Sex Games for Married Couples


Sex Games for Married Couples


Remember when you first met your partner – everything was fresh, new and exciting. You were willing to try and do everything to please each other. You were eager to experiment with new positions, new techniques, new locations and even new toys. The sex was HOT – every touch electric and thrilling. You craved the feeling of their naked body against yours … you thought about all the creative things you wanted to do with each other all the time. You craved sexual novelty and pushed aside your inhibitions. You were eager to learn and experience new pleasures just for FUN.

Then something happened ….

Your relationship now seems to be a little TOO comfortable. It feels nice but …

There’s no excitement, No Thrill, NO PASSION! Even the sex you do have is sooo predictable and boring.

That’s when you knew you had to start worrying. You decided to take action to make sure your love life didn’t spiral into a sexless void.

That’s why you’re here searching for a way to bring back the fun. It’s what brought both of you together in the first place.

As you read every word of this article, imagine all the playful and erotic pleasures you want to enjoy together with the one you love. Are all your sexy ideas now just secret fantasies – suppressed for another day that never comes?

It’s amazing that people all over the world have routine, boring sex over and over again. Isn’t sex your chance to play and have fun with your partner … to connect intimately, bond emotionally and enjoy each other?

STOP Having Bland Boring Sex Right Now!

Sexual intimacy is crucial for your healthy, loving relationship. But it’s hard to keep your intimate times together fresh, exciting and fun. How do you continue to make sex wild, hot and intensely passionate so that you both want to spend more time together?

In a committed, loving relationship, it’s scary bringing new sex ideas into your bedroom. You may feel shy asking for certain types of foreplay or sex that you believe your partner thinks is nasty, dirty or disgusting. Maybe you want to explore kinky sensations involving spanking, dirty talk, oral sex or even anal pleasuring but don’t know how to bring up the subject. Sexy bedroom games involving various types of foreplay ideas and playful sex tips is a perfect solution. When it’s part of the game, you’ll both be more willing to experiment and have fun together.

You Deserve More Foreplay & More Pleasure Too!

We want couples all over the world to satisfy their sexual needs and create happy, healthy and loving relationships. We hope these creative foreplay and fun sex ideas will inspire you to explore your sexual potential and satisfy your intimate desires.

intimate young couple during foreplay in bed

Sex Games for Married Couples

Frisky Foreplay is a spicy couples game using regular dice and a huge list of sexy activities designed to help you explore a range of erotic pleasures:

Create fun ways to add hot new sex ideas to your bedroom games – random surprise or planned
Encourage each other to try or retry intimate foreplay ideas in new combinations
Discover pleasure possibilities you never knew you would like or enjoy so much
Explore sexual activities you secretly desire but are too shy to ask for – yet
Stimulate your erotic thoughts and desires – talk about kinkier activities to see where they lead
Make it easier to discuss and explore your secret wild fantasies together
Gain confidence to experience new and naughty erotic adventures with each other
Help you identify what you truly want and need to feel sexually fulfilled – release your inhibitions
Build trust in each other so you’re comfortable trying more intense pleasuring experiments

Exciting couples games help you increase the Fun, Joy and Pleasure in your relationship. Laughing and playing together will bring you closer together and strengthen your intimate bond.

Your copy of Frisky Foreplay includes hundreds of quick & easy foreplay activities to play with. Use them to trigger your erotic imagination and add your own personal pleasuring touch. All the creative foreplay ideas can be used on their own or combined to add extra spice to your every day lovemaking ideas.

Frisky Foreplay is about creative sensual intimacy – great sex is the goal. When you’re playing this erotic dice game, take your time to Tease & Tantalize each other. Just try to resist the urge to go all the way (at least until someone wins). Each foreplay activity encourages you to sample new techniques, rarely used positions, unique accessories and even your adult toys in creative new ways. Take the chance to explore for new erogenous zones and devise new ways to stimulate your favorites. Inspire each other to go beyond the ordinary – make your adult playtime extra special.

Give Your Partner A Gift of Intimate Pleasure

Hundreds of unique foreplay ideas can be added to your sexual repertoire for the low price of only $27 $17.95. Discover amazing new ways to spice up your sexual pleasure. You can download and explore these fun and juicy ideas right now. Experience new levels of creative intimacy tonight. Surprising fun and pleasure makes an excellent gift any time.

This amazing foreplay game is specially priced so you can enjoy some great sex tonight or any time you desire. What’s better than a cozy night in bed or by a fire playing intimate games designed for couples in love? Show how much you appreciate the one you love by spending more intimate time having fun playing together. Your gift of loving pleasure will be treasured and fondly remembered.

Paar hat Spass und Freude. Liebe, Erotik und Zärtlichkeit im Alltag.

NEVER Be Stuck For Lovemaking Ideas Again!

Here are just a few other ways you can use the Frisky Foreplay ideas:

  • Attempt to have “Sex All Night Long” without fear of running out of ideas (intercourse can last only so long)
  • [Naughty Ideas for Frisky Foreplay Fun] Creatively use a few randomly selected ideas each night you make love
  • While watching TV together, get frisky with each other during commercial breaks
  • Add excitement to regular card or board games using the Frisky Foreplay ideas as forfeits
  • Spice up other foreplay games with fresh new activities or make up your own sexy games

Remember, prolonged foreplay is essential for improving your overall lovemaking experience. Extended pleasuring is one of the best ways to dramatically intensify your orgasms … even multiple orgasms.

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Sex Games for Married Couples