Soundcloud Manager Automation Bot – Soundcloud App and Downloader



Soundcloud Manager Automation Bot – Soundcloud App and Downloader


Soundcloud is without doubt the biggest and most popular music / musician / producer / DJ based social network on the internet today. Millions of users are sharing, listening and having conversations with the artists who were once several steps removed from the fans.

Having this huge fanbase at your fingertips is fantastic opportunity that has never happened before in the music industry! Previously, PR people cajoled and bribed their way to getting their tracks into the music press and onto the airwaves. But not any more!

It allows you to take your promotion direct to the users. But where to begin?



Using the Soundcloud Manager automation bot, everything you would normally do manually on the site can now be run automatically, taking just a couple of minutes to setup.

The software can promote your tracks, find new fans, share your tracks, send messages, add comments and so much more.

Why spend your time on promoting your tracks / music / beats when your time could be better spent creating new songs or tracks. Let this software handle the promotion, while you make the music.

What makes this software so special?

100% Working on the NEW Soundcloud site

Increase Plays – Give your tracks as many plays and as often as you want

Increase Downloads – Give your tracks as many downloads and as often as you want

Increase Followers – Using the intelligent Follow / Unfollow modules you will increase your followers with real, highly targeted, genre specific users.

Unfollow – Soundcloud limits the numbers of users you can follow to 2000. So you will need a way to unfollow users in order to follow more.

Commenting – Comment on tracks, post messages to Groups and send messages direct to users

Track Comments – Search and comment on other tracks, the users will more often than not come and check our your profile and listen to your tracks.

Group Discussions – By posting to Groups you can get your content in front of members of those groups and watch the members come flooding in to check out your tracks.

Direct Messaging – Send messages direct to users inboxes (and their emails if they have email notification turned on!!!). New messaging system lets you Share multiple tracks per message.

Share Tracks To Users – Share your tracks directly to a targeted list of users or search and share on particular keywords, ensuring your tracks are shared to the users interested in your genre/s.

Share Tracks To Groups – Search and share your tracks to groups automatically. Remove and reshare the tracks to ensure a top placement within the group gaining you even more exposure.

Search and Like Tracks – Search and favorite other users tracks, more often and not these users will come and check out your tracks!

Unlike Tracks – Just in case you have been overdoing the Like module, you may want to unlike some tracks to keep your listed number of liked tracks in the realm of reasonable usage.

Mass Follow – Give your account follower stats a boost by using your mass created accounts.

Mass Incest Follow – Instruct your bulk created accounts to all follow each other, making them appear more realistic and genuine

Mass Track Comments – Give your track comments a boost by using your mass created accounts.

Mass Track Likes – Give your track likes a boost by using your mass created accounts

Mass Track Reposter – Repost your own tracks using your accounts, or initiate an interaction with other users by reposting their tracks.

Account Plays – Use your accounts to play tracks. Pro users can see a list of which users have played there track. A useful tool for getting a link back to your account profile directly in front of other users.

Groups – Advanced Group search, at a glance view of how many members, tracks and comments have been made to a particular group. Find out what groups are worth joining, sharing your tracks and posting.

Watch New Followers – Respond to new followers, with this software’s EXCLUSIVE feature. When you receive a new follower, follow them back, send them a message and or share one of your tracks.

Search and Repost – Search and Repost other users’ tracks, more often and not these users will come and check out your tracks!

Unrepost – It gives you the option to unrepost tracks, so you can keep your Reposted stats within a reasonable level.

Bulk Create playlists – Automatically add your or other tracks to playlists. Playlists are syndicated direct to the homepage stream of all your followers! Additionally, the first playlists a track appears in are shown on the Track Page!!!

Track Uploader – Easily upload tracks to your accounts page, making them appear as realistic as any genuine user account. Realistic accounts is the key to long lasting, value adding accounts pointing towards your real page.

Bulk Create Accounts – Use the bulk account creator module to mass create accounts for your promotional campaigns.

Advanced Search and Scraper Capabilities – Anything and everything you want to search and scrape can be accomplished with this software. Search users, tracks, groups, followers, commenters, comments, likes, reposters, members, contributers, emails, shares and more.

Proxy Scraper and Verification – It comes with a powerful proxy scraper, giving you 1000s of proxies to use on a daily basis that can be verified for quality and anonymous levels.

Filter Tracks / Artists – Filter lists of artists users based on artist properties (tracks uploaded, last active, #followers and more). Filter lists of tracks based on track properties (#plays / likes / comments, date upoaded and more)

View / Update Accounts – View your accounts and account statistics. At a glance view of how many followers, followings, number followed in 24 hours, number unfollowed in 24 hours, number of tracks uploaded and more. Update your accounts to modify usernames, avatars and descriptions with just a click of a button.

Soundcloud Manager Automation Bot Processing – Where the magic happens. All your actions are routed through the processor. The processor allows you to track the progress of your actions with real time logs. Pause, cancel or repeat an action for a fine grained control of your processes.

Fantastic Customer Services and support – Help and guidance is never far from hand. Video tutorials, forum support, knowledge base and email support are all available. Support is usually dealt with within a couple of hours (during the working day). Skype support is also available should you really need it.


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