Self-Defense Survival Guide That Can Save Your Life


Self-Defense Survival Guide That Can Save Your Life


Achieve a Better and Safer Quality Of Life With More Freedom and Confidence Even If You Have No Formal Training You Can Discover The Most Effective Ways Of Defending Yourself!

Introducing… Self-Defense Survival Guide That Can Save Your Life

Self-Defense Survival Guide Cover
Feeling vulnerable and unprotected can cause undue stress because you may worry and feel nervous at the thought of going out alone. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to the store or out to a movie, if you avoid doing certain things or going certain places because of these feelings of helplessness, you limit your quality of life.

That isn’t right.

All of us deserve to feel confident and safe in order to enjoy life – to travel further from home and to move about our daily lives with more freedom and awareness as well as less stress.

It was designed for people with no formal training. It is a simple, step-by-step guide that will help you feel more confident and safe so that you can enjoy a better quality of life. This instantly downloadable ebook in PDF format does that by helping prepare you both physically and mentally to survive when your life depends on it.

Regardless of your prior experience, both the novice as well as the experienced person will gain self-defense knowledge and skills from this book – I guarantee it. Some will learn more than others depending upon their prior exposure to this type of content. This book contains simple, effective techniques that can be used by anyone.

You need to look no further. For less than a single martial arts or self-defense class, you can have your own guide and video training that you can reference over and over as you increase your skills and gain confidence.

Get started today and learn effective self-defense techniques now!

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Self-Defense Survival Guide That Can Save Your Life