Six Tips to Solve Male Fertility Problems


Six Tips to Solve Male Fertility Problems


If you think that infertility is a problem exclusive to women, you got another thing coming. It is true that female infertility issues make up 40% of the total infertility cases in couples, however that percentage is outweighed by the fact that male fertility issues are also at about 40%. The remaining 20% is attributed to unknown infertility or idiopathic infertility.

Gentlemen, prepare yourselves!

An astonishing new study revealed a correlation between physical exercise and male fertility. Experts found that men with moderate exercise routine (roughly translates to an hour of exercise, three times a week) had better sperm count and motility than those with intense exercise programs, such as triathletes or marathon runners.

This means that even men without extreme exercise regimen may be doing physical activities that somewhat promote male infertility and hinder conception.

So basically what this tells us is that excessive exercise programs without proper recuperation time may negatively affect sperm count, motility as well as morphology. We all know that it only takes a single sperm to penetrate and fertilize an egg, but keeping your sperm healthy and strong will significantly increase the chances of pregnancy.

No one can deny the benefit of physical exercise in promoting your overall health and fitness, however when exercises are done extremely or excessively, or when you don’t take into account the importance of proper resting time, the stress you put on your body can cause cellular damage.

If you’re having trouble getting pregnant or if you’re thinking of starting a family, you might want to share these fertility boosting tips to your husband/boyfriend/partner to make sure he’s in the best possible condition when the time to conceive is near:

Six Fertility Tips for Guys

Tip #1: Aim for about one hour of moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise three times per week. Guys should keep their heart rate around 65 to 75 percent of maximum and allow for plenty of time to rest between exercise workouts.

1. An hour of cardiovascular exercise with moderate intensity, three times a week. Future dads need to keep their heart rate within the 65 to 75 percent range and don’t forget to rest well between workouts.

2. Opt for strength training exercises to help maintain a lean body mass and keeps you strong. Keep in mind to not overdo it; you can’t undermine the importance of recovery time as it will allow your body repair its muscles optimally. Allow two or three days of recovery time.

3. Take up Yoga. Yoga has been scientifically proven to help reduce stress and release tensions from the muscles in the hips, back and groin. A relaxed state will improve blood circulation to the pelvic area, thus you got yourself a natural and ‘free’ Viagra.

4. Avoid consecutive intense workouts like the plague! The key here ‘Alternation!’ Make sure you alternate between endurance workouts, strength exercises, yoga and flexibility training.

5. Wear boxers and other short and loose clothing when exercising. You also need to avoid saunas, steam baths, hot tubs and even using laptops too long so that the testicles won’t be exposed to intense heat and will be able to function normally!

6. Relaxation exercises such meditation, deep abdominal breathing etc, for 15 to 20 minutes per day. Relaxing is no less important to exercising in an age where high levels of stress are a daily occurrence.

So there you have it; six fertility tips your male partner can apply to enhance his virility and fertility.

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