Six Figure Business Credit Builder Course


Six Figure Business Credit Builder Course


THE GOOD NEWS: The Federal government passed the Small Business Jobs & Credit Act of 2010, giving community banks up to $300 billion to lend to small businesses like yours.

THE “BAD” NEWS: Fat-cat bureaucrats are breathing down bankers necks…. which means… Banks are only lending to the most “credit-worthy” businesses. There’s an oasis of credit within your grasp… The question is – how do YOU get your share of it?

The undeniable truth is, the playbook for getting business financing has changed for good. Getting your piece of this $300 billion pie requires a brand-new strategy.

Run the same plays from 2 years ago and you’re doomed to disappointment and failure. Yet many business credit builders and credit coaches still teach these tired, worn-out methods.

In this Special Report, you’ll learn about a Brand *NEW* System that builds strong business credit, fast, and can take you from having little or no business credit to six-figures in business credit within 12 months:

Even if you have a brand-new business – or plan to start one
Even if your bank won’t lend you $1 today
Even if you’re a total “credit novice”
Even if your personal credit is trashed
And, even if you only have 15-minutes a week to spare

This system can be used by anyone… even entrepreneurs who started businesses for the first time this week.

In fact, if you just started (or are starting) a business, that’s great, too! You can build your business’s credit the right way from day one, and:

Avoid mistakes that can wipe-out your bank account and ruin your company’s credit
Skip months – and even years – of painful and stressful trial and error
Legally beat the banks at their own game and get the business credit you deserve!

… and do it all in 3 simple steps….

Plus, if you have an established business, that’s great, too! You can cut the time it takes to get six-figure business credit in half (or more). In fact, if you already have five or six-figures in business credit… these strategies can multiply your existing credit limits! (You’ll learn how in this report.)

And – these methods are 100% legal and ethical and work specifically for today’s battered economy.

You could….

  • Pay yourself a livable salary while you grow your business
  • Multiply your profits by leveraging other people’s money to build your business
  • Free up your time and hire others to do work you hate doing – or don’t have time for
  • Insure your business against avoidable failure by having a credit safety net for emergencies
  • Invest in rock-bottom real estate and other under-valued assets while they’re dirt-cheap

There’s an important lesson here. It’s that… Your business is not your life! Yes, it’s a part of it. But it’s really a means to provide a comfortable (and hopefully luxurious) lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

It’s a way for you to do something you love and escape the day-to-day nightmare of battling bumper-to-bumper traffic, working a dreadful 9-to-5 and taking orders from a boss who’s dumber than a box of rocks.

That’s what being your own boss is all about – freedom.

And The Most Successful People and Businesses Make Money Work For Them, Instead of Them For It!

Imagine if, instead of working 14-hour days doing everything in your business, you could bring-on other people, as needed, to help with things you absolutely hate. Imagine how much faster you could grow your business and multiply your profits when you’re free to build your business and do what you love – instead of being saddled-down with tedious, mind-numbing work that still has to get done.

Imagine if you didn’t have to hold off on investing in activities that can really grow your business – like advertising and getting new equipment – once you have access to the capital you need.

You could take the “emergency brake” off your business and finally create the life of your dreams, couldn’t you?

Introducing… Six Figure Business Credit Builder Course


Information you can put to use and see results this very evening!

If you’re like most small business owners, you’re interested in getting business loans, credit cards and working capital the fastest, easiest way. But let’s face it… You’re busy working on and in your business…

To get business credit cards, loans and financing…

  • You SHOULDN’T have become a credit expert – just follow a few simple steps to get business credit cards, loans and working capital
  • You SHOULDN’T have to have pristine personal credit – nor should it matter!
  • You SHOULDN’T have surrender financial statements or tax records – especially when you setup your credit foundation the way I advise
  • You SHOULDN’T have nervously pitch yourself to loan officers – let alone step inside a bank!
  • You SHOULDN’T have slave hundreds of hours and waste thousands of dollars to learn it all – I’ve already done that for you!
  • You SHOULDN’T have to put your dreams on hold – or give up entirely – without sufficient capital – now you can say “YES” to the future you want!

Today, the game has changed. Yes, there’s a $300 billion vault filled with “unclaimed” small business credit that’s yours to grab. But, you gotta’ know the combination to crack open the safe.

You see, building business credit is like knowing the combination to a safe – the only way to crack the code is dialing the numbers in exact order. You can know all the numbers, but they’re useless if you don’t know in which order they come.

So it is with business credit…

Building business credit depends on following specific steps in order. It easy to do, – and anyone can do it, – but there’s a formula that you must follow.

Getting business credit is much like building a skyscraper. You can’t throw steel and concrete into a pit and expect a tower to emerge.

Heck, even before you build it, you need a blueprint! Without one – without following specific steps in order – all you have is a scrap heap.

And that’s the #1 reason why people fail getting business credit – they skip steps, or – more often, – they don’t know they’ve skipped them until they’re clutching enough denial letters to fill a phone book.

