Senior Fitness Training: Arm Pump Video Program


Senior Fitness Training: Arm Pump Video Program


Introducing… Senior Fitness Training: Arm Pump Video Program

In this 33 minute video, you’ll get the benefit of 43 years of professional expertise, as seen through the eyes of a robust, aging senior-strength-training specialist.

With this course, you’ll be well on your way to filling out a t-shirt and ridding yourself of flabby-arms once and for all.

It is packed with tip after tip, hard-wrought advice, and specially-selected techniques that will help you get the results you’re looking for.

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn in the Senior Fitness Training: Arm Pump Video Program:

  • Discover little-known secrets that other trainers keep for their high-priced clients. Chances are, you won’t find most of these techniques or exercises anywhere else, because other trainers don’t know them, or they’re not willing to tell you, because you’re not one of their high-paying customers.
  • Beat those long, skinny-arms by using a slew of special techniques that will increase their size. Learn which muscle to flex when you show them off. Most people curl them up into the bicep position when demonstrating the muscles on it. Learn which muscle you should be flexing instead.
  • Your body, like your brain, thrives on variety. Find out how a simple technique based on the principle of variations can double your workout’s effectiveness.
  • Not interested in “pumping iron”? Resistance bands offer a great alternative — and can play an essential part in preventing injury when used to warm up before a workout. Since they’re made of rubber, you can increase or decrease the tension or resistance at will. These tips and resistance band exercises are a great way to start out both your workouts, and your first course.
  • It is more than just aesthetics. By increasing its size and strength, you’ll have greater pushing and pulling strength when doing your upper body exercises. This little-known, one-dumbbell technique will really get your biceps pumping.
  • Avoiding injury and over-exertion is important part of proper strength workout.
  • Don’t pull a “goose neck”! Learn the specific way and position you should hold your hand and wrist when using dumbbells (along with which hand position to avoid). This hand position removes the “middleman” and gets your biceps pumping even harder and more efficiently.
  • Learn the 3 best ways you can position your elbows when doing flexion.
    3 different sets of exercises (including one called a “skull crusher”) that have been specifically designed and geared to work in tandem on the back of the triceps.
  • It gets harder and harder to get away with the same physical activities that we’ve been used to doing our whole lives. That’s why it’s important to learn the “proper” way to exercise and workout. One of the best exercises for your triceps is also an exercise that is rarely done properly. And done improperly, it can cause you injury to your shoulders and rotator cuffs.
  • Cut down on your gym and workout time! Learn how to “supersize” your workouts with a technique called “super setting.” This is where you work the primary muscle group with the opposing muscle group, one right after the other. You’ll be shown five super sets, in total. Two will work out and increase your biceps, and two others will focus on hammering away at those triceps. One of the tricep super sets is designed to completely isolate your triceps, which means you can’t cheat by helping your triceps out with any other body parts.
  • After taking on super sets, you’ll be ready to incorporate “trisets” into your workouts. Instead of two sets, a triset targets three sets of exercises to the very same muscle group, one right after the after.
  • Learn the best time to workout in the course of your exercise routine. The order that you work out will affect the rest of your regular workout routine. Plus you’ll get the recommendation for the ideal number of reps, along with which size weights you should use.
  • Save serious money by using homemade equipment.
  • Plus lots of other great exercises.

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Senior Fitness Training: Arm Pump Video Program