Sex All Around The House: Homemade (Household Items) Sex Toys




Sex All Around The House: Homemade (Household Items) Sex Toys


Do you want more intimate love, filled with deep, passionate and sensual kisses? Would you like to give your partner orgasms more often and feel more manly as a result? Or do you just want to turn good sex into outstanding sex? Just imagine the difference these things would make to your marriage or relationship!

You’re about to learn a little secret to spice up your lovemaking more even if you’re shy or embarrassed and even if you’ve tried everything but failed miserably…

Of course the longer you’ve been together, the harder it is to keep your lovemaking exciting and hot. You try a new position, technique or location but…

…after trying it a few times, it becomes routine and mechanical like everything else you’ve tried.

And it’s annoying because you know that frequent, quality lovemaking plays a big part in keeping your relationship fulfilling and strong.

On the other hand, you may already have good lovemaking and just want some new and exciting ideas for your repertoire.

The longer you’ve been together, the harder it is to keep your lovemaking exciting and hot.

There Are 100’s of Household Items You Can Use To Spice Things Up. How?

Well, on first glance you might not think there is anything useful to make sex more exciting. However…

…on closer inspection you’ll find ice in the kitchen, a board game in the living room you can turn into a sex game or a flashlight from the garage to explore your partner’s body in a new way, just to name a few.

Why would you want to use your household items to spice up your lovemaking? Because unlike positions and techniques, household items can add a completely NEW LEVEL to your lovemaking. New experiences during foreplay and new sensations during sex.

In the end, more passionate, intimate and pleasurable sex.

There are 100’s of household items to help spice up lovemaking… much more than positions & techniques!

And while there’s an absolute goldmine of ideas right under your nose, the problem is, it would take you hours, even days, just trying to think about how to use the items you have.

On top of that, you’ll NEVER find this information anywhere!

In fact, this is the biggest collection of its kind.

Introducing… “Sex All Around The House: Homemade (Household Items) Sex Toys”


In “Sex All Around The House: Homemade (Household Items) Sex Toys”, you’ll discover useful and fun items from…

– The Living Room
– The Kitchen
– The Bedroom
– The Closet
– The Bathroom
– The Office
– The Yard
– And miscellaneous items…

Some of these items help both of you get in the mood even when you’re tired, others help prolong the passion and pleasure of your lovemaking, and others still help create totally new sensations and experiences for you both!

And all of them are included for one reason: to help you have more frequent and quality lovemaking so you feel closer to your partner than ever before.

Not to mention, these household items will save you money and avoid embarrassment because you never have to step foot inside an adult store!

And frankly, if you’re a seasoned lover or don’t have much experience, it doesn’t matter. You’ll find many valuable ideas and tips to make your experience even better.

Whether you like things tame, adventurous or a little kinky, there’s plenty catered to your comfort levels.

And don’t worry…while there are many wild, exciting and juicy ideas, none of them are immoral, degrading, perverted or raunchy.


Here’s Just a Sample of What You’ll Learn Inside “Sex All Around The House: Homemade (Household Items) Sex Toys”

Throughout this book you’ll discover 154 items found right in the comfort of your own home that you can start using to add some fire to your lovemaking sessions.

In Sex All Around The House: Homemade (Household Items) Sex Toys, you’ll learn…

  • 36 unique sensations you can experience from everyday household items… everything from rumbles to tickles, tingling to smooth and everything in between! (scattered in book)
  • The bathroom item that can help prolong orgasms… enjoy a marathon session with your partner using this simple object (page 32)
  • Did you know that a spine-tingling massage can intensify your orgasms? That’s right! Inside you’ll discover 22 household items you can use to create this sensual experience (scattered in book)
  • Could you imagine how embarrassed you’d feel if your friends and family found your lubricants and other personal lovemaking toys? Page 10 reveals an ingenious place to hide these items from everyone’s eyes!
  • A simple way to add an extra inch to the length of your penis (No pills or medicines required!)… increase your confidence and feel better about your manhood’s size with this trick (page 33)
  • 5 places to make love that you’ve probably never thought of… add a new level of excitement to your lovemaking and bring out your adventurous side
  • A great item in many backyard to help hit her G-spot better…increase the chances of your lady screaming your name in ecstasy with this little tip (page 43)
  • 13 unique games you can play with household items… 4 games you can play with items that are already in your living room! (scattered in book)
  • Want to get your lady in the mood? These two items from your living room will help get both your engines revving no matter how tired you are! (page 8)
  • A powerful way to add more sexual chemistry to a striptease… enjoy an experience you’ll never forget (page 24)
  • A simple way to keep your penis erect longer… increase your chances of lasting longer and give your woman more powerful orgasms (page 39)
  • Get tired during intercourse? This particular living room item makes intercourse much easier and does half the work for you (page 9)
  • Worried about the gag reflex of fellatio? Page 32 reveals a virtually unknown bathroom item that can help prevent this problem… he’ll probably want to return the favor too!
  • Ever wanted to try adventurous positions but found them too hard? This thing makes many of them now possible! (page 7)
  • Stop buying lubricants and save money! You may already have a great alternative in your house (page 29)
  • 5 great household items women can use as a clean and safe gadget… many objects are dangerous and can be painful, so here’s what to use instead
  • Your man rarely in the mood? A closet item that is sure to get your man more excited about making love… don’t be surprised if he gives you the most passionate, deep and sensual kiss you’ve ever had after this (page 24)
  • Tried almost everything? Here’s a unique idea you’ve probably never tried that adds a whole new level to lovemaking (page 35)
  • Not having it as much as you’d like? Page 19 reveals a unique way to get your man’s engine revving… in fact, he may even decide to do it right there and then!
  • A small 2 x 2 inch household item that can have your partner ‘hot and heavy’ the minute they walk in the door (page 40)
  • And many more…

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Sex All Around The House: Homemade (Household Items) Sex Toys