourself.
  • You can rent or buy dedicated broadcasting equipment.

There’s no need for lots of staff in order to run a channel

You can integrate SMS, WAP and the Internet into your channel.

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Start Your Own Real DIY Sky Satellite Tv Channel