Senior Golfers Guide Review


Senior Golfers Guide Review


Finally: a Golf Resource especially for the Senior-Golfer. This eBook is dedicated to their needs and abilities. No hype about how to do the impossible, just 243 pages of tips and lessons to help YOU, the Senior-Golfer, improve your game. We also include over $200 in freebies!


The primary focus of this publication is on helping Senior-Golfers, no matter if new to the game or already experienced, to improve their game within their abilities. During our research we spoke to many Senior-Golfers, and most of them complained that the golfing resources available on the internet are for younger-golfers. In fact, many of the so-called ‘golf improvement books’ require twists and turns of the body that are difficult for Senior-Golfers to achieve. This has led to a lot of frustration among them.

In addition, many of them asked me where to obtain additional info about the game of golf, such as the history of the game, rules and etiquette, how to choose proper clubs etc. So, since almost every one I meet tells me that they yearn for a comprehensive golfing resource suitable for them I gathered my editorial staff and: here it is! A resource that’s written exclusively for the Senior-Golfer, and one that’ll guide you from A-Z on the improvement tips and lessons, facts, strategies and techniques on golf.

This exclusive eBook runs into 243 content-rich pages and contains information on some of the best and most effective tips, tricks, secrets, techniques and strategies for succeeding in your golf game. What’s more, it’s is written in a simple, easy-to-understand style and also comes with useful images to better convey certain golfing tips and techniques.

Some of the topics we cover in the ‘Senior Golfer’s Guide’ include; introduction to golf and a good look at the history of how this game developed, getting started: An in-depth look into golfing rules, golfing etiquette – all the things to do and NOT to do, different types of swing techniques that are appropriate for Senior-Golfers, proven game strategies that will allow you to compensate for a lack of distance while still enabling you to compete with the ‘Youngsters’.

In Senior Golfers Guide, you’ll also learn guaranteed solutions to handling awkward situations you will come across on the golf course, great advice on how to choose clubs, golf balls and other equipment that suits you best (this chapter alone will save you hundreds!) and how to maintain your equipment properly), how to take care of your health and fitness the proper way, allowing you to play worry-free golf for years to come and how to find a suitable Golf Coach without wasting your money (this chapter will save you lots, too!) as well as much, much more, all delivered right to your computer anywhere in the world!

For just $29.50 you can get your hands on this amazing system and finally start improving your game. Designed specifically for senior-golfers, this purchase is a no brainer if you want to improve your golf game for good!

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