“So what!”… What does all this mean to you?…

Simply this: When you want to learn the best way to do something, the right way, the first time – find someone with real experience.

If your life depended on knowing how to beat the pulp out of a gang of armed thugs in a dark alley, who would you seek out?… Someone who read a book on self-defense or a Kung Fu black belt?

So it is with business credit.

Once you join Six Figure Business Credit Builder Course, you’ll get immediate access to everything you need to build solid business credit.

You’ll get in-depth training that takes you by the hand and leads you through every step in building business credit. It’s like having a business credit coach guiding you every step of the way, but for a fraction of the price… and much more thorough, too!

And the best part? It takes less than 15-minutes a week and anyone can do it.

You simply won’t find anything like it elsewhere.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside the course, to give you a clear picture of how it can transform your business…

Part 1 – Your Credit & Your Business

In the first part, learn how your personal credit affects your business – and how to get 10X bigger loans by creating a separate (and legal) business credit identity. Discover….

  • How to get business loans and credit cards without personal guarantees! Learn the three requirements your business must meet. (Page 10)
  • 3 Rules that guarantee success building business credit – ignore them at your own peril! (Page 9)
  • 3 (+2) outrageous credit myths some “credit experts” tell people – and how they ruin your credit scores and keep you “stuck”.
  • Liberate yourself now… Get the REAL truth on Page 15!
  • Avoid “free credit report” SCAMS! Discover which government-mandated site gives you 100% free credit reports (Page 15).
  • “All credit scores are useless except one!” Learn which one you must know before applying for business insurance, business credit or a merchant account to process credit cards (Page 16).

Part 2 – The Real Secret to Getting Fast Business Credit in 2011 & Beyond

And in Part 2, you’ll get the whole truth about business credit… Learn how to establish it, how to grow it and how to use it to multiply your profits.

If you apply just one strategy from this section, your investment in Six Figure Business Credit pays for itself many times over.

Take the first one, for example….

  • OUTRAGE! This business credit bureau wants to charge you $499 to “activate” a credit file with them. Avoid their “hustle” and do it yourself for FREE using the “easy-as-pie” steps from Chapter 5.
  • How to get free copies of your company’s credit reports (and easy ways to monitor your business credit for free) (Pages 27, 38)
  • Get a free 80+ PAYDEX credit score for your business in under 90 days when you follow these four simple steps. Never apply for business loans or credit cards without this score! (Page 39)
  • Avoid “Credit Report Audits” that destroy business credit overnight – learn 6 ways to protect your business (Page 41)
  • Victim of a credit report audit? Learn how to survive one with the strategies you learn on Page 44. And – if you need help after that – learn which free site shames big businesses into helping you (and no – it’s not the BBB).

Part 3

Did you know there are ten things you must do to make your company more “credit worthy” before you fill out your first business credit application?

It’s no wonder so many business owners get denied simply because they don’t know what they are!

If you want to save money and avoid costly mistakes, you’ll want to read this section twice!…

  • How to make your company more creditworthy in 10 easy steps (Chapter 6)
  • Why you should never use a P.O. Box or mail drop (Page 49)
  • Move-in to a fully-furnished office this week (with free Internet, conference rooms, etc.) – starting at $300 a month! (Page 50)
  • Is your “.com” name taken? Learn 4 ways you can legally claim it! (Page 53)
  • How to get FREE expert help setting up a corporation or LLC – just pay your state’s filing fees (Page 54)

Part 4

This is where the rubber meets the road!… Get the complete blueprint for building great business credit.

It’s all laid out in simple, step-by-step detail. So simple – in fact – even a 10-year-old could do it. You’ll discover…

  • A sneaky (but 100% legal) technique that practically forces lenders to give you bigger loans (Page 106)
  • 3 ways to turn most denials into approvals… This method’s so effective, it’s a shame more people don’t know about it! (Page 88)
  • 9 places that give brand-new companies credit – and report payment history to the bureaus, building credit FAST! (Page 75)
  • 6 things your company needs before it can get credit (Page 69)
  • 16 small-(and new)-business-friendly credit cards: when and how to apply for them (Chapter 8)

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

If you’ve wondered how you can get business credit and loans in this economy, this is without a doubt the answer you’re looking for. You simply won’t find this caliber of information anywhere else.

Everything is distilled into a step-by-step system – or blueprint – you can follow immediately after reading the course. No guesswork. No theory. Just hard-hitting strategies you can take to the bank.

And, because it’s all laid-out in step-by-step detail, you can start from Page 1 if you’re new to it all – or pick-up in the middle if you’re an old pro (although it’s still best to read the whole course).

And it’s hot off the presses, which means it works for 2010 and 2011. When you get this system today, you’ll get the most up-to-date business credit building blueprint.

It deals with today’s challenges and today’s opportunities. And that’s important! Because it’s foolish to waste your time (and risk dangerous mistakes) testing worn-out advice from even 2-3 years ago!

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Six Figure Business Credit Builder Course