Sex Tips for Women to Drive Guys Crazy


Sex Tips for Women to Drive Guys Crazy


Overtime, your love life can tend to fizzle out unless you work at making sure that the spark stays. You can’t expect things to get better magically. It does take some work and that is something that a lot of women miss out on. You can’t expect things to get better without putting in the effort and without changing some things in your relationship.

If you are worried about your sex life being doomed for the rest of your life, you have no need to fear. You can work towards improving the relationship that you have with your man and you can ensure that he will remain happy with you for a long time to come. All you need to learn are some sex tips to drive him crazy.

It does take two to tango and you should both put in a sufficient amount of effort in order to improve your sex life, but don’t let your man carry the brunt of the weight. You should be putting in a valiant effort as well and you should want to bring on some of that change. It’s time that you did just that.

Sex Tips for Women to Drive Guys Crazy

There are many things that you can do to your man in the bedroom that will spice up your sex life and here are a few suggestions for women of any sexual skill level:

Be the one to initiate sex. Chances are, it is usually up to your man to make the first move in the bedroom and to be the one who makes things happen. This gets awfully boring and repetitive to him and it also makes him feel like he isn’t desirable enough for you to want him. When he is the one putting in the effort, he feels like he isn’t good enough for you. Let him know that you do find him sexy and let him know that you want him. Make the first move.

Get a little kinky. Sex is fun and there are many things that make sex even more fun and more enjoyable. Sex toys are designed for a reason and they are out there for us to buy and to experiment with. Sometimes, spicing up your sex life is as simple as introducing something new and exciting into the bedroom. You can start off slow with a simple vibrator and then allow your inhibitions to be set free and start bringing in some naughtier things later on.

Your sex life and your well being in a sexual sense are both very vital to your relationship. Make sure that you are doing what needs to be done to keep your sex life on fire.

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