Spray Paint Secrets Videos – Car Spray Painting Guide



Spray Paint Secrets Videos – Car Spray Painting Guide


Have you ever seen super-slick paint jobs on show cars?

… and ever wanted that kind of look for your own project car? Those kind of paint jobs cost tons of money and most of us just look and wish. Only a lucky few have the resources to get that dream look.

Ever wanted to give your car a new fresh coat of paint?

Or have you thought about learning spray painting but just don’t have the time to do it?

Or have you ever wanted to do a simple car body work paint repair but have no idea where to start?

Well, all that’s about to change.

Introducing Spray Paint Secrets Videos


Discover The Secrets of Custom Spray Painting and Body Work Repair From Mario Goldstein, “The Auto Artist”

+ Hours of step-by-step professional car spray painting and bodywork videos
+ Answers all your questions, shows you the short-cuts & gives you the quick and easy way to spray paint your car.
+ No matter if you’re an amateur or a professional, you’ll learn the secrets of a quality paint job.
+ You will learn all the tricks of the trade and workshop techniques and secrets.

Learning spray painting and bodywork repair isn’t rocket science. It’s a skill that takes preparation and practice, and that’s really all there is to it.

Once you’ve done your first paint job on your own car, people are going to ask you where you got it done. When you tell them that you did it yourself, they’re going to talk to you about doing theirs. It’s like night following day.

Are you starting to see the potential here?

Finally, a Comprehensive, Step-By-Step Course That Leads You By The Hand and Reveals All the Secrets of Professional Quality Spray Painting and Bodywork…


Learn car spray painting and body work repair easily in 2 hours or less with spray paint secrets.

Suitable for the beginners, the first timers as well as the experienced professionals.

Comes in a step-by-step, easy to follow video series – like a personal trainer guiding you.

You will learn all the tricks of the trade and workshop techniques and secrets.

Don’t pay for expensive service fees in overpriced workshops when you can do it yourself.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Spray Paint Secret Videos will give you everything you need to apply high quality, professional paint jobs and resprays to any vehicle.

Learn how to spray paint a car professionally on your own. Imagine having the skill to create the custom look that most people only dream about. Here is an overview of what you’ll get:

You’re About To Learn Secrets The Most People Will NEVER Know About Car Spray Painting

Never before has instruction of this caliber been available to anyone who wants to learn the skills it takes, and with a guarantee!

These informative and educational videos guides you through everything you need to know to perform a start to finish paint job on your own car.

It is a must for anybody who is serious about automotive body work repair and spray painting.

You will learn all tricks of the trade and acquire *inside information* and techniques that the professional body shops and spray shops don’t WANT you to know.

Why paid over $1000 when you can do it all by yourself! This step-by-step training videos will teach you all you need to know without paying expensive service costs again

Here Are Just Some Of The Things You’ll Discover…

The first series is an in-depth 13 chapter course covers a wide myriad of topics. It’s a step by step instructional video system that covers every stage of a base coat/clear coat start to finish.

Many time and money saving tips are revealed & explained in this video course, making it a valuable tool for the first time painter as well as the experienced professional.

You also get detailed procedures and clear instructions on what to do next. There is simply too much to list but to get a better idea of whats included see the list below:

Safety precautions & prevention
Introduction to spray painting
Car touch up paint tips
Car respray techniques
Inspection, Repair
Primers & priming
Block sanding
Spray gun selection & technique
Application of base coat
Application of clearcoat (Lacquer)
Lots of pro tips & tricks,
Equipment that you will need
Planning & preparation
Fluid tips explained
Paint spray guns setup and controls
The two rag method
Masking for primer
Reverse taping methods
Mixing paint & ratio’s
Where to spray first
Car respraying precautions
Leapfrogging method
Sealants & sealing coats
Applying basecoat
Lacquer & clear coat application
Removing masking
Color Sanding

And that’s just the beginning…

It’s Like Gaining Years of Experience in Only a Few Hours…

All of the little tricks you need to know are included – things it took me years to learn by trial and error.

Even if you’re a pro painter now, you’ll find a new technique or two that can kick your skill level into the stratosphere. If you’re a beginner, you’ll be privy to training that would cost your years of time, and tons of money.

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