“Shark Tooth” CIA Lock Picking Trick


“Shark Tooth” CIA Lock Picking Trick


Ever see the FBI and CIA guys on TV pick a lock in seconds… Think it’s bullsh*t? Think again. It’s real… but you had to go to CIA school to learn the trick until now.

Can you guess what tool they use to pick locks so fast?

Jason Hanson, the CIA Spy Escape expert on TV’s Shark Tank is sharing this normally classified information for a short time, along with…

How to disable any attacker with a “special” ink pen
How to hide anything, even a gun, in plain daylight
How to gather “DIRT” on anybody
How to access the CIA black market for gear
What to do if you’re kidnapped
How to escape handcuffs
How to disappear in a crowd in seconds
What you need to know about fake IDs
CIA social engineering secrets
How to become a human lie detector
How to hot-wire a car
And MUCH more…

Can you guess the 2 second move that makes you virtually IMPOSSIBLE to hit in a fist fight… It’s stupid simple but amazingly effective, be sure to grab that part.

Just learning how a CIA agent thinks is worth the read. Almost everything is the opposite of what you would think. It’s weird.

Go check it out NOW before he pulls the info down.

[Go now before it’s too late.] This kind of info can’t stay public for long.