Simple But Effective Turkey Hunting Tactics Used Today


Simple But Effective Turkey Hunting Tactics Used Today


This is a well-known kind of sport. It is fun and really exciting to undertake. In fact, plenty of states allow it; and a number of hunters engage in this sport every spring and fall. But for those who are not in the know, it involves tracking down and capturing or killing a wild fowl, specifically the North American Wild Turkey. And the history of this sport can be traced back to the time prior to the arrival of the European colonizers. The Native Americans have been hunting such wild fowls even before they were taken over.

Nevertheless, the sport developed and the turkey hunting tactics have been ubiquitous these days.

Basically, there are a couple of methods that hunters typically use today. These are stalking and calling. Stalking is actually what hunters may call the most unproductive tactic. It involves the pursuit of the prey in a surreptitious manner. This entails a hunter to move real quietly and slowly after his quarry. However, stalking can also be dangerous, especially if it is done on public property. For instance, a hunter that moves or walks in the woods can possibly attract the attention of other hunters; thus, being mistaken for a turkey and drawing fire from them. So, for general safety, this method must only be used on a private land with no other hunter around.

On the other hand, calling is the contrary of stalking. Of the two hunting tactics, it is the more commonly used. It involves the usage of various female sounds to entice the males. A few examples of such sounds are the tree call, the yelp, the purr, and the cackle. But the male gobbling call is also sometimes used to make other males deem there are intruders on their areas. So, instead of tracking it down, the hunter lets it move toward him. These birds, after all, are very vocal. Nonetheless, turkey hunting tactics like this can become perilous if not done cautiously.

The calls can become truly believable that some hunters tend to shoot their fellowmen. So, in order for such methods to be safe and effective, hunters must let their colleagues know they are in the area by wearing brightly colored vests on top of their camouflage or by yelling out to them. They must also never shoot until the fowls are in actual sight.

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