Small Barn – Basic Building Plans


Small Barn – Basic Building Plans


A small barn is perfect for backyard, pasture or an open shelter for your livestock. It is also a place to keep your garden accessories, storage for feed and grain and even a shelter for animals. A pole barn construction is the easiest building plan for a little barn. An exterior is hung when it is constructed with a pole framework. It requires little time to complete pole barns.

Pole structures that measures 12 to 18 inches in diameter is what the pole barns are made. Either wood or metal is the main requirements to construct them. Pressure treated landscaping timbers, utility tree trunks with the branches detached and wooden logs are the most popular types of pole structures that are used in construction. Metal posts are another option for poles. Tin or left open with only a roof for shelter and may be made of boards should be the exterior.

The most important part of the pole barn is building the frame. The over all shape and size of your structure will determine this. After the poles are set in place a foundation is added, but foundation is not always required in pole barns. Buried to a depth between 4 and 10 feet and augured onto the ground is what you should do with the poles. These should be sunk deeper if a barn is a bit taller. No further apart than the spacing of your boards should these be. The structure will be stronger if you set them closer. You can drift your concrete slab that if you choose to have one by adding the concrete directly onto the ground into the skit board of the pole barn once these are in place. Afterwards, on top of them you can place your trusses.

Complete it by adding the exterior after your structure has been framed. Tin are what most pole barns are made of, but other opted for wood or if you want a stylish exterior sheathing of siding, or stone connected to a wooden backing for a nice and long-lasting exterior. Hang the wood from the poles utilizing nails to connect the exterior. A similar fashion in covering the roof should be used. You can wire it by connecting conduit pipe to the pole frame and running wiring via the pipes once your pole barn has had attached the exterior.

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