Server / Waiter / Waitress Guide To Drastically Improve Tips


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Discover the 3 key elements to become a High Tip Earner.

Introducing… Server / Waiter / Waitress Guide To Drastically Improve Tips


What is inside the Waiter Secrets ebook?

It is a guide created with the sole purpose of helping you improve your tips.

This ebook is presented in .pdf format and composed of 77 pages, divided into 9 chapters. The entire ebook follows 2 principles, better sales and better service which leads to bigger and better tips. Not to mention the few jokes thrown in the ebook.

Here is a brief description of what you will learn per chapter.

Chapter 1 – Standards- in this chapter you will learn the standards of being a server. Expected from patrons and restaurant owners.
Chapter 2 – Pre-shift- in this chapter I will teach you how to prepare yourself to a successful shift
Chapter 3 – In action – Here, you’ll discover a step by step guide on how to properly wait table. Key to providing good service.
Chapter 4 – Up selling- In this chapter you’ll learn everything you need to know about up selling. Plus a step by step, with perfect timings, guide to up selling.
Chapter 5 – Getting Guest To Like You- In this chapter, you will learn how to make your customers beg to be sat on your section every time, here is the key to make the most out of your checks.
Chapter 6 – Wine – here you will learn everything you need to know about wine. Wine Terms, Varietals, Food and wine pairings.
Chapter 7 – Beer – in this chapter you will learn about beer styles and its differences.
Chapter 8 – Allergens- this chapter teaches you the basics of common allergens as well as a whole section on Gluten Free.
Chapter 9 – Waiter No Nos- Here, you’ll get a list of the things you should never do as a server.


Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions

How can I read the book? Waiter Secrets is a electronic book (ebook) in .pdf format which can be read directly on your computer, tablet or mobil device.

When do I receive my copy? Given that Waiter Secrets is a digital book, you will receive your copy immediately after your payment. You will be automatically redirected to a download page once your payment is processed.

Why is the ebook price so low? Savings are passed on to you. Thanks to the digital world, there are no physical book production costs, nor shipping and handling costs.

How do I know this ebook is for me? This ebook is a compilation of experience of a top seller and high tip earner. Now, If you are new to serving, or want to become a server; you will need years and years of experience to really understand how to make bigger tips and with this ebook you will be ready by your next shift. If you are an experienced server that could used a boost on your tips, in this ebook you will gain the extra knowledge to do so. Ultimately, If you want bigger tips, this ebook is for you.

What if I get it, then realize that is not for me? Don’t worry, You are covered by a 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. No hassle, no questions.

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Server / Waiter / Waitress Guide To Drastically Improve Tips