Simple Steps to Raising Turkey Meat on Your Own


Simple Steps to Raising Turkey Meat on Your Own


Turkeys are great meat; it’s lean, has a lot of great antioxidants, and natural vitamins and nutrients and can be even better if you are raising them on your own for meat.

It can be very simple and easy in raising them. First of all, start your production with good healthy stock concerning your turkey babies. You can raise them from the egg yourself in an incubator, or purchase good healthy stock from many of the turkey-farms. Make sure to watch out for diarrhea, crooked legs at about four weeks, and that they don’t get too cold.

When it comes to raising them you are going to want to give them heat lamps so the they don’t get too cold. When they get cold, they cuddle up together and actually sit on top of one another, resulting in its pile up, with the bottom being smothered to death. Of course it does matter how many you are raising at a time, you should always try to raise at least 5 as one or two may pass away and three can be a flock together.

You also need to decide whether you’re growing organic turkey or other types. Once you’ve made that decision, you can make decisions on deciding exactly what food to feed them. Remember in order to have organic turkeys you need to feed organic food, and stay away from processed food and medications.

Many farmers battle diarrhea with them, but you can put antibiotics in the water. As soon as you see them with diarrhea you must begin to treat them or dehydration and death will be the result. Some organic growers have had success with diarrhea in by using acidophilus in the water.

If you notice them wondering around acting drunk, there’s a good chance they are lacking in particular vitamins and nutrients, you can get a commercial mix for the water from your feed store, or you can try feeding different types of organic foods to increase vitamin and nutrient content of their feet. Some have used alfalfa and had this problem solved and there may be other types of organic feed you can use, look into organic food on the Internet.

Their meat is a great way to supplement your diet with lean meat full of great vitamins and nutrients for your whole family. Just make sure your turkeys come from a healthy farm, keep them warm until they are old enough to regulate their own temperature and feed them well. Look to your Internet for information about raising them on a small farm and then enjoy their large graceful bodies wandering around.

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