Specific Off Ice Training For Hockey Goalies And Skaters


Specific Off Ice Training For Hockey Goalies And Skaters


Have you ever been cut from a team or benched because you were too fast, too strong and had too much stamina? Didn’t think so.

Now, let’s try reverse-engineering your career. Maybe you want to play up a level or just move up to the first or second line, do you think one of the best ways to do that is to get faster, get stronger and get more stamina?

Coaches want players who can help them win…

Coaches build their reputation on success, on winning championships, on getting players drafted to the next level. You are trying to make it as far as you possibly can with hockey, maybe even earn that scholarship that would really make things easier for your parents.

Consider this…

– A gymnast is STABLE
– A strongman like Bill Kazmaier is STRONG
– Usain Bolt is FAST – really fast!
– A marathoner has outstanding STAMINA

But would you want any of them on your team? No, because they do not have the right combination, the right ingredients to compete in the toughest sport on the planet.

Introducing…  Specific Off Ice Training For Hockey Goalies And Skaters

Your Step-By-Step Blueprint To Transform You From The Player You Are To The Player You Know You CAN Be.

  • Instant access to 16-weeks of hockey specific off-ice training plans
  • Flexibility, dynamic warm up and cool down protocols for each workout
  • Detailed step-by-step workouts (no guess work)
  • Video tutorials showing you exactly what to do
  • QuickStart videos so you will never get stuck at the gym wondering how to do a specific exercise
  • Training calendar so you know weeks ahead what you will be doing for your workout
  • No fancy equipment required, just a basic home gym (dumbbells, stability ball, resistance bands) or fitness club membership
  • In-Season workout calendar so you can even continue with the workout as you team pushes for the play-offs
  • Workout transformation logs so you can monitor your progress from workout to workout

You’ll get:

The Blueprint

This is your step-by-step guide to success on the ice this season. You can follow a 9 or 16-week workout schedule.

It contains your detailed daily workouts so you know exactly what to do each day of your transformation.

The workout calendar outlines exactly when to do each workout, so you are forced to work on the things that are important, not just the things you like.

You will not have the freedom to decide.

The Video Tutorials

Ever bought a program that has only still images to show you how to do each and every exercise? It is not impossible to follow along, but it is pretty tough to know if you are doing the exercises right isn’t it.

These video tutorials are in M4V format and are compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod and with Quicktime player.

So you will never be left squinting at a photo in a manual wondering.

The iPhone Compatible QuickStart Videos

Even with the detailed manual and the video tutorials, some of you will still get to the gym and come across that one exercise that you cannot remember for the life of you. This is where the iPhone compatible quickstart videos come in.

Every single workout in the program have been condensed down to a 3-minute or less QuickStart video. You will get to see a couple reps of the exercise in action – just enough to jog your memory.

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Specific Off Ice Training For Hockey Goalies And Skaters