Some Things You Can Do Now To Delay Ejaculation Immediately


Some Things You Can Do Now To Delay Ejaculation Immediately

By Edward White


It is important for men to recognize that building sexual control and sexual stamina takes time to perfect. The earlier you get started, and the more persistent you are with the things you need to do, the faster you will see consistent results.

There is another advantage to getting started early. And it is that there are some techniques with which you will be able to see almost immediate results. These techniques are usually easy and simple to implement, and can be very encouraging.

Let me share with you a couple of techniques that can help delay ejaculation. These are simple techniques that can give you immediate results:

Technique #1:

Make sure your partner is well lubricated before you enter her. The key point to remember here is that friction increases stimulation because it increases the sensation on our penis. But if your partner is very, very wet when you enter her, it’s going to lessen the friction and prolong your ability to hold it in. Plus the fact that when you do get her this stimulated, she’ll be closer to climaxing herself.

Technique #2:

Another technique that a lot of men don’t know about involves even and relaxed breathing. What usually happens is when it hits us that we are about to come, we panic. So we stop what we’re doing and we hold our breath, hoping against hope that this will quickly and immediate delay ejaculation.

This is disastrous on so many levels. First of all, panic increases stress in the body. Secondly, it conditions the mind to expect failure. And finally, our reaction to stress, which is to tense our muscle and hold our breath, only make coming that much more inevitable.

This is why even and relaxed breathing during sex is what we should be doing. Even and relaxed breathing allows us to think clearly, to keep better tabs on our stimulation levels, so we can take preventive action when we are near the point of no return.

These 2 techniques combined with exercise, diet and a healthy lifestyle will allow you to enjoy short term results and long term gains in terms of sexual control and stamina.

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