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Ever tried building a website with WordPress? Are you tired of how long it takes to get a WordPress blog up and running – I don’t mean the base install, but the plugins you need to add and the setup time for all of them? And then you have to find content. And then there’s all the additional plugins you have to buy to monetize your blog. Those costs really start adding up.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could build a fully functional website, populated with content, monetized with your choice of ad networks; one that contains dynamic content to keep the search engines coming back? And all with the click of a few buttons?

That solution is SiteBuilder Elite – Website Builder Software.

Building a quality website with the likes of WordPress can take a huge amount of time and many people are frustrated at the low levels of money they earn from Adsense ads placed on their sites.

But there is another approach…

Instead of putting all your time into one website that might no pay off, why not put a small amount of time into many websites and start building a Virtual Real Estate Empire. Now each website might only earn a small amount each day, but the more sites you have, the more those earnings accumulate.

You see, Adsense is a numbers game…

Adsense is the easiest advertising option you can add to a website. And the more websites you have, the more money you make. All those little amounts combine into one big monthly check. But how do you go about building multiple sites? Well, one thing you can do is buy those Adsense website templates you see all over the internet. Or you can go one stage further and buy complete website packages in a box, but there are problems with these:

– Most look very cheap

– You have to modify them to suit your content and tailor them to your affiliate promotions – read: you need to know HTML and/or PHP

– If any content is provided, it’s static, unchanging, and the search engine spiders, along with visitors will get bored looking at it

– And, most importantly, 100s if not 1,000s of others are using exactly the same templates and content

That hardly leads to a dynamic, unique website. Google hates duplicate content and you don’t stand a chance of being remotely unique in a sea of sameness unless you start individualising your sites. And, guess what? You’re back to square one, putting a lot of time into each site to make it different.

But there is a solution…

What if you knew there was a piece of software that would create dynamic, unique websites, optimized for Adsense, customizable as you need with options for adding other affiliate revenue streams, and you could create such a website with the click of a button?<br>And all without needing to know HTML or PHP?

And why stop at one website? Build as many as you need.

Make your sites as simple as you want or as sophisticated as you want. You don’t need to know HTML or PHP to create your sites (although some HTML or PHP knowledge will help you customize your websites more).

All you need do is select your options, type in some site-related information and click a button.

Yes, it really is that simple!

Automatic Options:

– Create different site layouts simply by changing some settings on the site admin panel. No need to know any HTML, Javascript or PHP. And no messing about trying to install themes.
– Adsense adblocks are included as standard. Choose from several standard positions.
– Automatically include Privacy Policy, Terms of Service (TOS) Contact and Disclaimer pages on your sites. Google loves these.
– Your site will have a Site Search page for your domain. Once Google starts crawling your site, visitors will be able to use it to find what they’re looking for on your site. And you’ll get paid for clicks on any adsense ads that appear on the results page.
– Automatically include Home, and Sitemap links in your navigation bar. Your sitemap is created when you build your site, re build it or add new pages (manually or on auto-pilot).
– 25 links (you can change this number) are randomly selected from your sitemap for inclusion in your navigation bar each time a page is loaded
– Content from RSS feeds can appear on all pages making each page dynamic
– The content from RSS feeds is relevant to the keyword for your page. If no content can be found, content for your main keyword is displayed instead
– “Read more…” links appear below RSS news items and on your (optional) Articles page open stories in a new window using nofollow links.
– Randomized title and description metatags to hide your site’s footprints from the search engines. You have control over these
– Sites are Search Engine Optimized (SEO) automatically by including each page’s keyword in the Title, Description and Keywords metatags as well as in section headers on your pages and in the Permalink on each page.
– A number of metatags, including OpenGraph metatags, are automatically included on each page to aid in SEO.
– Each page contains a link to the next page on your site – another SEO aid.
– A Permalink is added to the bottom of each page to aid in SEO. The page’s keyword is used as the anchor text.
– Removes footprints so each site is unique to search engines.

Remember, more and more people go online every day. And they need websites to visit. And shouldn’t your websites be among them?

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SiteBuilder Elite – Website Builder Software