Several Ways to Achieve Vision Improvement


Several Ways to Achieve Vision Improvement


We are living in the age of self improvement and so it is no surprise that many people are no longer willing to accept the fact that they must wear glasses and are seeking ways to achieve vision improvement.

This means that eye exercises which are able to naturally improve your vision have become particularly popular. Certainly for those who wear glasses the possibility of being able to throw away their glasses is an enticing one. This is more so when we consider the fact that there are eye exercises available which are safe and without risk.

Two particularly popular eye exercises are the Pinhole Glasses Eye Exercises and the Bates Eye Exercises. The Pinhole Glasses Eye Exercises are particularly suitable for those who have a busy agenda as this exercise consists of simply wearing the pinhole glasses for a minimum period of fifteen minutes per day. In fact Pinhole Glasses were already in used before prescriptive lenses came into being. They consist of an opaque material such as metal or plastic and have a series of pin sized perforations. This allows the elimination of the scattering of light to the retina, which enables the eye muscles to relax by limiting eyes strain. Pinhole glasses also eliminate peripheral vision which can be very tiring for the eyes.

The Bates Eye Exercise Method is also based on the same principle which is that by eliminating eye muscle strain the eyes can begin to heal themselves. Thousands upon thousands of people to date have improved their vision by using these two methods.

What’s more you can actually chart the progress of your vision improvement when carrying out these exercises, by using the Snellen Eye Card or by using one of many online eye tests now available on the internet.

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