Soap Making for Beginners


Soap Making for Beginners


I’m often asked by those who are just starting out on how they can learn to become good at making soap. So today, this blog post is dedicated to all you newbie soap makers.

Personally, I learned how to make soap from my mom. It was something I saw her doing while I was growing up. So it was easy for me to get into it. But for those who are not as fortunate, here are the things you can do to learn this skill.

Search the internet. You can easily google information on the basic steps to making soap, or the various types of soap making techniques that you can use. All you need is patience to sift through the many sources of information out there and a bit of caveat emptor, because not everything you read in the net is accurate.

Sign up and join a soap making class. For those who would like to be guided through the soap making process by a live instructor, then signing up for a class is the way to go.

Get a book or a guide. For those who want to learn but don’t have the time to join a class, or would like to learn at their own pace, getting a book or a guide can really help. Even those who’ve already joined classes often find that having a book helps them practice and improve their soap making techniques.

There are plenty of books written on the subject matter. But for newbies, the best one that I’ve seen is Sandy Simmon’s “The Super Soap Making Book”. I like the fact that this downloadable book contained plenty of easy soap making recipes that beginners can really practice on.